Annika and Speck

Walked in perfectly healthy that day on Saturday Not even two hours later, couldn’t even walk. And it was, very sad. Very distressing. To this day we don’t know what caused it other than our Vet said, it was trauma, some sort of trauma. He just, his breathing was so labored he was fighting to breathe, it was terrible. I trust my vet so much and he said dog’s never been sick a day in his life he’s always, you know, had his shots he’s been fine. But he’s suffering he said this is what I can do, I can keep him over night Put him on an IV, run tests but he said he’s gonna die in the middle of the night without you. So he said you’re better off just putting him down because he’s suffering, he’s having a hard time breathing. You know it’s been almost three years so There’s probably not a day that goes by that we don’t think about him. I’m sorry. I think about him all the time. Yeah.

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  1. ok so here we go again with the crying pet parent . which its sad her babbee died . but where is the the other side of the story ? how old was he ? my guess he is over ten . was he in good health why she dont have a pic with him standing up ? if he was so much in good health you would had something showing he was and showing it was the groomers fault . more than the likely this dog was a senior that couldnt stand for his grooming . when they are old like that . they stress but petparents dont listen . how long did she leave him in the salon ? all these one sided stories and petsmart refuses to comment .you said which is hard to believe that petsmart dont care about everyanimal in their stores and petparents who bring their dogs for grooming . N.J COM give us proof it was the groomers fault and then we will know the truth !!!! # screw these one sided stories # justiice for groomers who just loved your animals

  2. I am sorry that this dog and so many others have died at the hands of negligent people. But please, do not drop off your pets! This procedure that seems to be common is unnecessary? What's the point of dropping them off and losing sight of them? Most people don't know the groomers at a personal level. I take my dog to the groomer and stand within sight while they clip its nails, and then we go home. There are a lot of groomers in most cities; find one that accepts walk-ins or make an appointment.

  3. Just to tell you my Speck was 12 years old in perfect health I did the story to have awareness brought to the forefront I gave many photos of Speck standing theses are the photos they used for this video Petsmart to this day and it happened almost 3 years ago has never even called us or told us what occurred during Specks grooming they just called us during the grooming and said he's none responsive he had been there less then an hour their mishandling of the whole situation was very very disturbing and we just want other pet owners to be aware of this dangerous situation we adored and truly loved our wonderful dog Speck that we miss everyday RIP SPECK his story can help other pet owners

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