(electronic music) – What’s up, fish tank people? Dustin’s fish tanks bringing
it to you on a Sunday, baby. How’s everybody doing? I hope you’re doing well. So, last week we talked about discus fish and I appreciate all your comments on it. I’m still not trying to keep discus fish. Today’s video, we’re talking about fish that actually have personalities. That’s right today is my
top five aquarium fish with the best personalities and I spit when I talk. (hip hop music) My number five aquarium fish
with the best personality. I’m talking about the 15
cent feeder comet goldfish. That’s right, despite
watching all of their family and friends be sucked into the
filter or killed at Deathco, the feeder goldfish puts aside
all of its emotional baggage and continues to be a sweet fish, greeting the fat, freckled,
fish tank freak kid whenever he walks up, despite however horrible tank conditions the fish may be put through. I’ve actually seen
feeder goldfish overcome a life of living in pink gravel and still be trained to learn
how to swim through a hoop. Feeder goldfish are number five fish with the best personality. (hip hop music) My number four aquarium fish
with the best personality, they call them children
of the morning sun, we’re talking about rainbow fish. Here’s some gratuitous rainbow
fish footage for you guys. That’s right, rainbow fish
have incredible personality and they wake up horny and
eager to impress chicks. Right outta the gate, every morning, they flash their best colors. Yep, just like human males, male rainbow fish put on their best show for all the ladies in the
place with style and grace. Additionally, rainbow fish
flare up for you, as the feeder, when you walk up to the tank to feed them. I come home from work, I
look at the rainbow fish, they look at me, and they go,
“Hey Dan, how was your day?” It was pretty good
guys, thanks for asking. Rainbow fish, my number four aquarium fish with the best personality. (hip hop music) My number three in my
top five aquarium fish with the best personalities. Look, no top five of Dustin’s
is complete without this fish. I’m talking about the Ol’ Dirty Oscar, that’s right, cause there’s
no father to his style. Oscar fish. Look folks, I’m not saying that Oscar fish should be sold as readily
as they are in the hobby because they get so big, but by golly, you and I both
know you can walk into a tank full of Oscars and they greet you like some stupid black lab, hey, I’m here, I’m an Oscar,
take me home, take me home. They wag their tails
right in front of you, begging for food. Oscar fish have incredible personality, they’ve also got some thug personality, you can click the links around here and see how they go into a tank and rearrange all the
furniture like a thug. Oscar fish. Who doesn’t love the
personality of an Oscar fish? My number three favorite aquarium fish with the best personality. (hip hop music) My number two favorite aquarium fish with the best personality, I am talking about the
Betta fish, that’s right, despite overcoming
horrific odds of living in nothing but just a cup
at the big box stores, the Betta fish rises above and dominates with amazing personality just like this. Look, this fish greets
me like I’m Dan Bilzerian walking into a strip club in Vegas. Look at this fish! This fish likes me more
than my parents do! Betta fish, my number two
favorite aquarium fish with the best personality. (hip hop music) And my number one favorite aquarium fish with the best personality. Yeah, that would BPP, yeah, you know me! Yeah, I’m talking about BPP. BPP was the name for my golden dojo loach. My golden dojo’s name was BPP, stands for Big Pink Penis. BPP had the best personality ever. BPP used to sit on Amazon Sword Leaf, when I would walk into the room, that fish would get
startled and grow right up towards the top of the tank to greet me, like a hungover college
kid greeting the pizza man. That’s right, BPP had
incredible personality. BPP had more personality
than this worthless, non here and killing dog
behind me that hasn’t moved the entire time I’ve
screamed through this video. Do me a favor, folks. Drop me a comment on what fish you think has the best personality and be funny about it in the comments. Hit the like button, notification button, subscribe button, whatever
button you feel like pushing and tank on. Later!

100 thoughts on “Aquarium Fish TOP 5 BEST FISH PERSONALITIES

  1. Braddah Dustin!!! I love the rap references you use braddah keep up the great work Hawaii Loves u my man, you’ve taught me so many things in this hobby especially when it comes to plants, keep up the great content love it much love and aloha!!! Love the energy ?????

  2. Pea puffers would definitely make my list. Personality plus!. Even more happy to see you than a beta fish.

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  4. My favorite fish is the fryer catfish – he just lays around, plays dead, once in a while gets into a feeding frenzy and then goes straight back to hibernation. Kept them for over 8 years now and thought they were dead and gone several times, only to find them hidden in the substrate whenever I did a complete water change …..only they were bigger and more fat every time I found them ,….love those guys

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  6. I have had a lot of difrent fish but i have to agree with you on the oscars they are the best i have had

  7. Need to add Blood Parrots and Clown Loaches to this list! Absolutely! The swim upside down, pile up and do crazy stuff.

  8. Great video brother I agree with 87% of that I’d switch the Oscars and betta position ? but it’s all a matter of opinion great awesome video Dustin

  9. My dwarf gourami has the best personality. I could be comin home from somewhere and he rushes straight to me. I swear he almost hit the glass once!

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  12. You never owned a flowerhorn it seems! They have the best personalities and are far more intelligent than any other fish in the hobby they are a mix of a Oscar fish and a dog

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  14. You didn’t say the black ghost knife fish, I put my hand in to re plant my plants and he will swim into my hand. And stay there! If I have the net in for whatever reason he’s in it. ?

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  18. I dont like ur ranking and choices as everyone have a different taste and preference.. but the way u define and talk is really awesome.. some times it seems that i am watching a cricket match in last overs.. keep ur persona as it is..gud luck dear

    Flower horn

  19. The 3 feeder goldfish I have and my blood parrot Cichlid are so personable. The BP reminds me of a little dog more than a fish lol.

  20. This is a great topic Dustin, you can have a second look at the 'hybrid' breed freshwater Parrot Fishes & the super intelligent Jewel fish



  23. Pea puffer they come and look you I'm the eyes and say feed me master this time I eant bloodworm and not mysis shrimp!

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  25. You are good. Say very interesting things. it could be just me but you are too loud voiced. There were instance i had to mute the video and read the subtitles

  26. Angel fish come up to ya like a politician to a camera, like a chief executive to an intern, like Trump to hairspray.

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  28. i definitely agree with bettas having great personalities. mine always greets me whenever i walk up to the tank and is really interactive with its enviroment

  29. My "feeder" goldfish is almost 17 years old now. He spend most of his life in a 40 gallons aquarium, alone. Now he enjoy a big pond with a lot of friend and a eat a lot of larva! He's the best and as survive so much (not only one but 2 big move across country) he deserved his little retirement spot. Let just hope the winter is kind to him…

  30. I have two feeder comet goldies, I rescued them a day ago and I already love them. They are both sisters, and for some weird reason I name all of my fish after famous chefs XD. I names the sister goldies Bobby(bobbi) flay and Paula deen, and I also have two bettas names Gordon Ramsay and Julia child.

  31. As soon as i open the door to my apartment my dwarf gourami greets me. He stares at me for about five minutes before he zooms around the tank chasing whatever. Once i sit down he settles down and stares at me. When i go to feed he stares at me. Also he spits at me if im not fast enough feeding. When i turn the lights on in the morning he bumbles around like a drunk old dude for a few minutes before he STARES at me getting dressed. Also his feelers are suuuuuuper cute lol. Idk what im gonna do when he passes lol.

  32. I prefer Oranda goldfish over Betta fish. The Orandas I keep are like golden retriever while my Betta Fish is like a grumpy old man who lives on only hatred. (They're in different tanks fyi)

  33. Corys… they play like dogs on the bottom of the tank, and play dead while hanging out in the plants sleeping.
    Plecos… they look at you with one eye at a time to make you're not gonna try anything
    Tiger Barbs… they come to the front of the tank when you pass, like a bunch of dopey chickens waiting for food.

  34. The gold dojo loaches are the best, Mine all sit in the plants like the floor is lava. No one ever gives much credit to them but I feel like they are one of if not the best fish.

  35. When I already decided that I wanted a big aquarium 5 feet / 120gal I was mostly thinking about keeping small fish in big numbers. This video did put the idea of an oscar in my head, so I started researching their care.
    When I evently went to my LFS (still undecided on a community tank or an oscar tank), I saw a 8 inch tiger oscar that was super interactive. I went back the next day and asked them to keep onto the fish until my aquarium was cycled.

    Defnitly a good decision, my oscar yust has so much personality. He watches everything and comes to greet you when you go up to his aquarium. By now he has gotten so familiar with me that he starts to hit the lid if I don't greet him when I come home. Luckly he doesn't have a lot of the infamous mean oscar mentality. He even lives in peace with his tank mates: a male L128 pleco and 2 senegal bichirs (that constantly bump into him). He doesn't move any decoration but he deffnitly loves digging.
    He has so much personality that he even succeded in getting my mom to like him, even tough she didn't like the idea of having an aquarium again.

  36. I got three oscars my two half way full grown and a small long fin Oscar best personality besides my spotted gar

  37. Ummm you just became my favorite fish youtuber, I love the BPP name, you had me rolling laughing! Love all the old rap throwbacks too. You earned my sub and im about to watch more.

  38. I have a black Moore. He has a great personality, pretty interactive and he eats like a begging dog.

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