Animal Cruelty at PetSmart and Pet Supplier Mills

Hello guys, my name is Gaby Jimenez, and in
today’s video I wanna answer a question. And this question is going to be “What does
it mean to buy a reptile or another animal from a place such as PetSmart?” PetSmart has been known for years to work
with supplier mills that offer very inhumane and severely cruel living conditions for their
reptiles and other species of animals. I wanna talk about this topic because it’s
something that I’m passionate about. Animal activism may not be something that
I’m going to be pursing in the future as a career, but I know I’m always going to devote
some time and I thought this video might be a good time to deliver some important information
that some of you may find actually interesting. I read an article by PETA which is an organization,
a HUGE organization actually, for animal activism. And in their article they sent in an undercover
worker to go check out how serious these living conditions are for reptiles. They went to a place called Reptiles by Mack
and this is a supplier mill. The video is online and I can put a link to
it under here and it shows these horrible poor reptiles packed by the hundreds in dirty
bins where they are left with no food or water for days. They try to desperately to escape that they
basically, some of them have numbs on their little hands from how hard they’ll be scratching
the container. In another article by The DODO, another website
that posts animal activism and raises awareness on animal issues throughout the world, they
showed us how in Holmes Farm, they basically just.. they treat these animals like they
don’t have souls. The tortoises are left in filthy conditions
in small little boxes and just stacked there for weeks at a time. And when the animals DO escape, makeshift
glue traps are what they are stuck to for days. Most of the time, they are cruelly ripped
off and just thrown back into a bin. In the video by PETA you also see small creatures
that have gotten sick, put into a little bag, and poisoned with carbon dioxide. This cannot be going on anymore. If you’d like to buy a reptile at any point,
go to a reputable reptile store. There’s one in Gainesville and its amazing,
it’s been around for years. Research where you’re getting your animals
because it could save a life, or in the case of reptiles, hundreds. Thank you guys for watching this video and
I hope I was able to shed some light on an important topic today.

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