Animals for Kids – with Cartoon and Real Animal Footage! Episode 3

Guess and Learn about Animals Hello children! Can you guess who I am? I am very hairy on both sides of my face yet I have a hairless bottom that turns red Who am I? You guessed right I am a baboon We live and travel together in large groups known as troops. Our babies are also called infants and they love to hug and cling on to their mothers throughout the day I am one of the world’s largest monkeys so it is easy to spot me and my red swelling bottom Are you having fun? Let’s guess this animal! I use my beak to knock on the bark of trees to find food, to communicate and to build nests Who am I? Yes, I am a woodpecker I peck on tree trunks to reach food such as larvae, ants and other insects within the wood After drilling a hole in the wood I use my long tongue to scoop up those insects Isn’t that amazing? I also make tapping sounds by drumming the trees to communicate Listen to me Also, if you see me making a round and large hole in a tree it means that I am building a nest I lay my eggs and raise a family in these nests Are you ready to guess the next animal? I am a large reptile with scaly skin and a powerful bite Who am I? I am a Caiman and I am often mistaken for my fellow Crocodilians You can tell me apart from an Alligator by my size I’m much smaller and often just half the size of an Alligator This is my favorite habitat a still or slow-moving freshwater environment like rivers, marshes swamps and mangroves Let’s play on! I live in a shell and I come in different shapes and sizes Who am I? Yes, I am a clam and do you know that I play a very important role for the environment? I clean up the water by filter feeding As I feed, I am like a sponge that filters and cleans the water and this provides a healthier place for my fellow marine animals Are you also wondering why I am burying myself in the sand? I do that to protect myself I have strong muscles that help me dig and hide in the sand Let’s guess the next animal I play the bad guy in movies all the time I look and hunt like a dog yet I’m more closely related to the cat Who am I? You guessed right I am a Hyena I can be spotted stripped brown and our last member, the Aardwolf is an interesting one While the 3 of us eat meat Aardwolf is an insectivore who eats termites That’s how spotted hyenas laugh Well, we weren’t joking this is how we communicate We love to smile too Can you see our wide grins? Look at my downward sloping back pointed ears and a mane that extends down to the center of my back Do spot us at the zoo Well done! Today we learned about 5 animals The Baboon the Woodpecker the Caiman Clams and the Hyena Would you like to learn more about animals? Subscribe and discover all 120 of them Thanks for watching!

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