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It’s Steve and Maggie. Wow English TV Shhh. Hey. Hello. I’m looking for forest animals. But I can’t see anything. Where are all the animals? Hey. What’s that? Look. Look. What is it? Yeah. It’s a deer. Say with me but slowly and quietly. What is it? It’s a deer. What is it? It’s a deer. Last time. What is it? It’s a deer. Yeah. Let’s take a photo. Oh no. It’s gone. Oh. But look footprints. Let’s follow the deer. Come on. Hmm. There’s more than one deer track here. Where are they going? Hey. That’s my house and I can hear something. Music. Maggie is having a house party. Oh Maggie. Oh, what’s that? Look, look. It’s a hedgehog. Say with me but be really really fast. What is it? It’s a hedgehog. It’s a hedgehog. It’s a hedgehog. And again. What is it? It’s a hedgehog. It’s a hedgehog. It’s a hedgehog. Yeah. Oh. Look more hedgehogs. What are they? They are hedgehogs. Say with me but be fast. They are hedgehogs. They are hedgehogs. They are hedgehogs. Yeah. Oh Maggie. Oh no. Steve’s coming home. Hide everyone. Hide. Maggie. Maggie. What’s going on? Oh. Hey. What’s that in my bathroom? There’s something in my bathroom. What can you see? Oh. Look my socks and pants are moving. What is it? Oh hey. It’s a mole. Oh no. My kitchen. Oh. There’s something here. In my kitchen. And it’s made a mess. Oh. What is it? What can you see? What is that? Oh look. It’s a fox in a box. There’s a fox in a box in my kitchen. Oh Maggie. Oh. Where are you? Hey. Is Maggie here? In the living room? No but can you see any other forest animals? Yeah. Look. Ha. What are those in my sofa? Look. What are they? What are they? There are so many forest animals in my house? Hey Steve. Say cheese. Oh Maggie. Yeah. It’s a party. Oh wow. Great photo Maggie. Yeah. It was a good party. Oh look. Hey. It’s a squirrel. Say with me. It’s a squirrel. It’s a squirrel. It’s a squirrel. Oh look. How many squirrels? One, two three. Oh look. There’s a photo of me with some hedgehogs
and a mole. Oh great. Oh look at the deer. Oh Maggie. What a great party. Yeah. Heyyyy. Hey. Did you like that? Yeah? Then please like it, if you love it, you can
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66 thoughts on “Animal Stories for Kids | Wild Animals from Steve and Maggie | English Stories by Wow English TV

  1. WoW! Your new video is great and so amazing! ? Steave and Maggie, all our family watching your Youtube channels. We are love you!
    We want our daughter (4 years old) to learn of English language. She is watching you every day half of year! She start to talk English words! You are the BEST! I have liked! ?
    Welcome to channel of our daughter, my dear friends! ? She is waiting you on her channel! ?
    WE LOVE YOU, OUR DEAR FRIENDS! ? You are so cute! ?

  2. Stev and Maggie I am Jaylen Williams I just changed my name bye the was I been away a long time.i still love this chanel

  3. Steve & Maggie, my 117 children love your videos! they all enjoy your them 😀 regards from mexico!

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  6. Of all the videos my son watches on YouTube. Your videos has taught him the most and I love it. Plus your videos are fun to watch as an adult. Thank you and I can’t wait for you to make more videos.

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