Animal shelter creates Bachelor parody to help adopt dogs

SHELTER HAS PRODUCED A MUST-SEE HIT. THE SHELTER DID A TAKE ON THE BACHELOR — A VIDEO OF WOMEN VYING FOR A DOG’S ATTENTION. AND PEOPLE ARE LOVING IT. NEWS 13’S MARISSA LUCERO SHOWS YOU. IT’S FULL OF DRAMA… “Stewart is like waaaay too good for her” CATTY WOMEN… “i just hope he sees through Sara.. ” i’m sorry i just can’t do this right now” AND NO PARODY OF THE BACHELOR WOULD BE COMPLETE WITHOUT THE INFAMOUS TWO- ON-ONE DATE… :01 “get ready for an episode unlike anything you’ve ever seen” :03 “we’re going to Santa Fe New Mexico”06 THAT’S RIGHT ALL THESE WOMEN ARE RIGHT HERE IN SANTA FE READY TO WIN THE HEART OF — THE BACHELOR? :31″she’s like a in the closet cat person. and i’m one hundred percent for stewart”:35 HERE AT SANTA FE’S ANIMAL SHELTER MEET CHICO “he’s missing his bow tie today” AND NOODLES “noodles needs to get adopted someone needs to tak this handsome guy TWO OTHER ELIGIBLE BACHELORS. 7:54:37″i always wanted to do a bachelor parody and with valentines day it just seemed like the perfect time to do that7:54:46 SO JAMIE ASKED FOR THEIR MOST CANDID BACHELOR TO PLAY THE PART… :7:56:38″he’s an amazing bachelor, he has the look, just very handsome7:56:41 AS FAR AS THE ACTRESSES GO — YOU WON’T HAVE TO LOOK HARD — MOST OF THEM WORK RIGHT HERE AT THE SHELTER 8:05:33″i would totally watch it if it were a TV show something about animals make it better8:05:40 8:08:28″i was trying to focus on the dog and not laugh because it was such a wild idea8:08:34 AND OF COURSE THE SHELTER HAS BACHELORETTES TOO — LIKE TULIP. JAMIE SAYS AS MUCH FUN AS THEY HAD — DOGS LIKE STEWART CHICO AND TULIP REALLY ARE LOOKING FOR LOVE… 7:57:38″that’s our main goal, we’re trying to find these animal forever homes and it just seemed like a good platform to do that7:57:46 MARISSA LUCERO KRQE NEWS 13. THE SANTA FE ANIMAL SHELTER SAYS RIGHT NOW IT HAS ABOUT SEVENTY-FIVE PETS READY FOR ADOPTION. TONIGHT…Partly cloudy. Lows in the mid 30s to lower 40s. Southwest

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