Animaniacs – Presidents

I hope do you know the names of the u.s. residential then became the president and all of you from the White House Pennsylvania George Washington with the first you see he walks up down a cherry tree visited number two would be John Adams and then number three of Jefferson stayed up to write the Declaration late at night so he and his wife had no key on John Quincy Adams was number six in his Andrew Jackson's but he kicked so Jackson learns to play politics next time he's the one that the country picks Martin Van Buren number rate for a one-term shot as chief of stage William Harrison how do you phrase that guy was dead in 30 days Tyler she's like country boat and after him impersonate both etc Taylor liked to smoke his breath killed friends whenever he spoke 1850 raylene a female or Phil moles in young and fish was Franklin Oh up to bathtubs old Abe Lincoln dance I really think in depth the United States um shrink and save the ship of state from sinking Andrew Johnson's next he had some slightly flats Congress each would impeach and so that country now II let's Ulysses Simpson breath who would screen and Raven what's agin whiskey oh the risk because he failed on his pants its 1877 and the Democrats would gloat but they're all amazed when Rutherford Hayes wins by just one vote James Garfield someone really hated cousin was assassinated mister alpha gets instated four years later view of traitor but Grover Cleveland really sat elected twice as a Democrat than Benjamin Harrison masters that is William McKinley yep the original charge up San Juan Hill and President Tati Tocqueville in 1913 Woodrow son takes us into World War while in hiding next in life Calvin Coolidge he does find them in 1920 now the market crashes and we fights Herbert Hoover's big debut he gets the blame and loses to Harry Truman we're little human serves two terms in what is done its highs an hour who's got the power from 53 to 61 John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson took your spot Richard Nixon he gets caught and Gerald Ford fell down a lot Jimmy Carter like camping trip and Ronald Reagan speeches scripts all came from famous movie clips and President Bush said read my lips now in Washington DC mr. moe cuts in the GOP but the ones in charge are plain to see the next president to lead the way well it just might be yourself one day then the press will distort everything you say

32 thoughts on “Animaniacs – Presidents

  1. Now in 2020 we will see
    It's Bernie Sanders, Andrew Yang, and the female democrat Kristen Gillibrand
    Against the odds, who will win? Can they fix that idiot Trump and all the mess he did?
    Only time will tell!
    But we sure do know,

  2. Next came Bush with a Double-U
    His administration spies on you
    Surveillance expanded by Barack
    Day and night, around the clock

    To get over that big hump
    We elected Donald Trump
    Now nobody trusts the news
    Because it's all run by the Jews

    In the year twenty-twenty-four
    We just don't care anymore
    No one even gives two fucks
    So I'm voting for Deez Nutz

    Now it's twenty-thirty
    And I feel pretty dirty
    I can't find the words to say
    The President is Sasha Grey

    Once it's twenty-thirty-eight
    Again America will be great
    Because our future head of state
    Will simply go by the name of "Drake"

    Then in twenty-forty-two
    I have some bad news for you
    There's a chance that you'll be miffed
    When we have sworn in Jaden Smith

    In twenty-fifty you'll be elated
    Once Jaden Smith is assassinated
    But you won't like what comes next either
    Our commander in chief will be Justin Bieber

    Finally, in twenty-one-ten
    We'll be allowed to vote again
    The choice itself will get you pumped!
    Barron Trump or Barron Trump?

  3. ''The somme, Verdun''
    Surely preparing white flag jokes instead of fighting

  4. In 2008 the markets said "oh fuck" and then won a black man, the demócrats felt numb and the president Is Donald Trump

  5. 2:13 Me Fighting In The Mexican Army In WWI By The Way That American Flag Should Be A Mexican Flag My Name Is Mexico

  6. The song in the background of the WW1 bit is 'Mademoiselle from Armentieres', the most common lyrics of which are not in any way appropriate for a kids show

  7. You forgot Ben Franklin, the only president of the United States who was . . . never . . . president of the united states. And honorable mention goes to Henry Kissinger, who was King of America until 1972, when he graciously stepped down to let others take the blame.

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