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Hi everyone, I’m Josh. 歡迎回到中文播客 Hello everybody, welcome back to ChinesePod. I’m Joy. 今天我們要聊一些和 有關的句子 還有一些常見的用於 Yes, dragons are very common in the Chinese culture and they’re especially lucky. Right. 龍在中國文化里代表 和 And in fact, a lot of people want to have dragon babies born in the year of the dragon. 是龍寶寶,對吧? Exactly. 在很多地方我們都能夠看到龍的圖案 比如說春聯或者是廟裡面 So we’ll often see Chinese New Year dragons, and also dragons in temples. 我們開始吧 我們先來看看這一個句子 你覺得是什麼意思? So we’re talking about two animals. “龍” is dragon, and “蟲”, that is an inse- a worm actually. So you’re like a dragon outside. But just a worm inside. So we’re saying that outside and inside you have two personalities? 對。那你覺得蟲是什麼意思? Lazy. 沒錯 所以 你也可以說 So when you’re eating, you put all the effort into it and it’s really great but when you’re working, you’re like lazy as a worm. 你還有什麼例子? Can we say… 可以啊 或者是我們可以說 I feel like this is all a way of saying that your child doesn’t really do well and is generally lazy unless they’re having fun. 對 Is this something that your teacher has said to you in school as well? 老師很常這樣說 比如說… 沒錯 沒錯 接下來我們看看這一個句子 什麼意思? So we’ve got two animals, we’ve got 龍 – that’s the dragon. is the phoenix. “Dragon” represents male, “鳳” represents female. 對 龍代表的是男生 鳳代表的是女生 那你有聽過 這一個詞嗎? It’s a set of twins where one of them is a boy, and one of them is a girl, and that’s considered absolutely the most lucky pair. So just to contrast from Western culture where dragons are the enemy, it’s like fighting the big bad dragon that you have to slay, In Chinese culture, they’re actually very lucky and everybody wants to have a dragon baby or a pair of dragon and phoenix babies. 是啊。因為在東方, 龍代表的是吉祥的意思 所以大家都想要龍寶寶 我們剛剛說 那這個”望”的意思是期待, 希望的意思對吧? So we’re hoping the child becomes and “成”, that’s “成為”, or to become. So I’m hoping that my male child would become a dragon, and I’m hoping that my female child becomes a phoenix. What does that practically mean? So for the man, I’m guessing he would be rich and have his own business. And the woman according to Chinese culture would marry into a good family. 希望不是這樣子啦 It’s outdated. 剛剛我們說了一個有關龍鳳的句子 現在我們來看看這一個句子 Oh, that’s a rhyme! 是啊 One more time, that goes… 沒錯 So that rhymes – so the first part is about a dragon giving birth to a dragon and then that phoenix gives birth to a phoenix. So I’m saying that the kind of parent you are determines the kind of child you are, right? 是啊 所以如果你爸爸很成功, 你就會很成功 你媽媽很成功,你也會很成功 So you’re replicating the same situation as your parents. Now why do we have a mouse in here? 因為他押韻吧 Because it rhymes. So in Chinese idioms, it’s very common to have a rhyme just so that it rolls off your tongue easily and it’s easy to remember. Okay, and what does the mouse do? 老鼠它打洞 那老鼠的兒子也會打洞 So digging a hole is what the mouse and his son are the best at. Okay. So we’ve talked about three different idioms related to dragons. One of them is about being different on the outside and on the inside, and the other two are related to parenting and children. 剛剛說到的是 So you’re great on the outside and at home you’re super lazy. There are a few different variations that’s colloquial so you can put in whatever you like. And what did the next two say about parenting, it sounds like so many expectations. 我們剛剛說到 A lot of expectations. So you expect that your boy child becomes a dragon and your girl child becomes a phoenix. 還有一個是 I’m guessing there’s a connection between two then. 是啊,其實很有道理 因為 爸爸媽媽都希望自己的孩子成功 所以 他們當然很成功呀 Ah, so they’re setting an expectation for their children by setting an example. Okay, I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Chinese idioms about dragons. If you have any questions, or comments, or other idioms, feel free to leave them below. I’m Joy. I’m Josh. 下次見 Bye-bye!

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  1. Fanatic video! I love these intermediate level lessons! Also, lessons and explanations of idioms in Chinese are hard to come by… 这个文化课真棒的!

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