Animal Hoarder Or Pet Enthusiast | Animal Hoarding On Youtube!?

Hey y’all, welcome back mandy from my hectic
life pets where we talk about all things pat and pet related and today I thought we would
talk about something really important that it’s been going around the community and that
is animal hoarding. So lately a lot of pet tubers have been getting
accused of being animal hoarders. Now I don’t know the true background. We don’t know necessarily what’s going on
behind the scenes of our favorite pet tubers. I mean we get maybe a 10 to 20 minute glimpse
into these people’s lives and their pet care routines. Most of them only posts videos like once a
week, so we’re talking such a tiny, tiny fraction of what they actually do and how they actually
take care of their pets. A lot of the people in the pet care community
on youtube I think are amazing people and they seem to really, really love and care
for the animals that they take care of. I know that I personally absolutely love every
animal that I take in and I feel like most of the people in the pet care community on
here do as well. So where is the line between a pet enthusiast
and an animal hoarder? What? To me, a hoarder is somebody that doesn’t
take care of things versus say collector versus quarter. A collector really, really takes good care
of their collection. They, they tend to it. They make sure that there’s never even a speck
of dust on their collection. Whereas a hoarder just keeps buying, buying
and buying, and they end up with just a mess. They’re not taking care of the items and they
clearly don’t love those items there just have them. I think it’s very similar with pets. . We love our animals and we take in animals. We made sure that we financially can take
care of them if they need to go to the vet and that we take care of them and make sure
that they stay healthy and happy and that they’re well fed and that their habitats or
their environment stays nice and clean and well kept. For them. Animal Hoarders, I don’t know if you’ve seen
the show, but those poor animals do not look well cared for. Typically, you’ll see people that have like
20 dogs and all of them are sick. They, they can’t afford to take them to an
event and they’re sick. Half of them are dying was usually feces everywhere
and it is. It is a really, really upsetting, upsetting
thing to see as someone who’s seen animals come into the shelter that come from hoarding
situations, I can tell you it is. It’s one of the worst environments that an
animal can be kept it and is with an animal hoarder because they don’t take them to the
vet. They don’t get them vaccinated, they don’t
get. They don’t take any of the proper care of
them. Half the time they don’t ever groom them. They don’t brush them so these animals are
matted and sickly and have diseases that some of the time could have been prevented just
by getting them vaccinated and there’s even free clinics available out there that will
vaccinate your pet for free. These are people that just do not take care
of them. Fish hoarding, for example, the fish tanks
that you’re going to see from people who are hoarding things like fish. You’re going to see a dirty, disgusting tank
was sickly fish and maybe even dead fish floating in the tank and it’s sad to see. It’s very sad to see a lot of times the water
level will be lower because of evaporation. The animals that come in from hoarding situations
are never, never in good condition. They always need a lot of treatment before
they can be adopted out, but the enthusiastic like the animals are well cared for. You can tell that they’re taking care of. You can tell that they’re well groomed. They’re not diseased, they’re not looking
sickly, they look well fed because let’s face it, I mean animals are expensive. Pets are very expensive, so there there’s
something that you always want to really think about before you take them in. Even if you go out and get yourself, say a
hamster that you think is going to be a low cost pet, I mean there’s still going to be
a ton of costs. The cost of our property, the cost of their
choose the cost of their foods, so there’s a lot of expenses there that you always have
to consider. There’s not just the initial cost, but there’s
the ongoing costs, cost of bedding, costs of substrate, cost of food, costs, have vet
care. These all wind up being big expenses, especially
when you’re talking about animals, so these are things that a pet enthusiast is going
to consider. They’re going to consider things like how
much is it going to cost and they’re going to consider things like, okay, I got this
pet and it has to go in this size tank for now, but it will have to be upgraded. Like in the case of my crested Gecko, I’m
working on trying to figure out how I want to design his next tank and that is probably
going to cost me several hundred dollars and that’s with me doing a lot of the work, like
diy style. But that’s okay because I expected that when
I brought him home, I knew that when I brought a baby crested Gecko home that eventually
I would have to buy another tank and then another tank until he was in his final tank. And then on top of that I. I’m really gotten
into bioactive tanks which are more expensive. Short term, but I think in the long run or
actually cheaper, so when we’re looking at trying to decide whether somebody is an animal
hoarder or a pet enthusiast, you can just look their animals to see whether or not they’re
well cared for or look at their tanks to see whether or not they’re well cared for because
a well cared for. Observational pet. Third tank is going to be clean and well taken
care of. We’re not going to leave our animals and dirty,
nasty tanks with no water or food or whatever the case may be. Depending on the animal and we in the pet
care community on youtube really have a responsibility of letting y’all know. It isn’t just all fun and games. Having all these animals. It is a lot of work. It is a lot of hard work. I mean, me personally, I’ve cut down a lot
on how much maintenance I actually have to do to my tanks to keep them clean and everything,
but I also had to go out and spend a lot of money on live plants and snails and substrate
and ice applauds and springtails. And then on top of that, now I have to take
care of all the insects to make sure that I have plenty to continue to put into my takes
to make sure everything continues to run smoothly. So it’s a big give and take. And I probably spend. I still probably spend at least an hour every
single day feeding all my pets, making sure that they all have fresh, clean water and
grooming them and missing down tanks and all. Just all of that. And then there’s the weekly maintenance and
then I even have monthly maintenance of things that I have to do on top of that. So it is a lot of work. Plus then you know, you have to make sure
that you’re keeping up with scheduling appointments and everything because even if your animal
is not sick, you still have to take them in for routine checkups for like my eldest Kapu
Chi, uh, because she is an older cat because Kaya is considered a senior cat. I have to take her into the vet every six
months just to run a blood panel to make sure that her liver and kidneys and everything
are functioning normal because especially in cats, they’re terrible about hiding everything. If they are actually becoming sick, a lot
of times they hide it and we won’t even know until all of a sudden it’s too late if we’re
not proactive about it and taking them to the vet and getting their checkups like we’re
supposed to. I don’t even want to get into the cost of
routine dentals for cats and dogs. In top of that, you have to save money in
case something else goes wrong because what if the animal actually gets sick? Routine maintenance and checkups and everything
is really expensive on its own. But add to that, what happens when something
is wrong and you have to pay for the medication and everything. It can be. It can be a lot. It can really be overwhelming for some pet
owners and I know a lot of people out there watch a lot of the different pet care channels
and maybe they think it’s really cool that they have all these different animals and
they want to go out and have all the animals too and I want all the animals, believe me,
I would love to have all the animals. You also gotta take into consideration like
how much are you willing to do? How much work are you willing to do? How much money do you have? Can you afford another animal? These are things that you have to take into
consideration because yes, it looks really cool to have like all these animals and I
too would love to have all the animals, but eventually it would get out of hand and you
wouldn’t be able to do that much maintenance for that many animals. Then you have to be able to afford to hire
somebody. I mean there’s a reason the ranch’s have multiple
people working at them and and why zoos have multiple zookeepers that work there because
it’s a lot of work and it’s a lot of animals and they want to make sure that they’re all
well cared for. I don’t know what you guys all think about
all the latest pet care drama and everything that’s going on and all these accusations
flying around about all these different pet youtubers that are huge animal hoarders. I don’t know if you agree with it, disagree
with it because like I said, we don’t really know what all goes on behind the scenes. We don’t know if they have a bunch of hired
help that comes in and helps take care of their animals every day or every week or whatever
the case may be. Like we don’t really know. We only get like a 15 to 20 minute a week
glimpse into these people’s lives, so I don’t know. I don’t know what y’all think about all the
crazy drama that’s been going on. So anyway guys, that’s all I really have real
today. As always, thank you so much for watching. I love you guys and I will see you in my next

19 thoughts on “Animal Hoarder Or Pet Enthusiast | Animal Hoarding On Youtube!?

  1. I remember this episode of Hoarders where this woman had like over 30 cats in and around her house and was even keeping some of the dead cats in a freezer. I would hope none of the pet community on YouTube (or anywhere for that matter) would do anything like that.

  2. It's rough. There's a desire to protect the animals, but somehow the internet makes a vicious hate mob out of everything.

  3. Greetings,
    There are definitely some hoarders out there. I have a cousin that rescues stray Cats and Dogs. I don’t enter that house when I visit the area. It smells awful in the crowded house. I find it gross and a unhealthy house, but it’s not my business, so hoarders will hoard!

  4. You should do a product review for Pretty Litter. It's supposed to change colors if your cat has a kidney, liver, or blood sugar problem!

  5. Multiple tank syndrome took over & now I’m overwhelmed with my pets. I try to never miss a water change still. I love your videos ?

  6. I think you hit the nail on the head! Hoarding and hoarders is all down to condition and health. Not just for the pets… You have to consider the mental health of the hoarders aswell? Love your channel btw. Great content.

  7. I really love your channel and this video in particular. I've been considering doing a YouTube channel on my fish but I'm taking in consideration, content. the space I dont have and what not. I could afford to get more but I know I dont have the proper places to have them in my small apartment. Start small and then once I get a better place I know I can do more. It's sad how much drama is in the pet community but thanks making this video! ?

  8. You are so right about this topic there's a big difference between animals hoarding and animals collect ?????

  9. I'm not super concerned about animal hoarders making YouTube videos. This usually should get spotted really quickly. I'm more concerned about the people who watch "meet all my animals" videos. It's not normal to have 20, 50 sometimes over 70 animals and most people can't care for them. Especially when they are all kinds of species what they usually are.
    And pets are not a collectors item but lately the pet community on YouTube made it seem like this.
    Adding to this is that a lot of Youtubers aquire many animals in a really short period of time. They may be able to take care of them now but what is in one year, two years….?

  10. Just because someone is a hoarder doesn’t mean they don’t care about their things. It’s actually quite the opposite. Usually they care very much. But they have a compulsion that they can’t control and then they get overwhelmed. But they genuinely believe what they’re doing is best. I’m not saying they should be left with their animals or anything. Of course they need help. But it doesn’t sit right with me that you basically sit their accusing people with a psychological issue as being uncaring.

  11. I'm scared that a friend of mine has the potential for becoming an animal hoarder and not because she doesn't love or care for animals but because she doesn't love or care for herself. She's in a really difficult life situation emotionally and financially and she is using animals as a distraction, spending every waking moment researching, caring for, rescuing new ones, preparing food and terrariums (she's a reptile person) and she really should be focusing on getting a job and money enough to feed herself and pay the bills. So I don't think animal hoarding has to mean that the person doesn't take proper care of their animals but rather that they don't care about the consequences or how it affects their own life. Taking better care of animals than you take care of yourself is not really a good thing unless you yourself already have a neat, financially safe and healthy life. I really hope I can get through to my friend and break the habit before she brings even more lizards home.

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