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[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Alix. I watch Marvel Make Me a Hero. I work for Disney
Parks’ digital strategy. So I work on improving
the apps and the websites. We’re constantly looking
at launching new features, communicating with our
guests, and helping them navigate the parks. I’ve always been a huge
Disney fan, especially a huge Disney Parks fan. I’m constantly volunteering
if they need a beta tester to go down in the parks. My Marvel origin story
really began with the movies, then also a lot of the TV shows. Of the characters that
I really connect with, I definitely have a soft
spot for Captain America. But I would say it’s
actually the women of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent
Carter, Agent May, Jemma Simmons, Daisy Johnson. They’re just amazing, smart,
talented, fierce women who balance being
able to stand up and be confident with also being
very compassionate and caring. So when I was first
thinking about a Super Hero and what I would like to
see is, having someone that was really a defender
and helping those who have no voice and no power. And for me, that
really was animals. I’ve always been a
huge lover of animals. I have two cats, Chip,
named after the teacup from Beauty and the
Beast– he is a tripod, so he hops the same way– and
then Flynn Rider from Tangled. He is a thief with
a heart of gold. When I was imagining
my Super Hero, I gave her a name, Katrina
Wild, and imagined her probably similar looking to me. She mostly looks normal,
but she has blue eyes, but when she is
communicating, they dilate the same as a cat’s. She does have more
rounded, pointed cat ears. I would imagine her wearing
her hair very long and down over her ears and over her eyes,
but then when she’s fighting, she would pull it back because
you have to be practical. Her powers are twofold. She can communicate with
animals telepathically. She can’t control them,
but she can talk with them. And then her other power
would be teleportation. So her main focus
is helping animals that are being either
illegally smuggled or are in abusive situations. She goes and gets
the animals out. When I imagined how my character
came to get her powers, I imagine her as being a human
and going through terrigenesis, a process where people
are exposed to this mist and then emerge
with their powers. And at first, it’s
really overwhelming. She can hear every
animal nearby speaking, but then she learns
to focus actually by playing with her cat that
she has, focusing on the purr, and then she was able
to develop her powers. So when I was thinking
of the colors, I had her in a
primarily black outfit– inspired by Agent May– but
I wanted elements of blue and green, sort
of an iridescent, like, peacock coloration. I don’t see her as
having a lot of weapons, but the one thing I would
imagine her having is gloves that have retractable claws. So that would help her in
climbing, also with defense if she needs it. And the other big
accessory would be sort of a circlet
around her forehead that helps amplify her
communication abilities so she can reach a larger distance. I mostly see her
working alone, but I would hope that eventually one
of the women at S.H.I.E.L.D., either Agent May
or Jemma Simmons, would reach out, help
give her support, and that if they
know of a big crisis, they go in to sort
of help the humans, they bring her in to help
evacuate the animals. Most of the time she’s on her
own, but for the bigger events, she pairs up with the
ladies of S.H.I.E.L.D. Oh my gosh. This is so cool. I love the design of the gloves. They both look
amazing, but would also be highly practical with
the retractable claws. The circlet is amazing. Even the design of it almost
has like a feline shape to it. I love the boots. They come up over the knee, but
are flexible so she can move around and be on the prowl. The one thing that really grabs
me is her eyes and her ears, how it really shows her feline
quality and how her hair, you could see how it would
hide those qualities when she doesn’t want to
reveal her identity. Then she can push it back when
she’s ready to go to work. [CAT MEOWING] Thanks Marvel, for
making me a hero.

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  1. I would seriously love to be on this show but unfortunately the guests that are chosen need to have a certain profile and presence!! And that is quite unfair. The new generation has incredible ideas and as a Marvel fan and a part of the world building and character design community, it's my absolute dream to work with Marvel and expose the creativity that this community holds. I'm only 16, I don't have the profile or social media presence required to be part of this show, so my dream will have to remain nothing but a dream due to the bias of this show 🙁

  2. Also this show requires you to be physically present to film the video but it could be more flexible if willing and passionate fans are unable to be there. The presence of the person should not be an obstacle, fans can simply submit a video describing their hero and later on a fan's hero will be chosen, their video will be displayed as the animator/cartoonist draws the hero, and then the reveal could be through video chatting!

  3. Marvel's audience is made of up of mostly teenagers, yet not one teenager is present on this show. We are very capable and creative! Give us a chance to be part of this experience!!

  4. Her, a Disney/Marvel employee: "I have two cats – Chip, named after the teacup in Beauty and The Beast…."
    Me, a huge fan of Rescue Rangers: frothing at mouth

  5. For a moment, each time I watch one of these, I forget it is for Marvel staffers only and start looking for how to apply. 🙁

  6. Don't replace Stan Lee's cameos and you can use his poster or his photos instead. Don't you dare to replace Stan Lee's cameos. ???????

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