Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment for a Wart on our Dog. Plant Powered Natural Healing

hello everybody this is our eight-year-old goldendoodle Snickers um she's she's been on a vegan diet now for several years I'd say hundred percent vegan most days but this video is about a bump on her back that's been there for many years I'd say at least five years ago I noticed what I thought was a mole on her back the vet more recently confirmed that it was a wart I was getting bigger and bigger it was something that I needed to avoid with the brush so that it wouldn't bleed or possibly spread the warts anyways I recently had some success using a little bit of medicine and some apple cider vinegar to take care of that issue on one of my toes and I thought this would be a great opportunity to experiment on our dog using a completely chemical free holistic no risk approach so the other option / the vet was to go in surgically which would require an anesthetic as well as a pretty deep cut stitches you know probably a couple hundred dollars easy total – to dig out that wart now I wish I had documented this and kept better records I guess it's been at least 3 weeks and less than $1 worth of q-tips and apple cider vinegar that I've used and all I've done is dab the apple cider vinegar onto the spot on her back there's been some days where I've missed there been days where I've treated it three or four times but I'd say at least three weeks with an average of twice per day treating it with this apple cider vinegar and that's it we started off with a wart that was about sticking up probably a quarter of an inch look like cauliflower and now all there is is really a recess I don't know maybe a week or two of dabbing the apple cider vinegar on the white lump started becoming more pink and red and inflamed and was kind of scabbing over daily and then it started shrinking really quick and at this point it's really more of just a mini abscess I think it's cured but only time will tell and I'll show you that spot next so this is the top near the snare her spine on the top side of Snickers about eight inches from the top of her head this is all that's left of a relatively large wart initially I thought it was a mole years ago and that's just after a few weeks of absolutely nothing except applying apple cider vinegar and after I felt like the the wart was probably gone and I started applying a little bit of coconut oil to the wound they all be monitoring this for quite a while and I'll make notes on this video as to how this works out long-term but as as of now I'd give this at least a 90% odds of having been an excessive healthy she loves to run with me and recently ran a 50k distance over 30 miles in one day

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