Animal Crossing Readathon| Announcement and TBR

hey everybody welcome back to my channel
my name is Amiee and this is ambooklife life and today we are announcing the
animal crossing a read-a-thon I am so excited for this read-a-thon you’ll have
no idea I have loved Animal Crossing for
freaking years I originally play it on the Gamecube like most people have like
that’s where we first were introduced to Animal Crossing and my brother and I we’ve
played it non-stop and I have loved it ever since and if you didn’t know on
March 20th the new Animal Crossing game is coming out for the switch and this
read-a-thon is in celebration of that and also an encouragement to read all
your books in the beginning of March because once the
20th hits and no one’s gonna be reading the animal crossing read-a-thon will
start on March 9th and it will end on the 20th so it will end the day the game
comes out all right so it’s a little less than two weeks I prefer a longer
read-a-thon rather than just a week one just because like a whole week one is really
really short but 11 days is really good and like I said once the 20th hits I’m
probably not going to be reading so this read-a-thon just like the game has a lot
of things going on but there are a lot of fun easy things to participate in you
can pick and choose what you want to do let me first introduce my hosts so the
first host we have is Diana from paperback Jedi she is great she has done
most of the logos if not I think all of the graphic designs for this read-a-thon
and I’m so happy I asked her to join this read-a-thon and then next we have
Tori from Medusa wreaths I am once again so happy she want to join this
read-a-thon as well she has been really good with coming up with prompts and
communicating and tweeting and all together we have just created I think a
really really really fun easy relaxing read-a-thon that’s not gonna put too
much pressure on the reader it’s really just gonna celebrate the game
and our love of reading so the first thing I’m going to show you is actually
our map this is just for fun there is no start there is no finish
this is just a for funs thing this is your map to see you can like make your
own pathway hit your own spots it’s up to you so this map is not really
anything just a fun piece to put in your bolt journal if you would like the next
thing is probably the most important thing
it is our prompts as you can see there’s not too many prompts here we do have a
bonus prompt and a few bonus challenges as well but let’s just go over the
prompts and while I am going over the prompts I’ll be showing you what I will be
reading or attempting to read while doing this and if you want you can
double up your books you can read one book for every single thing if you want
or you can even use one of the host books as well which like I said I’ll go
over those in a second. The first prompt is Resetti don’t forget to save, read a book
while using a bookmark! So here’s another fun thing we get to announce I think
it’s already been out on our Twitter but we actually collaborated with an Etsy shop
here in the book community she is so so popular so good and she really listened
to us and our designs and was so easy to work with
we collabed with Kat from Rustic Pages to create this bookmark for y’all so if
you guys want to purchase this bookmark before the read-a-thon even starts or
you can purchase it while the read-a-thon is going and just use this
bookmark while you read you can definitely go to the link below here’s
the bookmark right here y’all it is beautiful it is great these are actually
the characters y’all voted on via our Twitter page which if you’re not
following it here is the name. Definitely go check it out it is so much fun on
there! We have so many so many things going on during the
read-a-thon on that Twitter so you make sure you want to follow that so like I
said here are the bookmarks these are characters y’all voted on I love it so
much they’re all reading books and they’re all in the Town Plaza so there’s
not really any book in particular for that one just because it says just to
use a bookmark but any book pick up I will be using for that
next one is K.K. slider, listen to an audiobook or read a book with the
musical element so the audiobook of choice that I have staying in theme with
March because we didn’t know March is also known as a middle-grade March so a
lot of my books will be middle-grade if not all of them that book is going to be
Nevermore by Jessica Townsend I’ll be listening to this via audio book this
book has been described to me as Harry Potter vibes
I know it’s about Morgan Crow who was born a cursed child and on her 11th
birthday she is actually supposed to die which is really devastating because
she’s 11 but a guy named Jupiter something doesn’t say his name back here
I know it’s Jupiter because I’ve heard it said several times I think is a guy
named Jupiter comes in and takes her to Nevermore where she is going to face
some trials that’s what I got but it says right here a Harry Potter esque
adventure by Tmes magazine so really excited to finally dive into this and to
finally read it I’m really hoping the audiobook is great and I don’t know if
you all have seen this cover but there’s a giant cat alright the next one is the
able sisters read a book with a strong family bond alright now this is actually
a sequel of a book that I’m going to talk about soon but this is a sprinkle
of sorcery by Michelle Harrison this is the waterstones
exclusive edition really excited to have this this is the sequel to a pinch of
magic which I’ll mention here soon but this is a book that I’m going through
reading with that it’s about three sisters with a magical secret
middle-grade as well all right the next one is Tom Nook read a book that you
recently purchased or recently checked out from the library and we’re gonna go
with green at glass house which is a middle-grade book and I got this from
the library this was all the rage during the winter season like the holiday
season I know it has magical elements in it and I think has to deal with a house
or a motel I think this this might be a motel actually that kind
of has a mind of its own I think it’s kind of a mystery really excited to read
this live from lives library she recommended
this to me and she has really good book recommendations so I’m super pumped to
dive into this one all right and we couldn’t mention this entire prompt list
without at least mentioning the Gamecube because that’s where it all started and
that is it’s a long runs of to read it Animal Crossing GameCube read a book
that has been on your TBR at the longest or reread an old favorite so I am
actually going to be reading the divide by Elizabeth Kay I have very little
ideas to what this about I know it’s a fantasy book it has animals like magical
creatures in it and this actually happens to be my boyfriend’s like one of
his favorite childhood books and he’s been wanting me to read it for a really
long time so we are going to dive in to this book it looks really cool like this
is the cover I how cool is that well dive into that alright and I’m the
bonus prom of course Isabel we could not leave her out and that is read one of
the hosts choice so first I will go over my co-host choice let them go first the
first one we have is Diana’s paperback Jedi and this is Anya and the dragon by
Sophia Pass pass Pasternak Pasternak I think it’s how you say it
um I’m really excited about this one it is about our main character I forgot
what her name is uh Anya so but our main karen ‘she goes on a quest to find a
dragon or hunt down or dragon something like that um dragons are said to not be
in existence anymore and but her family needs the money so she is it going on
this voyage to find a dragon so i’m yet in the dragon and the next one that i’m
super pumped for it is a book that has been on my Amazon wishlist for a really
long time I’m really
that Tory picked this one out because it gave me a really good excuse to buy it
and that is the tea dragon Society first of all did not realize this book was
this giant I am so pumped to read this this is going to be such a cute book
I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it and I really I haven’t looked
through it because I kind of want to have that surprise about reading it but
it’s so colorful and fun and heartwarming I hear and it’s by Katy
O’Neil and like I said I’m really glad Torrey picked it because this is has
been on my wish list for so long and I’m glad I was able to purchase it for
myself and also to read it during such an awesome read-a-thon alright and then
my pick is currently not here it should get in a few days before the read-a-thon
and it is actually the first book to this because this is a sequel it is a
pinch of magic by Michelle Harrison it is about sisters and family and Lexi
from Alexander Rosalyn she appraises this so much she liked everybody to read
it during the holiday seasons I finally purchased it especially when I saw that
this one had come out and it really cool sprayed edges it just really encouraged
me to purchase it and so I actually purchased it from Book Depository where
our critics are really long time to get here so hopefully it should get here by
the fourth and I hope you all will join in in reading one of the three host
picks with us like I said I am so pumped to get to both of these and when I read
the synopsis for both of them I hadn’t knew I had to purchase them so I will
definitely be focusing on reading these alright and just like an animal crossing
you do have like your main things that you need to do every single day but then
there are also like bonus challenges bonus errands to do so we decided to go
ahead and pick three of them and each host is actually going to pick their own
winner and there is going to be a prize with it so definitely do participate in
these challenges at least one of the three make sure you tag us and use our
hashtag which is right here to make sure you are
entered in to win one of the three prices
so first let’s dive into a Diana that is the museum is looking to host some new
exhibits but is short on art do you think you can help all right so the
challenge is to post a picture of your animal crossing wreath on TBR or book
you plan to read to enter this challenge please use the hashtag AC read-a-thon so
all you have to do is get all the books you plan to read and oh and make sure
you hashtag a series on all right now let’s dive in to Tory’s the happy home
Academy is looking for some fresh inspiration do you think you’re up to
the challenge post a screenshot of your pocket camp
with the hashtag 8c read-a-thon so Tori’s is you have to go to the pocket
camp app that is available on iOS and Android as well screenshot it and make
sure you hashtag us and you’ll be entered to win the next one is mine
which I’m actually excited for not trying to be too biased but it is my own
really excited for it it is the able sisters are looking for a
new model for their shop do you think you could help post a picture cosplaying
as your favorite villager or create an animal crossing inspired makeup look
with the hashtag a Sea Org read-a-thon I love it
I’m so excited to do this I need to start planning my outfit now I think I
am just going to be me as like a character and stuff because in my pocket
camp one my character dresses a lot like me so I think I’m going to do that I’m
gonna do the pigtails like this was a test run to see how I like them so make
sure when you are doing this if you are hashtagging
us on Twitter or Instagram or both and we will go and announce our winners at
the end of the read-a-thon I’m really excited for these guys so pumped alright
next I told you all this was a jam-packed wreath on next one of the
favorite one of my favorite things about Animal Crossing is actually
fishing tournaments I don’t know why I never win but I love them so we decided
to do fishing tournaments and that is get ready to spring so there rain
Sprint’s on Twitter and we’re actually going to have four of them so the first
one will be on the first day it is going to be at 6 p.m.
Mountain Standard time and Tory is going to be the host so please join Tory on
the first day of our reading sprint I will be there first shirt reading with
y’all checking in and just letting y’all know how my reading is going and then on
the 11th 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time Dianna will be hosting another one and I
will be hosting the third one it is going to be on March 16th at 6 p.m.
Central Standard Time sorry I forgot to put same eyes my time zone and then the
last one will actually be on the 18th and it’s going to be with Diana so
definitely jump in hangout with us let us know what you’re reading and let us
know what you’re most excited for about the new animal crossing I think that’s
everything I’m like going through like my checklist I think I announced all the
prompts I will have all of this saved below if you all want to print these out
for your bullet journals and if you do do any bullet journaling please please
please hashtag us at us whatever you want to do just make sure you let a
smell will repost it will share it we’re very excited we’ve gotten a quite a few
bullet journal spreads already and they’re all on our Twitter like I said
earlier if you want to connect with us please make sure you’re following our
Twitter account that is where we are most active we don’t have a Instagram
but we like I said we do have a Twitter very active on it we want to see what
you’re reading um if you need any recommendations on what to read I would
mention this once keeper velocities will fit every single
challenge just saying every single challenge but anyways you know that is
going to be it for this video I am so so excited for it it’s my first read-a-thon
ever hosting co-hosting ever helped create I am so thankful for Diana and
Tory without them rouvaun would not be happening as i was
saying my many thank yous to my co-hosts my camera died but many men you think
used to Diana and Tori for helping me set this up to make this happen
I am so forever thankful for y’all I’m so excited for this if you are joining
in this read-a-thon please please please let us know please tag me on Instagram
and Twitter and use our hashtag Yeol it’s gonna be great it’s gonna be so
much fun and I hope y’all are gonna join us and I also hope you are having a
great day whatever time it is and yeah I just hope y’all have a book filled day
thanks Gil bye

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  1. I’ve never played Animal Crossing before. 😭 But this is so cute!!! I hope it goes well. ♥️


  2. So so excited for this readathon and the release day! It's going to be such a fun month and the anticipation we've all got to share has already been so fun. You have some amazing sounding books on your TBR. They're all so beautiful looking.

  3. YOU ARE SO COOL! I love the editing on this and I’m so happy you asked me to be a part of it. ❤️ I almost put Nevermoor on my list too! But I did put Keeper of the Lost Cities on it. 😉 I love how we both stuck to middle grade for the readathon, haha.

  4. Those sprayed edges of A pinch of Magic! 😭 I can’t wait to pick that one up soon for the readathon! & I especially can’t wait to see your cosplay of you from the game, I still don’t know what to do 😪

  5. I love that you say how we gotta get our reading in at the beginning of March CUZ AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR READING ONCE THIS GAME COMES OUT XD!
    YES NEVERMOOR! I think I'm going to read that one! Ah can't wait!!

  6. what a cute background and this is such a unique idea for a readathon! all of your little graphic designs are ADORABLE too

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