Animals rescued from cruelty in Arkansas

today we’re in Jefferson County Arkansas
assisting the Jefferson County sheriff’s office with a large scale neglect case the environment is really unbearable the ammonia is overwhelming it’s extremely hard to breathe you know
for these guys to have to live in this day in and day out you know not only with
their skin and you know their skin is getting affected the ammonia affects
them to we were told by the owner that they’ve been
keeping dogs here for more than 50 years so this is you know basically the effect
of 50 years of large numbers of dogs living in these types of conditions for decades you know, if she didn’t have fur I mean she’s just bones it’s a lucky day for us huh? It’s a lucky, lucky day in total we’ve been able to take to safety 46 dogs and the next steps for these dogs right now is urgent
medical care it’s hard to see them like this but we need to focus on their future and not their past because that they’re gonna
they’re gonna feel better soon and get the love they deserve I mean dogs are incredibly resilient we see
time and time again we do these large-scale cases so we’re hopeful that with some food fresh water and medication that we’ll be able to help see these guys off to our Emergency Placement Partnets Today is a wonderful day not only for these animals but for us knowing that we have the honor to play
you know a smaller role in their life you ready? Your freedom ride?

100 thoughts on “Animals rescued from cruelty in Arkansas

  1. Why do some people get animals and abuse them and torturing them or just leave them why I wish some people can die and also just like abandon them why why do people even get animals if they just want to do that to them this makes me frustrated angry and also sad I'm sick and tired of this when I grow up I'm going to do something about this who's here agree who wants to save animals life they should be like this they should be loved and play with everything who here agree with me animals have feelings animals have feelings

  2. ??? why??? No animals deserve to be abused or killed all should live and have a happy life #govegan #stopyulin # animalsforlife #kindness

  3. Yeah rite. This is how u shud treat your animals.
    . shud of fed the owners t the dogs.
    Thankfully they safe now.

  4. Thank you does not seem enough,I donate to a few agencies and now I will donate to this one,it is the least we can do to help these poor neglected animals

  5. Guys you are the best people on the planet I'm a big fan of animals and seeing them hurt,neglected,not token care of and having to live like that breaks my heart I hope when I'm old enough I can work with yall to help save animals

  6. Ugh, that's not even property..that's more like a visit to hell. How can people live like that and think they can keep dogs there?

  7. Hayyyy que escondidos estaban estos pobres animalitos …canallas los maltratadores…por favor meter a los maltratadores en carcelessssssss. Gobernantes,joder llevar esta realidad en la política …carcellllllllllll….gracias a las personas que lo han recogidos….?

  8. 因為人類可惡的行為害死多少真善美小孩 不然他不給食物 就不要把他關起來 放他去自由發展覓食

  9. You guys are just like angels and doing such good deeds would give you immense luck and happiness all over. Please upload more videos when they are treated and recovered with a whole new and fresh life full of love

  10. Olá pessoal gratidão gratidão gratidão por salvar a vida desses animais que estavam abandonados e maltratados que Deus os abençoe muito.

  11. 1:04 I know these animals are in very bad condition and sick but what exactly was it that made that poor dog get all those huge inflamed spots around her tail? Was it just the poor living condition?

  12. How awful. The conditions are sickening… unbelievable disgust. It's a shame that this continues to happening. Horrendous. My god!!! Thanks for saving them.. ????

  13. Thank you and your good hearts for taking care of them… I will never understand the cruelty of people. Animals are so innocent and forgiving… They deserve to be treated respectfully and with love ??

  14. Could we get updates on animals you save and possibly the punishment owners got? If that sort of information is available to public. All i see are animals being abused and rescued but seems like the cretinous "owners" always get away with whaat theyve done. People like that should be named and shamed in all newspaper, news channels and social media. Those bastards deserve to be abused every time they leave their houses.

  15. All the bastards should be killed, they don't deserve to survive on earth, God never forgive them.. One they definitely punished by God it's confirmed..

  16. There are not enough thank yous that can be said for these precious dog's rescuers. Bless all of those men and women who cared enough to take time to rescue and save theses babies. I pray that they all are able to recover from their horror. Is there anyway to find out how they are doing and if or when they can be adopted?

  17. My rescue dog Jacky comes from the exact same situation. He lived like that for 7 years of his life. Now, after one year of therapy at the rescue house and 2 years living with me he is the happiest he can be. He had to learn everything from zero: never wagged his tail, never barked, didnt know how to drink water from a bowl, how to use stairs, he didnt understand dog treats or toys. My sweet boy is a happy relaxed dog now but they never fully recover and he still struggles with some fears, hoarding situations are terrible.

  18. ???????❤❤?❤?????????????????❤????❤❤?❤?❤?????❤?❤???❤?❤????????????????❤?❤?❤❤????????????❤??❤??????????????????❤??❤??❤?❤?

  19. I think there are now, on YT if you look, HSUS videos of rebirth and post-rescue. Which I love to watch. Everybody loves a comeback story. Even though these dear creatures never should have suffered this neglect in the first place, it is heartening to know they have been saved, and are now 'living the life'..whenever things get too crappy-crazy on the news, or at the WH…I tune to animal rescue vids. And I get a dose of hope and healing. We urge people to get on board with the rescue of their choices, and help wherever they happen to be!

  20. Donate. Volunteer. Work with your local shelter to get the dogs out there for people to see. Foster. Adopt from you local shelter or a rescue group. Share the message and the awesome dogs on your web pages.

  21. So sad no one see their cries what kind of human they living in thus world suffres animals ?
    Poor those creaturs they ganna have good night sleep with full stomach food ?

  22. Can u just shoot to death all these devils who abuse these pitiful pets?? Theryre not humans but DAMN DEVIL INCARNATES☻??☻??☻??

  23. Do the same to the idiots who did this to these dogs. Jail or death is too good for those abusers….. Best wishes dogs…

  24. Сколько же животных брошенных,больных и голодных! Ужас!

  25. Until you help the people to rise up out of poverty, you can't help the animals. I grew up a poor Native American kid in Appalachia, and I saw dogs get better treatment than Native people, so I am absolutely skeptical of what you are about. White people see us as beneath animals, and that is disgusting.

  26. I just don't get it. This crap is never going to stop until we put people in jail for a very long time when they do this. How can anyone see this and not know this is wrong? All my pets have been rescues, even the hamsters. How can you hurt them?

  27. I watch all these rescues. But, never any for Kentucky! Why is that? I know of a puppy mill in Princeton, Ky. But, no one will go reduce them .why is it?

  28. God bless you !!! Love and kisses from France !!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  29. Fifty years! How come it took this long for someone to do something? People must get involved and call for help, it's our duty to help as humans! Give back! Get involved!

  30. You are heroes to theese suffering, neglected and forgotten dogs living in total despair and misery. Dogs are a gift to humans, they should live happy, playful and spoiled, not in filth, unloved, unwanted, with no fresh water or food….I admire you tremendously HSUS for your incredible strength and devotion to animals …….Thank you for saving theese lost souls..

  31. Q feio heim Arkansas? Q mau exemplo. Animal não e coisa. Animal é um ser inocente q precisa de cuidado e respeito. Vamos ver se melhora seu respeito por eles ta?

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