ANIMALS Got Talent Compilation! The Most Intelligent & Cleverest From Around The World!

Alright,were gonna sing,ok? ok. Ok,can we do Old Mc donalds had a farm e ya e ya oh with good name my name is Sarah hop this
here this is echo how old is he he’s a 15 year old double yellow headed Amazon
all right well good luck echo what’s your name can you say hello
how about hi and Spanish hola hola Anke pasa haha and we don’t go fast
enough you want to hurry hurry alright we’re gonna sing okay okay can
we do old very good Berta Helen we have a lot of animals what do we have there
did you see a chicken a chicken how about a rooster did you see a sheep a
sheep ah his favorite animals a kitty yeah aqui
yeah and you do a chihuahua – bah bah yeah honey runs away he has a couple
impressions he does an excellent Smith uh-huh can you cry and everybody sings
you’re pretty funny he also has his grand finale song so we’re gonna do a
little warm-up you ready la very good I go honey where do bluebirds fly I love
that one give her one big kiss are you getting excited this is your big
moment that looks someone you know is I wondering you never clean your face
before you go out there we’re just going to do with that hand now that you
doesn’t get not all on it there’s gonna wipe that on Eugene that’s what my mama
taught me welcome to America’s Got Talent
what is your name my name is John Vincent John Vincent and this is this is
mud slinger a mud singer and how long have you been doing this I’ve been
working with pigs for 22 years doing trick pigs trick me you’ve always made a
living at no I’m actually an aerospace engineer by day hick trainer are you really you’re employed by like
NASA and actually we’re working on a project for NASA the Orion project the
replace two space shuttle you’re working on replacing the Space Shuttle during
the day and at night you teach tricks to pigs what made you do that I’ve always
had a love for animals and I met pigs oh you know where does one meet a pig
I met a few so how do you like this one over eating
fig doesn’t cry wee wee all the way home let’s see what you’re ready you do any
mudslinger okay before we start we need to have the traditional raising of the
flag mud slinger would you do the honors what’s the matter with you thank you later one player would love to be a
professional athlete and what would be more fun than being a professional
golfer okay much winter yeah I’m going to put the hole right here come right
over here you know what if you practice really hard maybe Sunday you’ll be as
good as Tiger Woods here goes hog would now it is time for some soccer but we’re
not going to ask much longer just to shoot a soccer goal we’re going to
actually ask him to demonstrate his dribbling skills by weaving through
three cones and putting it into this letter I wanted to get best move yo unclear the Einstein of horses very good that was I gotta be honest
with you that is adorable it’s fun it’s a crowd-pleaser I actually
loved it it was really funny you should give up the whole space thing a little
bit without it we have a thing for pigs in our house in fact my Elvis was
actually trying to convince me to buy a pig a few months ago so I’m already in
love with your ax I’m already in love with your baby yeah and look at how
adorable Thank You Mel thank you I must tell you that I too absolutely love your
act I loved your story I love that you’re a guy working on a really
important job who now at night works with pigs we love animals and the whole
thing’s just beautiful I think America is gonna love this I really do thank you
how are you Heidi how can you say no to the pig and in a
weird way I want to give the pig a kiss you feel the same like a lot more any
love a kiss from Heidi hi hi do you know he won’t even eat
ental and very I don’t care to meet you and you can’t be really so if you put
this allelic he’ll take it right out every journalist without the then this a
little more very good come on let’s swing let’s winter wrestling or don’t
leave me hanging yes you were a great sport Heidi thank
you my name is Alan Pixley and I am an
official Guinness World Records adjudicator tonight live on Britain’s
Got Talent Mitch and Kali the wonder dog will
attempt the Guinness World Records title for fastest time to pop a hundred
balloons by a dog in one rolls remember our time will start that shit is Kali
third her first bloom and Kali subversive blues with any part of her
body the current record to beat is 44 1 for 9
seconds and is held by an American dog called Anastasia for a Guinness World
Record cycle 3 we need to verify that Allen can you
confirm for us was that a new Guinness World Record I confirm there was a valid
attempt and Cali the wonder dog scored 41 went six seven seconds which means
you the noon Hey Oh y’all the rhythm just miss me Olivia it’s
wrapped around her head who knew see great okay when you’re ready come on
don’t you have a heart you don’t want these animals to depart but get the X
Factor and the top ten singing chart look at the most endangered animals and
the poison dart the armored lettered Siberian tiger and polar bear there’s a
gorgeous it is just not bear if I say there lesser known we little more
Oh Louise please don’t say this is a bore
yeah you kill that many more woody speaking humbug Lily mr. glennister’s komodo dragon by the
way why does math have to take them all away man is such a fool
snakeskin delight I am bad that is just not cool
please listen to my passion although it may not be in fashion I cannot sing it
you might love I cannot dogs you’d say that I staffed retired seven and I want
these animals to LA yes to market and us together Oh Oh but after I clean up wipe down and
camera checks everything’s ready to go for a double Dan horsemanship mate we
are excited like we did two ordinary Aussie flakes couple horses want to get
amongst and get out then Fridays judge in Australia right hello what are you
guys called Double Down horsemanship what are you going to do the range of
tricks of course we’re limited a little bit inside here because obviously we’re
not used to doing it on a stage the outsides Australian and it’s going to be
new okay well you might as well show us that we fuck you up Oh hundred-dollar bill and it killed and a
thrill rolling ayran exact like it’s black Rizzo everybody is down in this town ain’t
never gonna be the same are you give us the favor
Oh welcome No hahaha there isn’t much truck bed is that was
beginning that also backcountry Road we were Oh running away little get him Oh you’ve got friends includable tonight hey you can say good evening
you speak English it’s my knife come on hey we say
something now what why not it’s fantastic come on present see dirge yeah
oh no listen English see Spanish free okay okay okay hey Wendy listen to me you think I am
stupid yeah so well you don’t want to speak
anymore no okay and now oh yes I want you know
you know how to sing know what yes yes yes well we listen to you it’s bow-wow and
you understand yeah we’ll see clean we’re gonna sing something for you all
right okay don’t look at me look at the
audience like that he leans come on nothing mama laughing Oh crying – okay
or together okay no please come on Shh what is it good
talent okay all together feeling oh my god hi how are you I’m fine good right
introduce me please I’m Ashley and this is my dog pussy
Pudsey qudsiya he’s gorgeous how old is he he’s six okay so tell me about the
two of you where did you first meet and my mom gave him to me for my 11th
birthday okay and how old are you I’m 16 okay so you’re at school yeah okay so
where do you see the two of yourself if you to win the show in a few years time
I’m looking for Oscars do you think your dog and you could win an Oscar yeah yes
Abhinav guys right yes good best of luck thank you puppy
good boy wait there’s a cute little thing they love it he’s got the damn right
Darby three never maybe trouble wait nothing Oh

100 thoughts on “ANIMALS Got Talent Compilation! The Most Intelligent & Cleverest From Around The World!

  1. I dont like dogs at all but the talking dog was amazing!!! He should've been no.1 followed by the parrot!!!????

  2. Why are people so scared of snakes it’s not like the only thing on there mind is DeaTH tO hOoMaN BEinGs deaTh MuRdeR DeAtH honestly the only reason people get attacked by snakes so much is because snakes are defending themselves/territory or like if someone got to close to them or accidentally stepped on them it’s honestly people’s fault that they get killed by snakes. I understand that some people don’t like them they aren’t the prettiest things in the world but still I just don’t get it. I love snakes and they aren’t the smartest things in the world I know that I just hope that some people eventually realize that snakes aren’t out to get them they’re honestly only smart enough to learn a routine and the person that feeds them KIND OF
    Sry it was long but I just want to get my opinion on snakes out there

  3. #2 looks like a puppet, maybe a wind-up toy! No way can a dog sing, or say so many words! A parrot yes, my family owns a talking parrot, and the pig was cool, and dogs can dance, but they just can't speak, let alone sing! I just don't believe it! I think it was a realistic looking wind-up toy, that moves its head back and forth, and opens its mouth!

  4. The dog singing with the lady. Sometimes loud noises hurt their ears so they whine. Just saying maybe it’s hurting the dogs ears ?.

  5. Am I the only one who thinks that no. 2 person was a ventriloquist and had guided his dog to just open his mouth accordingly ?

  6. Marc metral 18:48 For whom u fools u r a Ventriloquist but u did a masteract that makes judges fool and the audience if anyone see u r mouth behalf of your dog they can easily find ur act

  7. wow cant believe a dog was speaking like a woman without any machine attached to the dog its truelly increadible

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