Animal Slime and Other Weird Stuff

Squeaks and
I are getting ready for the beach! We’ve got our sunscreen to protect ourselves
from the sun! We also have plenty of water so we don’t
get dehydrated, which is when your body doesn’t have enough water. We’re lucky — all we have to do is grab
some sunscreen, fill up a bottle from the sink here at the Fort, and we’re ready to
go. Other animals can’t do that. But some have their own amazing — and pretty
weird! — ways to protect themselves from the sun, dehydration, and all kinds of other
things. Like the hippopotamus! Hippos make red mucus that covers their whole
body, which helps them in all sorts of different ways! Mucus is something that we make, too. It’s the stuff in our noses that keeps out
germs. But our mucus is pretty different from hippos’
mucus! Their mucus covers the /outside/ of their
whole body. Ours doesn’t. Imagine if the mucus from your nose covered
you from head to toe! When hippos are in sunlight, they look red
because of their mucus. Sometimes people call their mucus “blood
sweat” because the color is like blood, but the mucus isn’t actually blood /or/
sweat. And this red stuff protects hippos in a lot
of cool ways. It acts like sunscreen, to protect them from
getting a sunburn. It also repels water, which is important since
hippos spend a lot of time in water. And, it’s a natural antibiotic, which means
it kills the germs that might make a hippo sick. In that way, it is kind of like the mucus
we make, since it also keeps us from getting sick! We just don’t cover our whole bodies in
it. But wait till you hear about how the Australian
water-holding frog uses its mucus. These frogs live in dry places where they
have to go without water for really long periods of time. So what does the Australian water-holding
frog do? First, it buries itself underground — as
much as over a meter deep! That’s longer than my arm! Then it sheds a few layers of its skin. Combined with a whole bunch of mucus, the
skin it sheds turns into a hard protective cocoon that keeps the frog’s water from
escaping, so it won’t run out of water for a really long time! Some people call this layer a “skin bag”
because it fully covers and protects the frog, kind of like a lunch bag keeps a sandwich
cool — just like the one we’re bringing to the beach! Our sandwiches are going to stay nice and
cool in there! Anyway, back to the Australian water-holding
frog! Once it’s underground and nice and comfy
in its skin bag, it enters a type of very deep sleep so it can stay underground without
needing food or more water. It can stay underground for a whole year! When there’s lots of rain again, the frog
crawls back up from way down underground to get more water. And if it gets really hungry, the frog can
even eat its skin bag. That is definitely NOT something we can do! On the other hand, frogs can’t build sandcastles
like we can. I’m excited to try that when we get to the
beach later! That reminds me of something else that can
be found at the beach, though it’s really rare, so chances are Squeaks and I won’t
come across it. This really rare thing is called ambergris,
and it’s something that’s made by sperm whales! Sperm whales live in the ocean, and they are
really, really big. They can grow up 12 meters long! That’s like as tall as a building with three
floors! Sperm whales like to eat squid and cuttlefish,
and since they’re so big, they have to eat a whole lot of them. But, their stomachs have trouble breaking
down the squid and cuttlefish beaks because they’re hard and sharp. Usually, sperm whales will just vomit up the
beaks before they reach their stomachs. But if they don’t, they make a substance
that helps coat their stomach so the hard and sharp beaks won’t hurt its body. It’s like how we have mucus in our intestines
to keep everything moving smoothly, although we don’t eat anything super hard and sharp
like beaks! The stuff the whales make is a little different. It helps the whale pass the beaks and any
other hard or sharp stuff through its body and get it out of its body. When it’s combined with the beaks, that’s
what we call ambergris. The really weird thing about ambergris is
that over time, it changes from having a really nasty smell to a really nice smell! So nice that people actually started using
it in perfumes! But we don’t do that as much now because
it can be really hard to find a chunk of ambergris that washes up ashore. Ambergris also looks pretty ordinary, which
also makes it hard to find. And we definitely don’t want to hurt sperm
whales to get ambergris, especially because there aren’t too many of them left! So now people who make perfumes just use a
chemical that smells like ambergris, instead of the real thing. Who would have thought that something whales
poop out would make such great perfume! All right, Squeaks, ready for our day at the
beach? Let’s double-check that we packed our sunscreen
to protect us from the sunburn like hippos … And that we put the water bottle back in the
bag so we can stay hydrated like the water-holding frog … We probably won’t see any ambergris washed
up on the beach, but it’s kind of cool to imagine it! Oh, Squeaks, I have an idea! Maybe instead of a sand castle, we’ll make
a sand sperm whale! That would be pretty cool! But maybe we’ll make it a little smaller
than the real thing. Otherwise we’d be working on it for days! Thanks for joining us! If you want to keep learning and having fun
with Squeaks and me, hit the subscribe button, and don’t forget to check us out on the
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  1. Very cool fun facts! So cool to learn that something not so attractive has such an amazing purpose. Look at honey!! The process is sooooo not attractive, ha! But the final product is amazing! 😀

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    And why do some spiders bite
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  4. How about a sand castle with a sperm whale outside the window. It has to be big, although it will take a long to so take breaks in between and play at the beach. Make sure to bring blankets and pillows because you are going to be there for a long time.

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