Annoying Orange – Best Shocktober Episodes (Saturday Supercut)

(spooky music) (haunting laughs)
(haunting groans) (menacing laugh) – Yeah and that’s how I got
a date with Nicky Minaj. – Wow, good story. – Man, I had the weirdest
dream last night. – Yeah, what happened? – Well, for some reason,
everyone in the kitchen was able to barf up whole fish. – Entire fish? – I know, right? Super weird. – Not really. Sure it was a dream? I mean, I can barf up a
whole trout any time I want. – Yeah, me too! – What? – Sure! Watch. (barfs) (barfs) (barfs) – Yay! – What the! – You try. – There’s no way, I can’t do that. – Oh really? – Oh, what’s happening? (barfs) Aargh. Oh. Oh it was just another dream. – Dude, are you okay? – It sounded like you were
sleep barfing or something. – Yeah, I guess I kinda was. – Okay, let me pour you
some medicine for that. – No, I’m fine now. It was just. Wait, why is that pouring up? – It’s not, it’s pouring down. (suspense music) – Well, then why are
we on the ceiling then? – We’re not, dude, we’re on the wall. – The wall? (suspense music) – Duh! – Okay, why is gravity so messed up? – I dunno, maybe it’s because– (barfs) – Aargh! – [Pear] Dude, you up? – I’m not sure, this might
just be another dream. – Whaddaya mean?
– Aargh! (everyone screams) (barfs) (everyone screams)
(barfs) – (laughs) Look how small he is! (suspense music)
(screams) – Orange, you okay? – No, I am not okay! I’m stuck in the middle
of some creepy-weird fish-barf-ception dream sequence. – Fish-barf-ception? What are you talking about? – You mean, you’ve never
seen anyone barf up a fish? – What? Of course not. – And you’ve never stood on a wall and poured medicine sideways? – Dude, you are talking crazy. (manic laughs) – Yay! (laughs) – Okay, now I know you’re crazy. – I’m home, I made it home! Woohoo, yay! – What’s up with Orange? – No clue. He’s going on about barfing
up fish or something. – That’s so weird. Everyone knows there’s no
such thing as barfing up fish, only dolphins! – I know, right? (barfs)
(barfs) Care for some seaweed tea? – Don’t mind if I do. (tea pours) (funky music) (haunting music)
(wolf howls) (menacing laugh) – Captain Little Apple has
the target in his sight. Come in, Lieutenant
Orange, do you read me? – Nah, I prefer not to read, but I can hear you perfectly. (laughs) – Lieutenant Orange,
we are clear to launch a double attack. – With what shall we attack? – Well I believe this target calls for a– – Cannon ball!
– Cannon ball! (laughs) – Oh come on you guys, for once, just once could you guys not jump
into a pile of leaves after I rake it? – Hey, you leaf piles out this! (laughs) – Ew! Not only did you get leaves everywhere, but you’re covered in slugs. – Oh wow, so we are. – And you’re okay with this? This is exactly what I’m talking about. You don’t know what’s
underneath these piles, you shouldn’t just go jumping into some– – Whoa! Look! – It’s the biggest
flea-pile I’ve ever seen! – Yeah, and it’s also on the other side of a very serious fence. – Pfft. No fence can stop me from
jumping in that pile. (laughs) – Me neither! It’s so beautiful, it’s
bringing tears to my eyes. Oh wait, that’s just a slug on my eyeball. (flicks)
(sniggers) – Erm, guys, I take it back. Stay over here, I’ll
just rake up a huge pile. Ugh, just look at all those signs. – But look at that pile! Woohoo let’s go! (laughs) – Woohoo! You coming, pear-dy-cat? (laughs) – This is a bad idea. – A pile this huge
deserves a special jump. I’m gonna do a double
back flip with a twist. – I’m gonna do a triple
jackknife-meatball-slider special. (laughs) How about you, Pear? – Erm, I’m just gonna watch. – Classic Pear. Come on, Little Apple: One, two, three! Woohoo!
– Woohoo! – Erm, you guys! – Whoa, that was so awesome! – I’ll say, it was a pile of fun (laughs) – Erm, you guys! – Yeah? – Whoa, looks like we
got more of those slugs. – I dunno, these slugs look different. – Whoa, weird! (fizzles) – Little Apple? – Must jump again! – Dude! Are you okay? – Must jump again. – Guys, let’s get outta here. I’m getting scared. – This pile will suffice. – Indeed. One, two, three.
– One, two, three. Weee!
– Weee! – Whoa! How did you get over there? – How did we get where, Pear? – Ha ha, you said “where, Pear.” That rhymes. – Ha!
– Ha! – Ha! – Aargh. Seriously, get those slugs off of you. You’re starting to glow like they are. – How can we take the slugs off us, Pear, we are slugs now. – I am a slug. – I too am a slug. – Join us, Pear. – Become a slug. – Become a slug. – Aargh! What’s inside these leaf piles? Aargh! – Why don’t you find out right now? Come, Pear, jump in the
greatest leaf pile of all. – Which is? – At the bottom of this cliff. – (screams) What? Oh no! – You cannot resist the
mother of all leaf piles. – Pear, resist not the mother of all leaf piles.
– No, no, no, no, no! No, no, no! Aargh! – Was Pear’s jump a success? – Indeed it was. – Excellent, yes.
– Yes, excellent. – Come, Pear, let us frolic and have fun in various leaf piles. – Indeed. – Woohoo.
– Wohoo. Oh, how fun. (haunting music) – Woohoo. (haunting music) – Woohoo. – And that’s the story
of the haunted leaf pile. – What, you guys became radioactive slugs and just teleported from
pile to pile a bunch? – Yeah, for a couple months, actually. In retrospect, it was a
really weird period for me. Now off to sleep, you two. – Pfft! That story was baloney. No offense, Baloney. – None taken. But hey, Todd, would you mind
turning out your night light? – Uh, what do you take me for, a baby? I don’t have a night
light (laughs nervously). (screams) (haunting music)
(wolf howls) (snores) (door opens) – What the? – [Ghostly Voices] Ice cream. – Hey, who left the freezer open? Not cool, guys! (laughs) – [Ghostly Voices] You scream. – Oh, I bet it’s Pear and everyone else. Guys, wait, I wanna go
to the freezer party too. (bounces) – [Ghostly Voices] We all
scream for ice scream. – Laser beams and jelly beans, punch the royal queen
in the spleen (laughs). I love rhyme time, you guys. Guys? Pear? Little Apple?
– Ice cream. – Huh?
– You scream. – Whoa!
– We all scream for– – Ice cream! – Aargh! (haunting music) – Wow, thunder is created from cow farts. You learn something new every day. – [Fruit] Ow, my leg! – Hey, hey Pear! – Erm, hey Orange. – Hey Pear. – Dude, are you okay? – Pear, wanna go in the freezer? – Erm, no. – Why not? There’s a whole library
of boring books in there. It’s fun in the freezer. It’s ice to meet the
freezer, Pear (laughs). Ooo Marshy, hey Marshy, hey. Did you know that there are
Rainbows in the freezer? – Really? I love rainbows, yay! – And Grapefruit, there
are sexy lady grapefruits in the freezer too. – Wow, wouldn’t have expected
them to be hanging out in a freezer. – [Marshy] Aargh. – Wait, are you guys serious? You can’t honestly trust
Orange, he’s acting so funky. – Funky, I like funky. You can get funky in the freezer, Pear. Funky in the freezer, ooo! Funky in the freezer, oh! – See? – Sorry, Pear, gonna need
to check out these ladies. You understand. – [Ghostly Voices] We all scream for– – [Demonic Voice] Ice cream! (growls) – What the crap? – Well that wasn’t ominous at all. – Don’t worry guys, I’m
sure Marshy and Grapefruit are just fine. (freezer opens)
– Wee! Yay! That was fun. – (gasps) Marshmallow,
Grapefruit, you’re okay. – Yeah, it’s so much fun
in the freezer, Pear. – You guys should try it. – Yeah, I’m gonna pass on that one. – Yeah, try it, guys. – Try it!
– Yeah, try it. Just, you know, give it a whirl. – What is going on? Can we chill it with the weirdness? – (laughs) Chill it! – Chill it, chill it.
– Go! – Go to the freezer, everyone!
– Go! Go to the freezer! – Chill it! – Oh my God. We’re not going in the freezer. Something really creepy is going on here. – Yeah, everyone that
goes in to the freezer comes out possessed. – Exactly, I think the freezer might be haunted!
(suspense music) – I agree, I think we
should get out of here. Like, now. – Finally, an idea I can agree with. Where’d you leave your monster truck? – I parked it in the freezer. – Got it! – Little Apple, no! – Hey, my monster truck isn’t in– – [Demonic Voice] Ice cream! (growls) – Oh, for crying out loud. (haunting music) – (growls) Pear, go in the freezer. – No, no one is ever going
in that freezer ever again. – You shouldn’t do that, Pear. – You’re gonna regret that, Pear. – Ah! There, no more freezer weirdness. Now life can go back to normal.
– Ice cream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream.
– Ice cream. (freezer explodes)
(screams) – Aargh! – Yay!
– Yay! (suspense music) (growls) – Oh no you don’t! Take that! (suspense music) (growls) – Oh no, Master! – Help him!
– Oh no, oh no, help him! Help him, save our Master! Hurry! (explodes) (screams) – Aargh! – Aargh! Oh. Oh, it was only a dream. – Pear, what’s wrong? I heard you screaming. – It was nothing, just a bad dream. – Oh, well I brought you something I think might make you feel better. – Erm, thanks, I guess. – No problem. Night, Pear. – Phew. – Ice cream!
– Aargh! (haunting music)
(wolf howls) (menacing laugh) (whimpering) – I just wanna apologize
to Grapefruit’s mom, and Midget Apple’s mom, and my mom. I am so, so sorry because
it’s all my fault. I should’ve brought more tissues, but because I didn’t,
now you’ve got boogers all up in your screen (laughs). – [Apple] Orange! – Boogers, boogers, boogers. Boogers, boogers, boogers,
boogers, boogers (laughs). Boogers, boogers, boogers. (ghostly cackle)
(haunting music) – Eclair Witch, you say? Oh no, you don’t wanna go messing around with no Eclair Witch. – They say it floats over the ground, doesn’t touch the floor
at all, like a balloon. – [Orange] What, it’s a baboon? Ha, solved it! Just a baboon, guys, we can go home now. – [Apple] Orange! – Betty Baker says she leaves the body filled with pastry cream, you know, like an eclair? – [Grapefruit] Nah, that’s a Boston Cream. – [Orange] No, that’s a Bismarck. – [Apple] Guys! – Historically, wherever
Eclair Witch strikes this symbol’s been found nearby. – What does this donut-shaped
bundle of sticks really mean? The answer to that questions lies hidden in the darkness of the woods
waiting to be discovered– (farts) Orange! – [Grapefruit] That was me, actually. – [Orange] Whoa, nice push! (laughs) – Aargh! – Group shot, show ’em what we got. – Hey everybody, we’re gonna find out if the Eclair Witch is real or not. – There she is! – Where, where? – (laughs) I totally got you guys. – Not funny bro, I wet myself. – And I got it on tape (laughs). – Spring break 2013, woohoo! – [Orange] Oh, through the
river and over the woods to find a witch made of dough. – Orange, be quiet, I
think I heard something. – Knock it off, Grapefruit,
you’re just gonna yell spring break again. – Am not, just listen! – I don’t hear anything. – [Orange] Shh, listen harder! (belches) (laughs) – You guys suck! I wanna go back to the
car, give me the map. – What, I already gave you the map. – Erm, where’s the map, guys? – [Orange] Oh, I see it, it’s under there. – Under where? – [Orange] (laughs)
Made you say underwear. – Aargh! Is that footsteps? – Maybe, but why is that scary? – ‘Cause we don’t know anyone with feet! – Okay, it’s the middle of the night and some super freaky stuff
is starting to happen. You hear that?
(rustling) – Hello? – Try playing Marco Polo with it. Marco! Marco! (laughs) – Guys, what’s happening? – It’s just a bunch of
fingers clawing at the tent, why is that scary? – ‘Cause we don’t know
anyone with fingers! – [Orange] Good point (laughs). (everyone screams) – I’m gonna find out what that– (demonic growl)
Aargh! – Grapefruit, come back! Come back! Grapefruit? – [Orange] Marco! So Grapefruit didn’t come back last night, we’re completely lost and– – Orange, look! – [Orange] Holy donut! (laughs) Get it? Hole-y (laughs). – Har, har, har, we’re all gonna die. – I am so, so sorry because it’s all my fault. I should’ve brought more tissues, but because I didn’t
now you’ve got boogers all up in your screen (laughs). Boogers, boogers boogers. Boogers, boogers, boogers,
boogers, boogers (laughs). Boogers, boogers, boogers. – No! – [Orange] Sorry! (laughs) Seriously, though, we
heard Grapefruit’s voice coming from this old
abandoned gingerbread house. – [Grapefruit] Hey, guys! – [Orange] There it is again, let’s go! – Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man! – [Orange] Marco! – [Grapefruit] Polo! – [Orange] Marco! – Don’t yell! I almost fell– (screams) – [Orange] Whoa, sorry dude, didn’t mean to bring you down (laughs). – [Apple] Polo! Polo! – [Orange] Hang on, little
buddy, I’m coming for ya! Marco? Midget Apple? Marco? Marco?
– Boo! – [Orange] Aargh! – (laughs) I totally got you. – [Orange] Oh, no fair,
you guys double-teamed me. – Na-ah, it was all me. Right, Midget Apple? (demonic growl)
(everyone screams) (white noise) (haunting music)
(wolf howls) – I sure do appreciate
you boys volunteering to look after my remarkably creepy hotel. – Are you kidding? This place is amazing! (laughs) – Yeah, should be terrifying. – I’m with Pear, little scared. Hey, no jokes. – Come on, guys, this
place is just what I need to finish my novel, The Grape Gatsby. – Well that’s a coin-ky-dink, my last caretaker was a grape. – Was? – Yes but, by the end of the first week, he’d shriveled in to
something else entirely. – What, like a raisin? – Worse. A crazin! (raisin laughs manically) FYI the dining room is wicked haunted and you probably wanna steer
clear of it altogether. – What!
– What! – Come on now, Crazin, let’s
get you to the nut house. Later, fellas. (laughs manically) – So, I’m having second thoughts. – Orange, too, I think he already left. – Hey, hey guys, hey! You wouldn’t believe the
size of this dining room. – Gulp. – I’m gonna go with double-gulp. (suspense music)
(lightning strikes) So far, so good. We’re one day in and nobody’s gone crazy. – [Grapefruit] Speak for yourself. – All work and no play
make Jack a dull toy. All work and no play make
Jack a dull toy (laughs). – Shouldn’t you be typing your novel? – Type? I don’t have any hands. That’s why I’m dictating it. Siri, read chapter one back to me. – [Siri] All work and no
play makes Jack a dull toy. All work and no play
makes Jack a dull toy. – Riding my three-wheeler, riding along, riding through the hallway
as I make up this song. – Come play with us! – Whoa! Hey, where’d they go? – Come play with us, Midget Apple. – Aargh! I prefer Little Apple. – Come play with us. – Okay, look, I’m gonna open my eyes now and I want both of you to be gone, okay? Okay? – Come play with us! (screams) – Dude, I’m a little
worried about Midget Apple. – Just a little? (laughs) – No, seriously, take a look! (bang) – Red Rum, I don’t get it. – Hello, that’s murder spelled backwards. – Erm, actually, I wrote that. I’m, literally, a bottle of red rum. – Uh, okay, but why write it on the wall? – ‘Cause I’ve got an
attitude problem, man. Any more brain-busters? – Actually, yeah. Why are you here? – Oh, that’s ’cause I’m a ghost and if you can see me that
means you’re going insane. – Aargh!
– Aargh! Dude, look at this picture. – Hey, those are the twin pops I met. – And there’s Red Rum. – And is that the Kool-Aid Man? – Oh, it gets weirder,
look at the back row! – Whoa, that’s us! (door bangs)
– Uh, do you hear that? – Huh, hear what? – Here’s Orange! (laughs) – Aargh!
– Aargh! – What, it was an axe-ident. (laughs) – We’ve been running all day from Orange, I can’t take it any more! – There, the elevator! We have to get to it before it– – It’s closing! Oh no!
– Oh no! – YOLO! (laughs) – Oh no! – Oh yeah! (cracks)
Oh no! – Aargh!
– Aargh! – Aargh! Hey, not cool, man! (laughs) Get it, Kool-Man? (screams) – And that’s pretty much the end of it. Little Apple and I barely
made it out in one piece. – Well, you guys seem like
you’re doing alright now. – I dunno, sometimes I feel
like we’ll never be the same. – Tell me about it, this is the worst case of Kool-Aid tongue I’ve ever had (everybody laughs) – Axe! – Aargh! (suspense music)
(lightening strikes) – [Orange] Hello? (screams) (lightning strikes)
(thunder claps) (suspense music) (knife sharpens)
(piercing scream) – Horror Street, we’re
gonna go trick-or-treating on Horror Street? – All the houses give
out king-size candy bars, of course we’re going there. – We’ll never make it out of there alive, I just know it. – You’ve been playing too many
video games, Little Apple, they’ve got you on edge. (twigs snap)
(suspense music) – Aargh, is that Slender Man? – (suspense music) – It’s a tree, dude. – Oh okay, but to be fair it does kinda look like Slender Man. – I’ll give you that, but listen, you gonna trick-or-treat with us tonight you have to be cool. – Okay, okay. – Candy! Candy, candy, candy,
candy, candy (laughs). – Looks like Orange
got started without us. – (laughs) Sugar! Sugar, sugar, sugar,
sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar! – (laughs) Sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar! – Marshmallow, you ate
a bunch of sugar too? – No, but I do like saying sugar (laughs). – Sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar!
– Sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar! – Sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar!
– Sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar! – Sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar!
– Sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar! – Aargh! Alright, come on, let’s get
those king-size candy bars. – Yeah!
– Yeah, America! – Oh, man! (suspense music)
(menacing laughter) – Let’s go to this house first. – King-size candy bars, here we come. – Candy, candy, candy,
candy, candy, candy, candy! – Erm, does this house look
familiar to anybody else? – Yeah, it does ’cause it
looks just like, basically, every other house ever built. (door knocks) – Trick-or-treat!
– Trick-or-treat! – Smell my feet (laughs) – Wait, there’s no one here. – Well, that’s weird. – Hey, look at that, there’s a weird glow coming from the basement. – Let’s check it out! – Wait, no, guys, I just realized this is just like the
house from Hello Neighbor! – Hello what? – It’s one of his video games. I told you he’s been
playing too many of them. – No, do not go in there! – I’m gonna go in there. – [Marshmallow] Whoa, a crowbar! – Do not pick up that crowbar! – [Grapefruit] I’m gonna
pick up this crowbar. (menacing growl) (everyone screams) – Aargh! Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man! I knew this was a bad idea. (creeping footsteps)
Guys, guys, guys! Aargh!
– Relax! It’s just us. – I found a candy bar in the woods. Candy, candy, candy,
candy, candy! (laughs) – Orange, don’t eat that! – Nah, I probably will. – Where’s Grapefruit? Where’s Marshy? – Nah, don’t worry about them. They couldn’t come out tonight. Come on, let’s go to the first house. – What are you talking about? We just went to the first house, they were just with us! – What are you talking about? See what I mean, too many video games. – Tsk, tsk! (suspense music) – I do not like anything
that is happening right now. – Here’s the first house. Cool, they left the
candy bowl on the porch! – I wanted to ring the door bell. – Dude, these candy bars are huge! And they wrapped them really nicely. – (gasps) Wait! – Wow.
– What the? This isn’t a candy bar. – Oh yeah, it tastes disgusting (laughs). – Oh no, it’s a Tattletail! – I’m gonna ring the door bell and given them a piece of my mind. – No, do not make noise! Everyone, stay quiet, or else! (door bell rings)
– Or else what? – Okay, I guess it was just– (demonic growl) (everyone screams) – [Tattletail] Don’t leave me! (whimpering) – Where’s Pear? – I don’t know, where do we go? – Follow this ink pipe. – What the, no! – Maybe ask this animatronic
bear for directions? – No! – Let’s hide behind this tree. – That’s not a tree! (screams)
(menacing laugh) Orange! Orange! Hey, hey, please, you’ve gotta help me! – What seems to be the problem? – My friends, they’re in trouble, I’ve lost them all on Horror Street. – Horror Street? Never heard of it. – Huh? Wait, wait– – Here’s some free advice, kid. Lay off the video games a bit, they seem to be messing with your mind! – Aargh! Aargh! – Surprise!
– Surprise! – What the, what? – We tricked you! (laughs) Happy Halloween, Little Apple. – (whimpers) That was a, you, you guys! I just piddled myself
like a hundred times! – You kinda asked for it, dude. You’ve been on edge lately playing all those horror games. – Yeah, we just think
you should take it easy on the games for a little bit (laughs) – Okay, fine, you’ve made your point. I’ll chill it with the horror games. Now, can we please go get some candy now? – Absolutely! Here, have that candy
bar I found in the woods. (suspense music) – What the, wait a minute, that’s not a– (menacing laugh)
(everyone screams) (haunting music)
(whimpering) – [Orange] Hello? (screams) (lightning strikes)
(thunder claps) – And there, on the car’s door handle, was a banana hook! (everyone gasps) – Oh man, I totally did not
expect that hook, you guys. – I guess that’s kinda scary. – Oh, and I suppose you
have one that’s scarier, ha Grapefruit? – As a matter of fact, I do and you know why it’s scarier? – (whimpers) Why? – Because it happened in these very woods and it’s true. – True, oh no! That’s the worst thing you could’ve said. – This, my friends, is the
story of the Blender Man. (suspense music)
(haunting moans) Years ago, a well-dressed
industrial-sized blender began appearing to any food who dared to enter these woods. The few surviving witnesses
tell us the Blender Man can teleport. – Oh no! Anything but teleporting! – In proximity to Blender Man often triggers Blender Sickness, a rapid onset of paranoia
accompanied by nose bleeds. – Guys, those are my symptoms exactly! – Chill out, dude, you’re always paranoid. – Yeah, yeah that’s a good point. I don’t get nose bleeds ever. – How could you, you don’t
have a nose (laughs). – And the last sound the
Blender Man’s victim’s ever hear is a grinding scream of
horror as they’re abducted and thrown into his blender blades. – Na, na, na, na, na,
na, na, na, na, na, na– (everyone gasps) (laughs) – Orange, don’t do that! – Ah come one, you guys
don’t really believe all that Blender Man stuff, do ya? – No! I mean, unless you guys do. Do you guys? ‘Cause I don’t, not really. – Well if you’re so sure
Blender Man isn’t real, Orange, then maybe you’d like to go
get us some more fire wood? – I wood be happy to. – (laughs) Get it, wood? – Yes, we all get it,
now would you just leave? – Wood I? (laughs) Oh man, I’m hilarious. – Wait, take this with you! Just in case the Blender Man is real, you can capture irrefutable
evidence that he exists. – Oh good point, and if he doesn’t exist I can record my Kitchen Idol audition. He’s orange, he has a lot of friends, they live together on a fruit– – The fire’s almost
out, would you just go! – Wood I? (laughs) – Aargh, why did I fall for that again? – Let’s see here, is this thing on? Hello? Hey everyone, hi! I’m Orange and I believe
I’m the next Kitchen Idol. One, two, one, two, three, aargh! Man, what was that all about? Maybe I’m so good at singing my body just can’t stomach it (laughs). All I know is that it definitely, in no way, is related
to the Blender Sickness Grapefruit was yammering on about. I guess I should grab some more fire wood. Yoo-hoo, fire wood, where are you? Oh, there’s some, and there’s some, and there’s some, and– (suspense music) Wait, what was that? Oh no, it’s Blender Man! (screams) – I’m not a blender, I’m a measuring cup. – Why you’re here, and why
are you wearing a suit? – I dunno, I like to take
walks and I like to look nice and it’s a free country and, I dunno, let me live my life, dude. – Man, I think I’m getting paranoid. Wait, that was another
one of the symptoms. (menacing growl)
(suspense music) What was that? (piercing scream)
Oh my gosh! The Blender Man is real! – Cut! Again, I am not the Blender Man! I’m a measuring cup and one of my hobbies is making horror films. Now, would you please let us be. You’ve ruined the take. – Okay, okay, sorry. Phew, I was starting to get worried the Blender Man might
actually be real after all. (piercing scream)
(blender roars) Oh man, sounds like that guy’s movie sure is gonna be great! Hey guys, wood you believe I got the wood? (laughs) Ooo, and I think
I might be in a movie. Guys? Hello? Hey, what’s happening to my camera? What the–
(demonic growl) Aargh! – Orange, orange, what’s the matter? – (whimpers) A nightmare,
super scary, Blender Man! – Blender Man? Dude, that’s just a legend. – (laughs) Dude, I’m not
even scared of Blender Man. He’s obviously not real. – Yeah, you’re right. I should’ve known better than to believe, wait, how the– (everyone screams)
(suspense music) (spooky music) (haunting laughs)
(haunting groans) (menacing laugh) – Squash, Dr. Bananas, Raspberry? Heck, when was the last time
anyone even saw Passion Fruit? – Are you saying the kitchen is haunted? – No, I’m saying the kitchen was built on a vampire-zombie-graveyard! – Okay, but how would you know that? (menacing laugh) – Aargh! Not again! – Cut! Guys, it was like the 10th take! Do you wanna be here all night? – Hey, don’t look at me, I’m not the one spitting dentures. – Has anybody ever told
you that you guys sound exactly alike? – Are you kidding me? We sound nothing alike.
– We sound nothing alike. Jinx!
– Jinx! You owe me a coke!
– You owe me a coke! No, you owe me a coke!
– No, you owe me a coke! (laughs)
(laughs) – Yo, you guys ready
for the costume party? Yeah!
– I know I am! Woo!
– Woo! Woo! – Salt it, pepper it,
pour olive oil on it. – Guys, no party until
we get this video done, don’t you know we have a deadline? – Seriously, I thought you
guys were professionals. – Dude, we talked about this. I was gonna go as you,
you were gonna go as me. – I know, but that’s lame and, by the way, gotcha! (laughs) (laughs) – Hey, dudes! Why is Orange in costume? I thought you guys already animated the Toastbusters segment? – That’d take forever, we’re
gonna shoot it instead. – Hey, why aren’t you two dressed up? – What are you talking about? I’m going as Aaron. – Yeah, and I’m going as Daneboe. Gotcha! – Gotcha! – Okay, so, after that I scream: Aargh! And then you guys pour hot butter on me and I say, what’s the line? – “He creamed me.” – Ugh, who writes this stuff? – And we’re rolling. – And action. – Aargh!
(suspense music) Oh no, I got it in my eye! (sword swipes down)
Hey, we gotta stop. This is like a bad
episode of Epic Mealtime. (suspense music)
Guys? Guys? Mike? Steve? Aargh! Mike and Steve, oh, they’re dead! They’re dead! (cries) – But, if you’re my mother
then that makes me– – Rosemary’s baby! (laughs) – No! – Wow, the new edit looks great! – Thanks man, but I really, I gotta give it up for Pear. This is some of the best
work he’s ever done. – Ugh, guys, you know the
blue screen’s on fire? – Did you tell Aaron? – No, because I am Aaron! (suspense music) – Aargh!
– Aargh! – Gotcha! (laugha) Ah, good stuff. No, but seriously, there’s
like a really bad fire back there, we should
probably go put it out. (fire alarm rings) – (coughs) Oh my God. I got it, guys, it’s okay. Is it hot in here or is it just me? – Shannon, why are you
wearing a Shannon mask? – Because it double as a gas mask! (groans) – Dang, I should’ve got a Shannon mask! – What the heck are you doing here? – I have no idea! – And they both had knives
sticking out of them. Well, one of them was
a Power Ranger sword, but you get the point. Point! (laughs) Oh, that was way too soon, I’m sorry. – Weird! It’s almost like the plot
of the video we’re shooting. – Seriously, who writes this stuff? – Hello Orange, would
you like to play a game of foosball? – Not now, emo clown! I’ve gotta warn everyone
there’s something evil trying to kill our studio. – Jigsaw, you wouldn’t
know anything about this, would you? – No, but it I had to guess I’d say multi-channel networks. – (laughs) Burn! – Hey, hey, heads up! There’s a killer on the loose, better cut out early. Aargh! (suspense music) (Orange whimpers) Daneboe! This is no time to be
lying down on the job. We’ve gotta run! Daneboe? (Daneboe coughs) – Gotcha. – Aargh, that is so annoying! – And then he as all like, “Don’t stab me bro!”
– “Don’t stab me bro!” (everybody laughs) – Oh, thank God, you guys are okay. Wait a minute, you’re not
wearing masks, are you? – No.
– No. – And you know there’s a
killer on the loose, right? – Oh, yeah. – Then why aren’t you freaking out? – Probably because we’re already dead. (suspense music) – Gotcha!
– Gotcha! (everybody laughs) – Aargh, even without the masks this is so confusing! – Oh, come on, it’s plain
as day what’s happening. The killer even left his calling cards with each of the victims. – Card, I didn’t see any cards, the only thing I saw was knife! Knife, knife! Huh? – What, what is it? – Oh, it’s nothing, dude,
just a really bad dream. – Didn’t sound like nothing, sounded more like– – Knife! Yeesh, what a rude awakening (laughs). I’m bushed, maybe I just need a good knife’s sleep (laughs). – Well, I didn’t think it could be done, but somehow we made the deadline. – Yep and it’s all thanks to me. – How do you figure? – Doi, I did, like, all the animation. – Huh? – Gotcha! – Aaah! (manic laughs) – I love you so much. (haunting music)

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    That was my first Halloween episode, this brought me back, thanks orange!

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