Anything She TOUCHES I Buy… (Pet Store CHALLENGE)

okay oh yeah oh the lens is dirty I don't know why because somebody pushed me in the pond speed bump alright so pretty much today you I don't know if this is a been a challenge thing on YouTube before but pretty much me it is so if you guys have seen the challenges on YouTube basically where people take their animals or their friends or their girlfriends or whatever it is to places and they blindfold them and whatever they touch they gotta buy I'm taking zenny to a store and whatever she touches I have to buy okay so before we go into our Petco I'm basically going to tell you the rules say yo yo yo so pretty much our game there's gonna be a little bit different than yes so ours is gonna be a little bit different than most people's ha so if you're about to double tap the little 10 thing and get past this part then you might not understand how this is gonna work pretty much I'm gonna take her to multiple sections gonna take her to three or four different sections one section being the tanks one being the tank decor and then the other one being fish so within the tank to course you can pick filters sand plants lights lids whatever and the fish she can literally pick a fit she just she can touch two things in the fish section there was the two fish we got to get and then the tanks she could pick if there's a 75 gallon in there I've never been in this Petco she could pick a 75 gallon we've got to buy it so we're gonna see what tank she grabs but we're gonna put together what we can now if she doesn't pick something like if you don't end up walking into something like a filter or a light those are things we can incorporate back home because they're like necessities for fish to live not the light but the filter for sure so you know we're we're about to find out all drops and with me this is gonna be fun what did you pick a hamster please don't pick a hamster people are gonna think you're so weird on here please don't let me run into anything okay all guys why there's a car behind you so you oh I got the car you don't get the cart oh my okay okay okay okay oh I'm right here it's chit that's a 20 gallon tank I've had in the car put it in the carts go you've got substrate which is on the right thing and there's this section so okay what is okay now which one both both both that that okay all right well there's a few different types in there but we can get some of them yeah there's nothing in there there's nothing in there either this one again okay yeah oh yeah you stay right there as any get once I could the other keys and a piece of bamboo just a fish from here blasted the orange guys yeah oh yeah now he does I think it's a disease yeah so I guess we're not gonna do anything from that tank that wouldn't be too good all right he's taking our fish up front I've gotta buy this stuff most gonna grab some of this or we're leaving and we'll go set everything up we're we're home okay so we did drop a fair amount of money so I guess said in the rules and beginni and all the stuff that we didn't get that are like a necessity for fish to live or the things I'm allowed to use back home does any hasn't seen what she even picked yet she got the one alright so you got these plants three things of bamboo some of these others so that was from two different tanks right about 100 and then you got these fish they're not they're not fish I would normally pick but it's okay you pick the ugliest plant alive you just grabbed it I was like okay so we got that and then with that at least we got so bare bottom tanks are actually really good for the fish like you guys may think sand and stuff is good at the bottom because it looks cool the fish actually a lot of fish do prefer like bare bottom it's really good unless they need like a hiding spot like Kostis think about things of that sort but she did pick a little bit of a substrate so we got something to go on the bottom not the whole bottom half the bottom but something and she never ended up picking a filter or a light or a top so I guess those are things I can incorporate at the house but we're gonna build the best tank we can with the 20 gallon we got in the trunk and all of that so hopefully you'll enjoy it okay so we got our tank our plants everything okay before we can't just open this and put it in flash we have to wash it because it's dirty and we don't wanna hurt the fish and if we're being realistic it did cover the whole bottom you are having a hard time okay all right so you want to set everything up so just pull the tags off and then place it where you want it and then when you put it okay this one thing that is so ugly to keep it over here I don't know what are you thinking it plants real plants okay right there oh we got a broken one oh that's dumb okay we don't need that oh and it broke you inside with the I broke you can open I without getting any water anywhere do you think no job but like the hand stuff to me without getting water all over the pen I don't need here we gotta figure out how to make it stay bamboo looks really good at the funnel tanks in our opinion do it at this side of the tank too oh my that's why I keep just letting you know I think wonder what oh I forgot to take that out I think when the water comes up these should kind of float up with it that looks pretty cool too right now I gotta move it getting or them now with the name in the face okay so I have pre-filtered beneficial bacteria or pre cycled that way we can add fish in here immediately we don't have to wait or be as beneficial bacteria will eat the ammonia and all that stuff so we're good we can add fish in straight away a little yourself to fill this thing up put my filter and obviously that light over there and top on top because that's the one thing she didn't pick was the filter which we need and then I'm just gonna add in previously cycle filter pads from in there that's handy so then he's watching the video we just filmed I'm gonna activate these fish while this is filling up you guys probably just all the time-lapse of this thing filling up we're just cool because company just sent me this new phone and I love it because it can go underwater this is literally the tank we bought with like that's it I think this is what it would look like without me incorporating anything but the filter all we got to do is get this lid on right actually we might as well get the fish in first and right before we do that we gotta just put some of the chlorinator in here those previously use filter pads in here so these guys already got beneficial bacteria so they can legitimately just go straight in so there we go I mean it's not like awesome like we could definitely have like a mountainy cool forest scape in here but the bamboo looks good somehow she clicked to pick that and then the two fake plants that's as good as we can get it I just had to put these rocks on the bamboo to keep them there but the fish have been acclimated we couldn't get some of the fish you picked because they had a Kube you guys don't know what it gives is pretty much a parasite now I have a killer and one of my drawers but in general that it is really really bad for your fish and I was gonna buy a fish with ich or even a tank with ich in it so we got the fish that she picked we just weren't able to get all of them but here's what's gonna win and we go one guy down there a Grom me up there and another gourami over there it's not a bunch of fish for the tank but it's something to look out at night I think that's pretty dope of course we're not gonna keep this tank for forever but it's definitely pretty cool for just a quick video okay I have to make this out roll really fast because my camera is next to dying but hopefully you guys enjoyed I just checked on the fish it's the next morning all my hair but they are doing great if you guys have yet to join the channel click the subscribe button down below follow me on Instagram and follows any on Instagram in the link in the description if you have any videos ideas suggestions anything like that comment them down below to let me know shoot me a DM email me the but whatever else you can do I don't I don't know and other than that I'll catch you next time on the next episode of fanatic

24 thoughts on “Anything She TOUCHES I Buy… (Pet Store CHALLENGE)

  1. That tank will be decently stocked eventually depending on how long you keep it. Opaline gourami can get decently big. Mines about 3 1/2-4 inch.

  2. wtf happened to your channel, Finatic? I used to see you as someone who deeply cared about animals. I loved watching your rescue missions. But something changed. Now you run around impulse buying LIVING BEINGS. It didn't used to be like this. Seriously, what happened to your once amazing channel? Did the desire to have more subs finally get to you?

  3. Your lucky bamboo is semi-aquatic. You might want to scooch it up a little bit, so it doesn’t melt or rot.

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