Animals in the Circus Hit, Bullied, Chained, and Deprived

In 2015, an eyewitness visited Suzhou, China, home to more than 300 circuses to go inside 10 different circuses and animal training facilities. What they documented there was horrifying. This PETA Asia investigation shows the abuse that animals endure in circus training. Trainers force bear cubs to stand on their hind legs by chaining them upright by their necks. The cubs learn that no matter how difficult it is to remain upright, if they try to go back down on all fours, they will choke or hang themselves. Using violence and intimidation, trainers force bear cubs to balance on seesaws, jump over objects, or walk on their hands The bears were kept in cramped, dirty, barren cages. They cried and pawed at the bars, desperate to get out. Monkeys were also kept in tiny cages and chained by the neck. They paced and thrashed, showing intense distress. Monkeys, like this one the eyewitness named Xiaohua, frantically tried to escape from trainers who dragged them by the neck and forced them to do tricks. Lions and tigers in the circus learned from a young age to fear humans. The big cats, who spent most of their time in cramped metal cages and concrete cells … … were beaten and threatened with heavy poles and whips during training so that they would do tricks like jumping through hoops and balancing on balls This cruelty is not unique to China. There are animals being trained around the world to do some of the tricks you’ve seen in this video. The only way to get wild animals to do meaningless, unnatural, and even frightening tricks like these is by hurting them and threatening them with even more pain. You can help stop such cruelty. Please, never go to a circus that uses animals, tell others why, and show them this video. Go to to learn more. Thank you.

100 thoughts on “Animals in the Circus Hit, Bullied, Chained, and Deprived

  1. They only need these creatures to make them popular and make watching peoples happy, and they treat them nicely in front of the persons that watching. Humans this days, it makes me hate myself for being a human

  2. And we're called humans which is supposed to mean Humanity. Nothing would make me feel better than to beat these people with a baseball bat. This is why I hate most people.

  3. الله لا يوفقهم ولا يسامحهم على اللي جالسين يسوونه جعل ربي يحرقهم بجهنم جعلهم بالدرك الاسفل من النار الله ينتقم منهم😭💔💔.

  4. Why! Just why! We’re not the only living thing on the earth! Animals have a life to and you can’t just go out and ruin their life! This is *ANIMAL ABUSE*.

  5. These are GOD creations!These people are horrible!I have a pup and she is so cute,and sometimes she whines sooo I think she had a bad past.I think she thinks I'm the bad one! By the way i'm only's June 2019 29.

  6. Awww bad environment 👎
    These humans know it's wrong why do they do this?
    I hope these cruel humans rot in prison and die.

  7. I've only been to a circuse once in my life (I didn't like it) but when they brought all the animals out you could literally see the giant scars on elephants and the blood stains on the lions.

  8. Dear every idiot who thinks this is bad, if you love animals that much then don't eat meat. If you refuse, you do support animal cruelty. There is an animal who's freedom is taken away and is sacrificed to give you all food.

  9. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭i never went to circus….I never would if humanity can be so cruel…..

  10. I don't want too go too a circus I never been too one but I don't want go too one if I ever do so sad the bears look so cute and the little baby lion is so cute why would anyone hurt him

  11. I'm sorry I'm late but I WANT TO STOP ALL KIND OF CIRCUSES THAT CONTAIN WILD ANIMALS and need to change this world and STOP animal cruelty

  12. Why would people do this? I mean they would never hit or chain a child and keep them in cages when they are acting pissy. Why do people do this to animals?

  13. Do you know I tell people that people are abusing and they’re saying now we don’t abuse anymore but I still don’t know why they abuse these animals beautiful nature

  14. Why do people in this country do this for a living? MONEY?
    God damn I think everyone in the world except for the most trusted loving people (even people who have sinned) in this world should be in charge and all the evil sadistic mentally demons infested with polio, lockjaw, chicken pox, and 400 and maggots eating their stomachs away while they slowly die in agonizing pain

  15. You ought to see what they do to dogs and cats in Asian countries. They torture them alive and then eat them or skin them alive, I hate those people !!!!

  16. They should start f***ing banning circuses!!!! Those animals don't deserve to be there! Humans are ruining the damn world!!

  17. Why are animal circuses still a thing in 2020? There should be done something because it very sick. Should do experiment. Lets put those assholes who put these beautiful animals in those cages. We will see how they feel.

  18. fucking sick, how can you do that to animals. I dont know who hurt them but If I ever see an animal abuser I swear they will get slapped so hard!

  19. Widerlich wie der Bastard Mensch mit Tieren umgeht. Wehrlose Tiere werden brutal drangsaliert nur um ihnen Kunststückchen ein zu Trichtern. Genau das Gleiche muß mit diesen Drecksäcken gemacht werden…

  20. I wish the animals would all be freed by a good person who sabotaged the system. And I wish then they would crush their abusers by trampling them. Those humans are sick

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