Animal Village, Get Marin, & Catfished in Link’s Awakening Switch – 100% Walkthrough 08

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
we’re all the Austin John plays here and welcome to legend of zelda links
awakening walkthrough part number 8 with catchy name and what are we doing yay
you probably knew that because the name and the thumbnail and because you’ve
been following this walkthrough and you’re awesome thank you so in our last
episode we got the slime key and we defeated the big ol slime in the key
cavern get it cuz the slime and the key and the key cavern and almost as
importantly if not more so we got the Pegasus boots which allows us to run
SuperDuper fast we now have enough rupees to purchase the bow and arrow so
first let’s head to make village because we’re SuperDuper close to it bow and
arrow thanks a lot coming in let’s head down
to the trendy game and see what’s super cool statue is going to be available its
boo now I didn’t know if that’s it I just did between purple and green
perfect wow I could not have done that better if I had done it of many times
before and practiced it several times and if we leave and go back where the
boo was there is now a piece of heart and uh yeah you best believe we’re gonna
get that I’m gonna go for the same timing that I had for boo but slightly
earlier so directly under a purple number two because it can squeeze in the
middle and is that is that good is it gonna fall out please don’t fall out it
didn’t fall out sweet dude listen to the Clank I love that they made it like as
metal as it looks while we’re here in may village there are a few things that
we need to go and grab no matter what we have to come back here so we might as
well now head over here and drop off the booze statue to the boys the boys love
their boo statue boo goes on the table you also notice that the dad is missing
that’s because he’s now part of our quest line for our trade sequence which
we need to give the honeycomb to someone and then that item goes to the dad first
up while we’re here as soon as we leave that house let’s go back to the sleepy
house or dream shrine whatever you want to call it I’m gonna call it the sleepy
house cuz I like that these are the guys that we’re talking about that function
much like the shy guys to the point that I don’t know if that’s what a shot guy
looks like with his mask off and now I have nightmares about it pretty sure
it’s just a naked shy guy I’m gonna go with naked shy guy because I like that
more canonically anyway so these guys just like the shy guys you can back up
to them and spin attack them but then you have to deal with these falling
floor pieces which become very difficult and you could have come back in here
much earlier as soon as you got the chance to pick up the rock but there was
only a rupee in here but now that we have the Pegasus boots you just tap and
hold L done anytime that you are activating your Pegasus boots they don’t
move forward which is neat so they just stand there and wait to die and up here
is the rupee that we could have gone in earlier I believe it’s a hundred
100 and we break this tenth head up here and we get our new item the ocarina the
item collects sound is played within ocarina and I love that this is a really
neat thing to do if you play it before knowing songs well it’s an ocarina but
you don’t know how to play it they’re not wrong I don’t know how to play an
ocarina now if you’ve been neglecting da pace shack up until now now is a good
time to actually come in here because we can get our first like important item
from him after you complete the first three quests which you could totally
cheese in and do super short ones I’ve did this one in 117 57 seconds 115 you
can do fill up your hearts and then you also unlock level 2 but fill up your
hearts is important I mean again ultimately you can choose this by just
placing down very simple things that don’t require a lot of work and what I
mean by cheese it is so I set this up I enter I get this item I go through this
staircase I come out here to this easy room I go through there I get this item
that’s the boss key that’s an easy room and that’s the boss and tie and doing
the quest fill up your hearts gives you a secret seashell and a heart that’s
what I was waiting for so hopefully you did you’d a little dombay quest and now
we’re going to head to the seashell mansion next we’re going to go from the
seashell mansion to remember that heart that I told you to put on your map
before well that’s where we’re going we there’s still a bunch of stuff we’re
gonna do and a lot of seashells were gonna get there was a piece of grass
there I cut it before off-camera sorry now that we can pop these pop them and
as you can see in the deep water there is a piece of heart down there so we’re
gonna keep that piece of heart marked on our map heading outside to this
beautiful fresh air we can start using our arrow bow and arrow
because golly do we need it if we head to the right the owl comes and talks to
us but he actually is talking about a later thing like what he’s prepping us
on has nothing to do with what we’re doing now which is kind of funny anyways
let’s head to the right and there’s some what are these called Tech Tex tic tacs
there’s some tic tacs over here and we’re going to head to the top right
corner and our seashell sensor goes off and now let’s also head to the top left
of here hopefully you have some bombs on you place one in front of that doorway and let’s go inside here is another
great fairy fountain this is our second hidden one including the one in the
swamp right there that makes three heading back to this big rock maze over
here is an owl that you can talk to who doesn’t say anything important and one
of the features of having the Pegasus boots is you can run into a tree like
that and there’s always a fairy in this tree right here that’s because that in
the original game this was a location of a secret seashell and since this
location moved they made it so it’s a fairy tree which is pretty neat now
heading south of here is an area called the ancient ruins that you don’t need to
go to yet in fact there’s a very difficult boss right here that I think
we could take on now although it’s completely optional so I’m gonna save
that for later but now that we have our bow and arrow there’s actually a hidden
area that we can access and these stalfos you can shoot them with an arrow
and if you do they drop one arrow just like that so you get your money
back on alternatively you could take out your shield and just kind of push them
out of your way as long as there’s enough room the arrow seems much faster
however if you notice this one slightly colored floor piece right here touch the
bottom guy and there’s a staircase and a secret seashell neat so now we’re gonna
backtrack all the way back to that staircase that we came out of from that
underground area located right here and we’re gonna make our way to the animal
village welcome to the animal village our first order of business has cut the
grass because I don’t know who lives here it’s like a bunch of animals live
here just let the grass grow crazy in this bottom-right house is a bear he
wants our honeycomb because bears love honey how stereotypical and he wants to
give us a pineapple I’m okay with that now to the south of where that bear is
there’s a war point and we’re gonna activate that right now yeah we’re gonna
activate that right now great and step on that warp point and we’re gonna use
our warp point to go to Martha’s Bay we’re gonna head down and remember this
chasm we couldn’t cross before well now we can like a mouse so this gives us
much faster access back to the beach at the shores which is perfect cuz Marin
is here and this is like the only cutscene in the game and I’m not gonna
spoil it for you but it’s it’s really nice it’s sort of like a bonding time
that link and Marin have together and now the funny part as soon as it’s done
we hold up Marin like an item also she’s wearing a dress she is a girl I am a boy
she is above me just stating the obvious and I love this the overworld theme
becomes more like more wood windy so beautiful there’s actually a few fun
things that we can do heading to the left of where we were I want to head
down because there’s two seashells that we can get down by the seashore one of
them is in this tree right here located right here nice also there’s there’s a
few fun things you can do with her one includes going down the well I recommend
you try that out she lands on link my favorite one though has to be inside of
the crane game and just because we’ve gotten to the crane game so many times
we’re gonna head in here meirin says can I try this what do you say you could say
okay it costs you 10 rupees and then she does this and decapitate the salesman no
just kidding the trendy gamester says you’re good
you’re a pro aren’t you well beat it pros aren’t allowed in here and then he
kicks you out now we’re gonna take a quick detour to dump a shack again and
remember when I said this entranceway right here we’re gonna come back here
many many times well here’s one of the times that we’re coming back there’s
power our way through the rooms here and back up to this room that we weren’t
able to back up to this room that we weren’t able to progress further without
the Pegasus boots but now we can and there’s a chess over there and it’s
gonna be much later so don’t worry about it for now I’m just gonna mark it down
and hey look it’s the dad of those boys let’s head inside this hole right here this just contains a slime don’t worry
about it and now we’re outside also our sensor is gonna go off and just like the
seashell that we got by throwing a bomb into right there there’s another hole
over here however we have to be up there and that’s later in the game so I’m just
gonna mark it down he was some vittles I think that means vitamins either way you
give him the pineapple and he gives you a hibiscus which is a beautiful flower
for a beautiful lady we’re gonna have to go back there either way but it’s
important that we have the abyss cos now because now we can give it to the person
who requires it and it’s it’s just overall a little bit better for us this
house right here our sensor is gonna go off talked to this lady she wants a
hibiscus and we got a love letter it’s called a goat’s letter but it has a
heart on it and we might as well do this now is continue our trade sequence
slightly so let’s warp back to Dante Shack and we’re gonna do that run that
we have done many times before to the left again bypassing the swamp entirely
and remember that guy from SimCity that I was telling you about we’re gonna go
over to him and he says he loves letters so we’re gonna give him this love letter
get it this is this is a great thing here so they’re they’re like sort of pen
pals but dating if you don’t know what a pen pal is that’s basically the instant
messaging someone but back when they only have letters and look the letter
came with a photograph that’s not a goat that’s princess peach so the great part
is is that goat is catfishing this guy and saying writing all these beautiful
things and saying this is what I look like and including a picture of Princess
Peach but if you notice on the Left there’s a hoof print so I think it’s
pretty fun she’s so beautiful I must give you something for your
trouble and I get a broom that’s what you always want the
description says you got a broom is a reward for mr. right but that photo was
not of and here back in may village let’s go talk to Grandma
and you know who wants brooms old ladies she’s ecstatic for her new broom and I
get a fishing hook I’m sorry that that had so much back and
forth but there was really not like a faster way to do that and I’ve like
plotted it out several times and this is the most effective way unfortunately
so from animal village and that war point we’re gonna head south also now we
can run into trees and collect apples and the green ones give you hearts or
will more hearts than the red ones do that lazy walrus give him a surprise yep
and she sings the Ballad of the wind fish I’ve never seen a walrus move that
much neither has link he seemed pretty pretty surprised by it and now the bunny
convinces Marian to go back to the village and sing for everybody and
that’s actually where we’re going too because now that we have the ocarina and
we just saw her perform that song he had a nice little cutscene here and she
sings for us and we get to play it on our ocarina this might be the thumbnail
and I learned The Ballad of the wind fish hooray
The Ballad of the wind fish is used for essentially three things in the game the
main one being how you enter or wake up the wind fish at the very end of the
game also that enemy that is that big hoppy thing that you defeat with pots if
you play that it dies and the third is if we play the song in this spot the
walrus who we just saw says arf arf arf Marin Marin link he wants nothing to do
with us but he gives us the seashell which is nice that was actually kind of
like a useless easter egg back in the original game but now if you perform it
you get that anyways let’s head into the desert where we experience another Mario
character there pokies and there’s a overworld mini-boss right
here annoyance you’re only getting in the way and if you head to the middle
like I just did on purpose to show you you can bomb right there and inside as a
peace of heart and that increases our number of hearts
yeah we’re now at ten that’s our first full row complete which is pretty
awesome and go do that battle Oh while we’re here we might as well also use our
shovel for that secret sea shell let’s defeat the the evil millipede all you
need to do is hit its head and avoid its body and especially its tail and
definitely do not walk into the middle like I did before if you’re in a
position that you can’t hit its head from just to the half a screen that
you’re gonna be on I like to be on the bottom half then don’t worry about it
it’s not worth falling into the hole and starting the whole fight over again also
if you find the right distance for your left joystick you you just do this nice
stroll and that kills him perfect he drops the
key don’t let it fall down the hole and don’t fall down the hole yourself
because otherwise it’s just down here on your FAC and that’s the angler key even
though it looks like it’s broken it’s not I promise from here we’re going to
head to the south of this small patch of desert this is like the world’s smallest
desert don’t quote me I mean it’s it’s Zelda’s small Zelda world’s smallest
desert normally there are like giant expansive areas lift up that rock for a
seashell fantastic that is every single thing that needs to be done in the
desert and now we can leave it forever as soon as we leave the owl talks to us
again the shape of the key shows a fish now go to the mountain and waterfall
from here we’re gonna head directly up and up once more now this tunnel right
here requires us to have an item that we do not have yet but there’s a peace of
heart sweet dude and opened up now I do want to show off something pretty neat
about this game and it’s extremely situational you are not going to use
this a lot but if you head up here you see that cracked Boulder right there if
you equip your arrow and your bombs and I like why for the arrows X for the
bombs and you sort of press them both but first to the arrow then the bomb you
shoot a bomb arrow and like your timing has to be so perfect in order to do it
we’re not gonna be able to cross that till later also you notice that grandmas
over here with her broom in anyways let’s go talk to the goat that we spoke
with before aka princess goat peach you gave my
letter I’m not kidding when I say this means a lot to me because I was totally
catfishing him and I don’t want him to know that I’m actually a goat there’s
one more in this house but it requires the very end of the trade sequence
you’ll also hear that cry soon as you walk in and you’ll see the vibrations in
the pond and there’s a reason for that but we’re just gonna come back to it
later oh also we’re gonna come back to that cave where there’s a peace of heart
after we get the item for that and before we head off
to the dungeon there is one last location that I want to go to because
that’s going to be our 30th seashell and getting our 30th seashell before our
fourth in Schmidt is kind of a feat I actually didn’t plan it out this good it
just kind of worked out this good so yeah you’re just gonna follow this path
that I’m going here and get electrocuted by that cucumber
very important make sure you get electrocuted and actually right
underneath this bridge oh I do not mean to jump off right there right underneath
this bridge is something that we’re gonna have to go to soon but pull out a
shovel dig next to the owl and boom secret seashell is there if you don’t
get electrocuted by that cucumber that seashell might not be there just telling
you I’m joking I hope you know I’m joking now that we have 30 seashells
we’re gonna head back to the seashell cavern cuz now we get a prize for 30
seashells I hope you have 30 seashells at this point if not you may have missed
something somewhere I recommend going back to the older episodes looking for a
more in-depth guide and this box is gonna give us four rock we are finally
on our way to the next dungeon which is great we’re gonna make our way to tall
tall Heights we already found where this key goes before and we’re gonna put it
in the hole and the waterfall is just gonna stop magically
I’m gonna split the Red Sea and Moses now from here is just a matter of
getting inside and I bet you’re gonna be excited to hear this we’re making our
way back to this hole this hole that we’ve we’ve come back to so many times I
mean I guess in hindsight it would have made sense to wait for the pineapple
part until right now because we’re literally passing the hole that you go
in for the pineapple stuff and right here is where we have to go now we
actually can’t go any more that way because that’s deep water right there
even though it’s not that different of color you can see on the very right side
of the screen in the water a seashell I’ve actually already marked it right
there as well as a few more in the world that we’re gonna have to get but we just
hopped down here and boom that brings us to the fish’s mouth the catfish that’s
the theme of this episode we did we did the catfish letter now we’re going into
the catfish mouth quick recap so far we have the C Lily
Bell we have 17 pieces of hearten to end
secret seeshells that we have found which we’re Tumen pretty darn good you
you are doing good if if your hearts and secret seeshells match this you’re doing
pretty darn good just saying well I’m wrapping this up
this was this was quite a hefty hefty recap episode just saying but guys if
you haven’t done so be sure to hit the like button down below if you’re finding
these tips and tricks and guides helpful if you hit the like button that
increases the chance of other people finding my videos and for that I
appreciate you just saying if you’re not already subscribe I don’t know why you
want to be but till next time Austin John out

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