Answering YOUR Hamster Questions PART 2

What are you doing? You’re cute hey guys it’s me Victoria and we are
back in my bathtub because today we are going to be answering your guys’s
hamster questions I asked you over on my Instagram stories to ask me hamster
related questions so today we’re going to be answering
them and we have Tater Tot here with me who is just going to be playing around
in the bathtub and I will be getting honey and bumble out as well so let’s
get started so the first question that I have is what is the maximum time a
hamster can be in a hamster proofed room for playing this really depends on your
hamster of course I don’t think there’s really a time limit of how long your
hamster can be out playing as long as they aren’t looking stressed out or
they’re not trying to go into a corner and trying to go to sleep then I can
then I would say they can be out as long as they want the next question is how
long does it take to tame a Roborovski so there is really no time length when
it comes to taming a Roborovski hamster or any hamster for that fact it really
just depends on the hamster itself robos are one of the hardest species to tame
so it can take anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple of months to some
don’t ever become tame so there is no time frame when it comes to taming the
next question is how can you keep your hamster warm in the winter so this is a
good question because with all of the recent cold weather a lot of countries
have been experiencing it is really important that you keep whatever room
your hamster is in warm anything below 15 degrees Celsius or 59 degrees
Fahrenheit is a temperature where your hamster can actually go into torpor so
you want to keep the temperature warmer than that obviously, some good ways would to be make sure they have lots of bedding and lots of soft bedding like a
paper-based bedding and toilet paper is good as well a space heater is also good
to just put in that room just so that it keeps
it warmer the next question is, is it okay to take it slow when taming a
hamster yes of course I actually find that taking it slower when taming a
hamster is a lot better if you go too fast when taming your hamster it can set
you back a lot and they may not become tame as fast because if you’re trying to
go too fast it just might not work out but if you do go slower it can it be
good for the hamster it helps them get used to you more easier the next
question is why didn’t my winter white turn white so winter whites do generally
change to white hence their name winter white but winter whites actually don’t
change their coat coloring based on the temperature outside it goes off of how many
hours of daylight there are in the day which is why winter whites in captivity
may not change their coat coloring to white because we have
artificial lighting in our housings there also is the issue with hybrids
most of the time when you go into a pet store and you get a winter white you are
not getting a purebred winter white you’re getting a hybrid of a Russian
campbell’s dwarf and a winter white so your winter white may not actually have
a lot of winter white in them therefore they may not change to white the next
question I have is I’ve seen some people give hamsters dog treats is that okay
yes you just need to make sure the brand of dog treats you are using is a safe
and pretty minimal ingredient dog treat brands like Milk Bone I would avoid
because of the very long list of ingredients they have in there and
they’ve also been known to put roadkill in their dog treats which I don’t think
that’s that great so try to go for a dog treat that’s very like healthy and
there’s very little ingredients and they’re all-natural so the next hamster
I have out here is bumble so you guys get to watch her so the next question I
have is why did you decide to do German hamster themes so it was only until I
started doing some more hamster research based on
other countries I was interested to see learn more about how Germans care for
their hamsters because it is a lot different from the u.s. & Canada so
after I had done a lot of research from like hamster forms in Germany and things
like that I really liked the way they cared for their hamsters and the way
they set up their hamster cages because they’re really for making the cage as
natural as possible to stimulate like how they would live in the wild so I
really liked that and that is one of the reasons I decided to change to a German
hamster style cage and I just think it’s a lot better for the hamsters the next
question is can I use the same wooden toys for two hamsters yes you can you
just need to make sure none of your hamsters have any illnesses none are
sick so that you can’t transfer a illness to another hamster as long as
all of your hamsters are perfectly healthy then it is fine to share wooden
items the next question is can I introduce hamsters with other animals I
personally would not recommend trying to introduce your hamster to another animal
hamsters naturally are solitary animals so they don’t need to be introduced to
another animal they most likely will be stressed and scared by it also you don’t
know how they’re going to react for example if you decide to let your dog
and hamster sniff nose-to-nose you may think oh my dog is really like a good
dog he’s not gonna bite my hamster or try to eat him but you don’t know how
your hamster is gonna react if you put them nose to nose and your hamster
reacts badly and your decides to bite the dog on the nose your dog might have a
reaction and try to bite back and that will not end well so the next
question is can I go close to my hamster when I’m sick
so actually hamsters cannot catch the human cold or rhinovirus and that is
because it is not zoonotic so what that means is it
it is not transferable to animals so you can go near your hamster
when you are sick I personally don’t recommend like sneezing on them or like
getting snot on them but you are okay to go near them when you are sick the next
question I have is what kind of playpen do you use for your hammies so I
actually use some storage grids that are a solid they’re not like mesh like the
rabbit ones I have they are solid grids and I just connected them with zip ties
so it is a foldable playpen it’s really big and I really like it so I will leave
the link to where I got those so if you’re interested in getting one and
making one yourself then you can do so the next question is can you give
hamsters rabbit mix and guinea pig mix this would have to be a no hamsters and
rabbits and guinea pigs all have completely different diets and dietary
needs so it is not suitable to be feeding your hamster rabbit or guinea
pig mix the next question is one that I’ve been wanting to answer for a quite
some time now and that is would you recommend
Oxbow for hamsters now this is nothing against Oxbow I think Oxbow is a
wonderful brand when it comes to herbivores such as guinea pigs rabbits
and chinchillas but when it comes to hamsters it really isn’t suitable so one
of the first ingredients actually in the Oxbow hamster pellets is timothy hay
meal I think it is, hamsters don’t need timothy hay in their diet they’re not
herbivores they’re omnivores so timothy hay has absolutely no benefit
to them in their diet besides maybe fiber hamsters actually don’t really
like to eat hay anyways when people put it in their hamsters cages they’re
generally using it for keeping the burrows stable
excuse me another reason that I don’t recommend the Oxbow hamster pellets is
because it’s lack of variety and it’s low guaranteed analysis so they’re
quite low in protein and so even when you mix them with a seed mix the protein
isn’t going to go up, in order for Oxbow to be suitable for a hamster you would
need to mix it with a high-protein pellet and a seed mix and if you’re
already going to do that it’s kind of pointless to be adding Oxbow in anyways it
doesn’t like give them anything extra special so I don’t think Oxbow is a
suitable hamster mix so the last hamster I have out to play is honey so
the next question is how often do you do cage clean outs so I actually do not do
cage clean outs a lot and that is because of the size of my hamsters
cages and because I know how my hamsters are all of my hamsters have certain
places that they pee so I only clean out those certain spots it’s not necessary
to be cleaning out all of the bedding every single month unless your hamster
has peed everywhere most hamsters don’t some do of course but most will choose a
couple of places to pee and so it’s really only necessary to clean out those
certain spots because if the bedding hasn’t been soiled then it’s still clean
and just because your hamsters walked on it or maybe even pooped on it it’s not
going to be necessarily dirty and cleaning out the entire cage actually is
just stressful for your hamster so that’s why I don’t clean my hamsters
cages out fully very often so the next question is why is pet care for hamsters
and small pets in general so terrible I think one of the reasons why it’s so bad
is because of how easy it is to obtain a small pet you can go into any pet store
and they will have a small pet there for you for sale and you can pretty much
anybody can just go in and buy a small pet it doesn’t really matter as long as
you say yeah I have a cage or I’m getting this cage today they don’t
really care, another reason is because they’re so cheap hamsters in a pet
store may be might be no more than twenty dollars and a lot of people just
think of them as disposable pets meaning I’ll just buy this $20 hamster if it
dies I’m going to replace it therefore they don’t consider the care very much
and people like that I don’t think are good people because an animal that is
living and breathing is not disposable no matter how much it costs the next question is why does my hamster
keep digging in the corners of her tank one of the reasons that she might be
digging in the corners of her tank is because she wants to burrow so it would
be a good idea to give her a lot of bedding in the corners maybe or in a
section so that she is able to burrow the next question is I adopted a hamster
yesterday he’s five months old and he ate a piece of this poop is that okay so
this is actually completely normal and a lot of animals do this and that is
because of the way a hamsters digestive system works and and it is because the first
time a hamster eats and digests their food sometimes nutrients aren’t absorbed the first time so hamsters actually makes two types of poop they
make one that is just poop and then the other has nutrients and things in it so
they know the difference between the two and generally as soon as they poop it
out they will eat it and that is just so they can reabsorb the nutrients they
missed the first time the next question is are there any hamsters living out in
the wild so this is actually something a lot of people for some reason don’t know
but yes there are hamsters in the wild there are Syrian hamsters who are not
domesticated and they live out in the wild where they naturally come from
so Syrian hamsters are actually at a
vulnerable state so their population is decreasing. Thankfully the company
RodiPet has actually created a golden hamster program so they actually have a
field in Syria I think it is and they’ve made it so it’s like a Syrian hamster
sanctuary it’s really really cool and I definitely would recommend checking out
videos on them the next question is how many hamsters
can you have in one cage and that is a very simple answer and that is one,
hamsters are quite solitary animals they should not be housed with another
especially Syrians and Chinese hamsters are solitary
animals. so the last question is, is it bad that my syrian
burrows a lot he spends more time underground than above so that is
completely fine hamsters are natural burrowers and that is just something
they’re going to do and it’s actually really good for them to be able to
burrow so I wouldn’t be really concerned about your hamster burrowing a lot
because it’s just a natural behavior so yeah guys that is it for today’s video I
hope you all have enjoyed and maybe learned something new about hamsters or
had your question answered I’m going to try to do these a little bit more so be
sure to follow my instagram so that you can watch when I post a story asking for
your questions so yeah guys thank you for watching bye

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