Anorexic Cat Gets Chubby With Love (Part 2) | Animal in Crisis EP38

Da Hae : Are you having fun? Are you happy? Da Hae and Joonpal greet each other sincerely with their eyes A week has passed.. The two seem closer to each other Da Hae : Shall we eat food~? Carefully tries to feed Joonpal again.. And then Da Hae : There you go Good boy~ Can’t believe it. You can eat now? Da Hae : Omg.. Look at Joonpal actually eating food Da Hae is so impressed by Joonpal eating food on his own Da Hae : This is surreal. Just incredible I’m so happy for him. I hope he keeps eating just like this Joonpal looking at Da Hae Da Hae : Good boy! Now it’s time to go home But… On the day of leaving the hospital, an unexpected thing comes up It’s Joonpal’s fear of moving to other places Safely arrived home, but.. Being filled with fear, he loses focus in his eyes and drools so much Joonpal cries out of fear It’s alright Wanna see the sunshine? You likey here? Da Hae : He was once abandoned in front of the vet clinic while being inside a carrier So he thinks that he’ll be abandoned again when he goes inside the carrier He was trying so hard not to get inside the carrier Almost panicked The fact that he was abandoned must have been so painful to Joonpal.. Joonpal can’t easily get over such a painful past.. Joonpal was stuck inside a carrier And was abandoned on the street without even knowing the reasons Will he ever be able to erase those painful memories? Da Hae : It’s alright. Take some time. Come out whenever you want Da Hae : All I can do for Joonpal is give him time to adjust to the new house And wait for him to slowly open his mind After a few days.. There’s no one in the house Joonpal comes out on his own Then, he cries out while checking out rooms Seems like he’s looking for Da Hae Da Hae : I’m not sure if he’ll eat today Da Hae : Huh? You were out?! Let’s eat~ Warming up! Try some~ You won’t ? Joonpal rubs against Da Hae Joonpal, take some time before eating food As if they got very close, Joonpal looks comfy in Da Hae’s arms Makes sweet eye contact every moment Joonpal and Da Hae sincerely share their hearts with each other After 2 months since then Visit Joonpal’s house once again Da Hae’s Mom : This way.. He’s eating now PD : Oh, is he? Are you really Joonpal..? For real..? Da Hae : Hello~ Da Hae : Are you eating food, Joonpal? PD : Is he really Joonpal? Da Hae : Yes he is. He’s digging in right now Da Hae : Joonpal, a guest is here. Greet him pls Joonpal has become a big eater!! Surreal Joonpal’s Mukbang Da Hae : Are you done? You want water? Da Hae : Hi, I’m Joonpal~ Da Hae : He’s doing his best to eat more As much as he couldn’t eat for the past months Perhaps he wants to get over those times by eating a lot Moreover, he plays so cheerfully! Da Hae’s Mom : Oh my.. How Joonpal changes so fast day by day is even surprising to his family He’s living his best life Da Hae : I’m so surprised by seeing him like that I wonder if he was like this before? Anyway, he’s so adorable and funny He also gained weight! Da Hae’s Mom : He was badly skinny at first But now he’s so handsome Da Hae : Oh, he’s 4.8 kg. Yay~ PD : How much did he weigh at first? Da Hae : He was about 3.3 or 3.2 kg Just the same as that of a newborn baby When Da Hae’s holding the other cat Da Hae : He gets really jealous What’s wrong? Da Hae : Guys, what are you doing? So strange.. What is it? You likey, Aru? Joonpal, Aru says she likes you What What are you guys doing~ Don’t be so flirty~ Get up~ Now he can get jealous And eat food on his own Da Hae : I’m so happy that you eat so well Where is he heading to..? Da Hae : What a stalker Stay there I’ll be back there Joonpal follows Da Hae all the time Da Hae : Joonpal! Once she calls him Joonpal gets into Da Hae’s arm right away PD : What is he doing? Da Hae : I have no clue I guess he’s doing cat kneading that cats do only when they feel good No more or no less, I hope he stays healthy just like now Now there will be nothing that hurts him anymore All I want is for him to be happy

100 thoughts on “Anorexic Cat Gets Chubby With Love (Part 2) | Animal in Crisis EP38

  1. Follow the link below to catch up with the beginning of anorexic Joonpal's story ↓↓↓

  2. Again, my only issue is how some of them are seeing the owner. I'm actually happy they left their cat with someone capable of taking care of him and not just leaving him on the street. They were being responsible. Even left information about him and all.

  3. I believe this story is fake and they starved this poor cat for the views. Heartbreaking. I don't think the woman who adopted the cat was in on it.

  4. 3AM and i'm sobbing because of this. but what if he gets abandoned after this whole documentary and he was only used for publicity? i don't wanna ruin the mood but this just came up on my mind. :((

  5. Hut ab, sie haben mit viel Geduld, liebe, Schutz und Geborgenheit geschafft den Joonpal wieder leben wieder ein zu hauchen.
    ich hätte dafür keine kraft. auch wenn ich Katzen liebe. (nicht jeder ist dafür geschafft, so eine kraft, Geduld… zu haben.)

  6. At the end, that following around looks like he’s making sure she doesn’t go anywhere. It hurt to bad to lose his loved one and he felt she cared enough for him. He doesn’t want to feel bad like he did at first anymore.

  7. Can any one tell me what is the reason of such liquid come out of the cats mouth? And how am gonna treat it? My 3 cats died of it and I don't have proper vets over here

  8. Still a little on the light side, but I'm sure he'll continue to gain weight as he keeps up the proper eating pattern.

  9. Oh man, I couldn't find this second video for a few days and this has been bothering me, I'm so happy now. I love how he just follows her and tries to burrow into her and stay a close as possible.

    I hate it though, I'm a pessimistic brat, and my brain just goes, "What will they do next time he needs very care. Or what if she passes while he's still alive?!" I am almost positive he won't be able to handle it if she does. YOU OUTLIVE THAT CAT! Both of you love long happy lives. not a request

  10. И после этого кто-то ещё сомневается, что животные тоже наделены душой и чувствами, по крайней мере кошки!

  11. God bless this kind woman and this lovely cat! Joonpal deserved to be happy again I am happy that he is okay now ? Thank you sweet lady for saving this precious creature

  12. Взрослый котик тяжело перенёс расставание с хозяевами. Любовь девушки вылечит котика!!!

  13. Such beautiful sweet lady with such a warm heart, it is touching to look at them. I am happy for Joonpal. Touching!

    They are both adorable 🙂

  14. Esto me hizo llorar mucho, los animalitos no merecen ser abandonados. Los humanos estamos para cuidar de ellos y protergerlos. Ojalá existieran más personas así.

  15. This young ladies determination sure paid off! So proud of her! I cried the whole entire time! The stress must've been way to much for Joonpal, when we had a house fire two of my cats got sick all of a sudden, I didn't realize at the time why they got sick, it was all the stress, when we moved back into our house and everything back to normal they were fine again.

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