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you're like me then you must love cash so you I'm back in the Sunshine State if my first stop Sarasota I heard about this guy that pains cats well he doesn't paint cats he paints pictures of cats lots of pictures of cats you work at who would you want to have painted portrait oh definitely cat man drew cat man drew he created the largest collection of cat watercolors in a country drill hi John me too who's this oh this is Lola this is little Singapore she is very few people know what breach is oh how I am I am and I guess you are a kind of lever Tom they inspire me this little guy oh that's our little flame point Himalayan rusty oh he's a youngster of the family only a little over two years old just takes care of the gallery make sure everything's okay yeah do you have a favorite type of Cathy love to paint oh not really I love cats oh we're all out of I've never met a cat I don't like sometimes your abstract sometimes your exact what do you enjoy most actually they're all difficult in their own right the detailed work of course is the most time-consuming this one on the end is one of my favorites the title is incognito and it was actually inspired by one cat we used to have it was a blue flame Himalayan he used to go outside in the driveway and while I feed the birds and he would go out and the birds got so used to him being there they wouldn't fly away he could be 2 or 3 feet from them and they would still eat and he never bothered them and incognito because I think he thought he was a bird becomes a bird look at that there's a bond between me and cats that I can't quite explain and in words they are my muse when it comes to art sounds fun I'm gonna try it in sure I've got my studio right in the next room now I can write a song but I don't know if I can draw a cat oh I've taught a lot of people how to paint just think of a brushstroke as a note there's many different techniques and with you this one I'm already seeing some differences between mine and yours to get into that okay you've had 35 seconds I've had 35 years watch what I do first W good yeah and then I'll stop and let you catch up so I'm just gonna go right here while that's still nice and wet I'm gonna kind of paint around this one I look and you could see it bleeds to get some real happy accidents going kind of put a little blue and Oh beautiful so much Turkey when did you fall in love with that oh when I was a toddler my mother drew and she would work with pastel on velour and she did animals and I would sit there and draw animals with her and cats were always my favorite even back down what about watercolours captures the essence of cats are mush well I think the the luminosity of it especially with the eyes do you hope to get to a certain number of cats just as many as I can pain or even orgeous I think it's wonderful for your first defense through thanks so much you're an amazing teacher and the amazing part is so happy to be here thank you thank you

13 thoughts on “Animal Planet Must Love Cats Cat Artist Catman Drew Strouble

  1. Hi Camila, Thank you so much! Glad my watercolor painting helps to inspire you. Would love to see some of your artwork. Happy painting! Drew

  2. A kiss from Brazilian Watercolorists from Pelotas Federal University! Your job is amazing =^ . ^=
    We wished to be closer to you soo we can learn more! Congrats!

  3. Hi poptartdom,

    You can call me to make an appointment to come to see my artwork at my in my in home studio / gallery while you are here in town. Please call after noon on Sunday or after 10 am on weekdays. 941.349.2562.

    Looking forward to meeting you,

    Drew Strouble, CatmanDrew

  4. He was…in Sarasota…and I missed it? 8^8
    Drew, your art is incredible and inspiring. Cats are the GREATEST of all muses. I will definitely look for you and for your works when I return home for the holidays. I can't believe that I've lived there all my life and I've never heard of someone so wonderful!

  5. John Fulton travels to Sarasota, Fl to meet America's premier cat artist 'Catman Drew' Strouble.We meet two of the artist's muses, Singapura Lola and Flamepoint Himalayan Rusty during a gallery tour of the largest collection of cat watercolor paintings created by a single artist. Catman Drew gives host John Fulton a watercolor cat painting lesson. 

  6. Well drew your voice is the same, but you look different 🙂 But then again so do I. I always loved you art. Thanks for sharing.


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