27 thoughts on “Animals Are Jerks – Compilation 2018

  1. Olá ótimos vídeos gostei muito do canal eu aqui inscrito e like mais descrição do sininho quando poder visita lá o canal #Sucesso

  2. Thumbs down for click bait always.

    I don't care if the video was gold.
    Dont clickbait people.

    I'm just a man that wanted to see a monkey hit a lion with a stick. C'mon.

  3. When I click for the thumbnail, I always pause and go right to the comments. If the thumbnail isn't in the vid, there's always a saint who let's me know. Enjoy your split second view. I hope it doesn't count.

  4. The monkey thing cracking the glass is totally fake. Notice how the camera stays under the cracked glass overlay.

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