hey guys so we are in my bathtub today I asked you guys on my Instagram story to
ask me hamster related questions so today I am going to be answering those
and I have with me honey um I thought this was the best place to do it because
then you can watch on the hamsters play I’m going to be taking out each one so
you guys do get to see all of them in this video so let’s get started so I
just have my laptop with me this has all of the questions I saved on it the first
one is what is the best type of bedding for your hamster I would definitely have
to say basically anything safe is good for your hamster so if it is paper based
or Aspen shavings those are great as long as as it’s not
pine cedar or scented bedding anything like that my favorite choice of bedding
definitely would have to be a paper based bedding I like carefresh or kaytee
clean & cozy both are awesome and work well
aspen is another one of my favorites for something that’s a little bit more
natural so the next question is around how much bedding do you recommend
putting in your hamsters cage generally I recommend at least having one section
that is going to have six inches that just gives your hamster enough room to
burrow because hamsters are burrowing animals it is a very important skill
that they like to do so giving them enough bedding ensures of acid making a
burrow so the next question is at what age would a hamster reach adulthood so
for hamsters it is six months of age which might seem seem a little young for
us but it actually really isn’t considering hamsters only really live
one and a half to two years sometimes three years six months really isn’t that
young for a human sir in a hamsters life the next question is how often should I
feed my hamster so personally I recommend
not feeding your hamster every single day when you feed your hamster every
single day this gives them the opportunity to become a picky eater so
then they’ll pick out certain things like maybe just sunflower seeds because
they know they’re going to get fed again the next day so then they can pick out
the sunflower seeds once again if you give your hamster enough time to eat all
of the food in the dish that prevents them from becoming picky
so I like to get my hamsters two tablespoons every two to three days and
usually they eat all of the food the next question is what is the best wheel
for a Syrian hamster there isn’t too many options out there most of them are
online only my two favorite wheels though would have to be the silent
Runner and the Wodent wheel these just work best for Syrians because they do
come in a large size there also is the silent spinner I think they have a ten
inch wheel and the 12 inch also works just as well and then there
is the comfort wheel I think that comes in an 8 inch as well so that can also be
suitable for a Syrian the next question is how often do I have to clean my
hamsters cage this depends on how large your hamsters cage is if your cage is
above the minimum of 450 square inches of floor space you should only be
cleaning it out once a month of course you should daily spot clean or spot
clean every couple of days but if your cage is very very large you really do
not need to be cleaning and taking out all of the bedding every single week or
sooner than that the next question is how much should a healthy Syrian weigh so
there is a very large gap of how much a Syrian should weigh a syrian can weigh
anywhere from 120 grams to 200 grams there are some Syrians that actually get
a little bit larger than that but that is usually around how much they weigh
Honey here actually is a very very small Syrian she actually is only around
a hundred grams which is very small for a Syrian but she is active she’s healthy
she drinks and eats and everything so that is just how she is
so as long as your hamster is looking healthy and active and eating their
weight should be fine so the next hamster I have is Tater Tot So you guys can
watch her play so the first question is what are the pros and cons of a roborovski hamster I’m thinking about getting one so I don’t think there are a ton of
cons the pros obviously are they’re really adorable they look like little
cotton balls they’re super different fun to watch and just super cute in general
the only con I would have to say is if you are getting a roborovski you
really have to be prepared and understand that you may not ever tame
your Robo they may not become a hundred percent tame where you can just hold
them and they’ll sit still robos have a lot of energy they also are the hardest
species to tame so you really have to be patient with them you can’t get upset if
they’re not the taming isn’t going how you want it some are a lot tougher to
tame than others obviously but that is just something you need to keep in mind
and I think that is one of the only cons I would have to think of when it comes
to owning a roborovski the next question is do dwarf hamsters need to
be in pairs or groups no dwarf hamsters can do just fine on their own
I actually recommend you just have one hamster per cage there are lots of times
where someone will have a pair of dwarf hamsters and they end up later fighting
and sometimes they usually will fight at night when you are sleeping and it’s
possible that the fight can become so bad that it will kill the other hamster
so you will wake up with only one hamster which is really sad which is why
I really only recommend just getting one hamster pairs can be pretty difficult
you do need to have a very very large cage you need to have two of everything
including a spare cage that is also a large cage so just one hamster per cage
is the best option the next question is a what type of sand
do they need to bath in so the best sand for hamsters
is you are going to want to get something that is sand not dust so you
can get chinchilla bath sand and stay away from anything that says chinchilla bath dust
the difference between sand and dust is that dust is literal dust so
it’s dust particles from sand and dust is very dusty and can cause a hamster to
get a respiratory infection which you don’t want so you are going to want to
get sand I personally have a really hard time finding just chinchilla bath sand and
so I use children’s play sand which you can get from any hardware store it’s
actually a super cheap option because you get like a 40 pound bag for maybe
$10 and that will last you probably your hamsters entire life so
it is a really great deal the next question is if your hamster is an adult
can you still tame him or her yes it is totally possible to tame an adult
hamster they don’t have to be babies to be tamed basically the taming process is
similar to bonding with your hamster and just getting them used to people that is
basically what the taming process is and it includes so you tame any
hamster at any age the next question is if you have other loud pets like dogs
can you still own a hamster yes you totally can still own a hamster if you
have other loud animals like a parrot or dog or just any other animals that make
a lot of noise it is possible you might want to keep your hamster in a room
that’s more quiet and away from those animals but your hamster will adapt to
to those noises and become used to them the next question is what are the
different breeds of hamsters and this is kind of like a two-part question because
first I want to say that hamsters are not breeds they actually are called species
so the difference between breeds and species is that a breed is an animal
that is slightly different from the other so for example dogs cats rabbits
those are all different breeds like pugs labradors things like that. A species
is a whole completely different animal so an elephant and a turtle hamsters are
species which is why they cannot actually interbreed with each other so
if someone tells you they have a Syrian dwarf hamster that is not true because a
Syrian and dwarf can’t even breed because they’re not the same species it
would be like a tiger and a fish trying to breed with each other it’s not
possible and to actually answer the question there are five different
species of domesticated hamsters there is the roborovski, the Syrian the
Chinese hamster, winter white and the Russian campbell’s dwarf hamster and the
last hamster that I have out is bumble my syrian hamster another question that I
got is how can you tell when your hamster is in heat so female hamsters go
into heat every four days and basically on the fourth day that is when they are
able to breed and all females go through this they go through it every four days
you’re going to smell a different smell from your female hamster it usually
smells like burning rubber it’s a weird scent it’s not too bad in my opinion I
think each hamster is different when it comes to how bad they smell my
females actually really don’t smell that bad when they’re in heat but to answer
the question how to tell when they’re in heat is basically that smell you’ll
smell that and then also when you kind of scratch your hamsters butt area
their tails should stick up like straight up I’ll insert a picture to
show that but that’s basically that means they’re in heat and sometimes
females can act a little bit more crazy when they’re on heat as well which
that’s totally normal the next question is, is a hamster ball
safe now I know a lot of people are going to be a little bit angry when I
say this because it’s such a controversial topic but I do not think
hamster balls are safe and I have a couple reasons why so the first reasons
that hamster balls in my opinion are not safe is because they can cause a lot of
injuries so a hamster can’t see inside of a hamster ball I’m let alone they
actually can’t see that well in the first place but they easily can collide
into walls they can fall down stairs they can also get their nails and toes
caught in the slits of the ball because those are the ventilation holes but they
can get their fingers and toes stuck in there and they can break them and hurt
them the next thing is it’s stressful for your hamster your hamster has two
options when put into a ball to sit there or to run if your hamster is
scared inside the ball they don’t have the option to go and hide under a
hideout or to go eat food they don’t have the option to go drink they’re
forced to basically run in a very small tight enclosure that they can’t get out
of another thing that is I know a lot of people think or have told me that their
hamster enjoys it because they put the hamster ball up to the cage and the
hamster jumps in well I can put basically anything up to my hamster and that
they’re going to want to jump in because they’re curious whether it be a mug a
travel cage a tube it doesn’t really matter what I put up to their cage they
generally are going to climb in it willingly but that doesn’t mean that
they enjoy it or like it in Germany hamster balls are actually listed as a
unsuitable animals animal supplies with a high risk of injury they also are very
criticized by vets and the animal protection societies this is important
to note because Germany actually has the highest care standards when it comes to
hamsters so they know what they’re talking about so that is why I think
hamster balls are not safe and that is why I choose not to use them and I’d
rather use a hamster safe play pen and play with my hamster like that
the next question is my syrian hamster doesn’t like running on the wheel and I
don’t know what to do about it if your hamster is choosing not to run
on the wheel and you have a proper sized wheel and
is easy to spin and they can turn it on their own then the only option would be
to give them an a very very large cage instead because hamster do need all that
to get rid of all of their energy and the wheel is one of the main places to
get rid of it so if they’re not using a wheel you probably are going to want to
make sure you have a very large cage instead hi hello the last question that
I have for today is reasons hamsters die suddenly or at an early age so hamsters
genetics actually play a very very big role in their life and nowadays hamsters
are bred very very poorly when they’re bred their health really isn’t
considered unless you are getting from an ethical breeder you may end up with a
hamster that has internal defects that you may never notice because they are
internal so they can have things like enlarged organs internal tumors and
similar things like that basically just internal defects if you
are curious as to why your hamster may have died one of the best ways to
figure that out is to go see a vet and they can get an autopsy done and that
can maybe give you some answers so yeah guys that is it for this video if you
guys enjoyed and you liked seeing these types of videos where I answer your
hamster care questions tell me down below and maybe I’ll do another part so
yeah guys thank you for watching bye

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