APNA PET AAYEGA Short Movie #Funny Cute Pets | Moral Story for Kids Aayu and Pihu Show

Hi Friends All those who have pets.. All those who like pets Please like Because todays story is on Pets. Yes we are asking for a new pet Come watch All of us Yes friends Sister, I will win the queen Yes you always want queen in carom board Door Bell Pihu open the gate. Yes mumma coming Door Bell Aayu Open the gate Yes mumma coming I am calling you since long. No one is listening Yes yes coming Who is it? Ruchi, open the gate, I am waiting Hi Kirti Hello Hello Come inside I will not come inside I have to go out with family Will you take care of him, till evening Yes Aayu and Pihu will get happy Laughing What is his name? SNOWY Aunty please take care of our SNOWY OK my child OK, ruchi, I will come back by 6 PM Ok BYE This is mine Dog Bark Oh Where is the dog barking? Yes sister let us check Aayu Pihu Come outside, who has came? Who is this? He is very cute What is his name? His name is SNOWY SNOWY He is so relaxed with me Aayu come sit here Yes sister I am coming with snowy Sister what is he watching? Wow Aayu, new picture trailer is coming SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 Oh, he is also watching TV with you. Mumma, new movie is coming on 14th June On pets and humans We will watch it OK, go and play now. OK mumma Snowy Please bring food for him Yes bringing He is very cute Yes he doesn't bite Go snowy I wish he will be with me Yes, he is very sweet Come on sit here SNOWY Will you be our friend? OK, now give it me, Kirti aunty will take him back. So soon Kids, her work is over Come snowy He also doesn't want to come. He is enjoying with us. Yes No mumma Bye Aayu Pihu, I am going No Bye Aunty is getting late Mumma, we want to play for some more time. Hi Hi Aunty leave him for 2 more days with us. We want to play with him They enjoyed a lot he also must have liked SNOWY Whenever I will go for shopping, I will leave him with you Aunty is saying, she will leave him here again Ok Bye He was very cute Mumma, I am missing him I want to play more with snowy Me Too Kids, It was aunty's puppy. Mumma, it would be great, if we also have a pet. Yes sister Idea We will also bring another dog Yeah we will enjoy. We will also bring a puppy We will also bring puppy Which puppy? Like Snowy Who will bring? You No No Means you will not bring puppy No No mumma We want puppy Yes mumma Look mumma Sister go back When we will be 3 friends.. Which 3 friends? Pihu, me and puppy Then we will eat together Yes mumma drink water Yes mumma Roam together Yes mumma Go to garden Yes mumma Go t school School? Take him in your bag Laughing mummy we can do there 4 things Mumma, you did not understand I will speak Ayu side please We will take him out Yes mumma Give him bath Yes mumma Play with him Yes mumma Take his care Yes mumma Clean his mess also Thats it, bring one No Please You don't do your own work Door bell was ringing You were plying carom board No one got up to open the gate Bring puppy What? You don't do your work WHy will 1 bring another kid? Mumma, I finished my work Sister didn't do her work Oh I did my work, Aayu didn't Me Me Please be quiet I know who did the work I know you very well. OK mumma, leave that – We want puppy Yes sister, you are correct Thank you Aayu Ok Please sit here I will also speak now Aayu, it seems, mumma understood I will make you understand Mumma, I am already knowledgeable But still you can try… Look who is talking? Yes Yes I know you are very intelligent OK now tell me. If he will make this place dirty Who will clean? Will you Pihu? You are here. When he will do potty Who will clean? Tell me Aayu… You are here When he will not sleep in night He will be barking Who will take him out? Who will make him sleep? Tell me Mumma, please don't disturb me during night. Aayu what are you saying? Mumma, will not bring puppy We agree to everything Later mumma, will do all his work You just bring puppy. We will do everything Yes mumma I am listening your talks. I understand everything You are saying yes for puppy now. Later you will not do anything I know everything Keeping a pet is a big responsibility

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