Animal Crossing New Horizons: Everything You Need to Know (Nintendo Switch 2020)

The Animal Crossing fanbase is incredibly
large, incredibly vibrant, and haven’t been given a new game for over half a decade. With that said, it’s no secret that Animal
Crossing New Horizons is one of the most important games for the Nintendo Switch library. Some people no doubt have been keeping up
with any and all news to come out about this game but today I’m here to fill in the people
that are curious to learn what they’re in store fore when this game makes its way to
Switch on March 20th 2020. Animal Crossing New Horizons is a life simulation
game being developed by Nintendo EPD Production Group Number 5, the development group that’s
perhaps better known by fans as the same team behind Wii Sports, Splatoon, & of course,
the rest of Animal Crossing series. The most important thing to establish here
is the deserted island theme which the producer and director of New Horizons have stated was
selected to provide players with an increased level of customizability when compared to
past games as they were all set in pre established towns and villages. In New Horizons the aim is to allow the player
to have a hand in establishing a new town from the ground up and not just putting your
touch on a town that was founded before you lived there. When beginning the game, if the player’s Nintendo
Switch is in the Southern Hemisphere, the in-game seasons will reflect that. & on the topic of this island. it’s important to note that despite this
island being mostly deserted when the game starts, Tom Nook is still very much involved
and will be the one to sell you the deserted island getaway package that includes your
NookPhone (which sidetone also seems to be customizable on some level) is the gateway
to other key features within the game like the camera (because not having a photo mode
equivalent in a game like this would be a crime,) a Map of your island, the option to
Call an Islander to host a local play session with another islander, Nook Miles, a new rewards
system that affords points to players for traveling and participating in activities
around their island as well as completing tasks and stamp cards. For instance, a new system in New Horizons
is the crafting system which is now necessary since all tools degrade with use instead of
just the axes from past AC games. EVERYBODY’S favorite part of Breath of the
Wild (it legitimately is one of my favorite things in that game but I digress.) It’s worth noting that unlike Breath of
the Wild not only will you be able to craft lower level items relatively easy with a few
tree branches, you will likely be able to eventually to craft unbreakable tools – probably
golden tools – if the older Animal Crossing games are any indication. Nook Miles are given for crafting these new
tools so it’s a win-win if you ask me. DIY Tools are also useful for gifts as you
can give them to villagers and many of them will return the favor by gifting you new recipes
in addition to improving your relationship with them like gifting any other item would. You’ll also get rewarded with Nook Miles
for doing things like pulling weeds and selling items so, they’re practically giving them
away for playing the game normally. Or more accurately, they’re rewards for
completing quests similar to the way the Town Initiatives worked in the Welcome Amiibo update
for New Leaf. My takeaway for this new feature is that it
seems to be a defacto achievement system for New Horizons which in my minds says one of
2 things will be the case for the majority of players, the Nook Miles could be a great
inclusion or a terrible inclusion depending on how you like to play the game. If you enjoy farming easy bells the Nook Miles
may be a hinderance to you since they’re awarded for performing specific tasks. If you enjoy playing Animal Crossing relatively
slowly and steadily Nook Miles may be one of your favorite new inclusions as they provide
incentive for doing things that you were likely going to do anyway but previously only had
superficial benefits like picking weeds. As far as what you’ll be able to do with
these Miles, as I said they are a secondary currency and as such you’ll be able to buy
items, DIY recipes and other services with them. To date, the only confirmed purchasable item
with Nook Miles that I could find is a Nook Inc. Outfit. & DIY recipes aren’t only unlocked in the
ways I mentioned so far, some seem to be rather passively unlocked just by finding ingredients
from certain recipes like fishing bait. The second component of the Nook Inc Getaway
Package is the tent you will live in when you 1st arrive on the island. Once you have this tent you’ll be able to
not only customize its interior like you could in past Animal Crossing games, the level of
control you’ll have over that customization has been effectively doubled since you can
to place and move items in half-tile increments a feature that was introduced in Happy Home
Designer, & more importantly in my opinion we’ll now be able to place furniture items
on the outside of our tents. Ever wanted to sleep outside in your animal
crossing game? I don’t know why you WOULD want to do that
BUT you can now & being afforded that option is pretty cool. Even if I’m not crazy enough to do it… Animal Crossing: New Leaf took a few baby
steps toward the ability to put your mark on the. Outside world with town ordinances but unfortunately
those were pretty limiting in terms of truly making the town your own. These’s projects couldn’t be built too
close to other projects, rivers, buildings, bushes, or trees regardless of the actual
size of the project relative to the things around it. That seems to be less of an issue with New
Horizons as there’s been multiple examples shown of outdoor decorations that were placed
without these restrictions. There haven’t been very many larger scaled
projects shown to my knowledge at the time of recording this video but I’d imagine
the increased freedom will continue to influence outdoor decorations and projects. & to continue on the topic of island customization,
we’ll be able to pave roads with clay made from rocks in the environment. AS WELL AS a special tool for digging dirt
paths into the grass. Also, another new change that partly gave
me breath of the Wild vibes is that eating fruit seems to give your villager the stamina
needed to uproot and replant trees. I’d imagine this stamina would apply to
more things but so far this was the only use case I spotted so far. The theme of increased freedom afforded to
players in New Horizons seems to not only relate to the island itself, it also holds
true with the player character. We will now have a larger inventory for items
AND that’s not only limited to the amount of slots in the inventory themselves but also
those slots can be freed up by stacking which could be done with fruit in New Leaf but now
more items will automatically be grouped together in your inventory. Aside from that, items can now be favorited
in your inventory as well which will automatically push them to the front of your inventory. Something small but quality of life improvements
like this add up to make new entries in ling running franchises feel fresh. For the first time in a main line Animal Crossing
game you will be able to fully customize your villager – finally. Players will be able to change their skin
tone without the stupid tanning system AND the hair and facial feature options are neutral
so that’ll mean a lot more options for everyone when it comes to customizing villagers and
thereby further distinguishing them from other people’s villagers. & that’s particularly useful since there
will be new improvements made to the multiplayer in Animal Crossing New Horizons. As I mentioned when I talked about the NookPhone,
it’s now possible to play locally on 1 Switch with up to 3 other players, alternatively,
you’ll also be able to connect to up to 7 other players using online or local wireless
play which is twice as many players that were possible in the past. It’s important to note that for players
that share a Nintendo Switch with other family members or something you can only have one
island per console that will be shared amongst all of the villagers that are saved to that
Switch. On the note of villagers, there have been
improvements made to how the NPCs work as well. New Villagers will now have to start their
island lives with tents just like player characters do and you’ll have increased control over
where their homes will be on your island as they will check in with you before they move
in to see if their chosen lot is ok with you. Also, there’s been a notable change to their
designs as well being that their outfits and now more elaborate than simple t-shirts. & speaking of changes, Mr Resseti has been
forced to change his career choice since autosaving being added to Animal Crossing New Horizons
makes his job obsolete. Unfortunately though, the ability to autosave
comes with the news that cloud saves won’t be supported in New Horizons joining the list
of Nintendo first party games that don’t support the feature. For a game that’s over 3 months away we
know quite a bit about Animal Crossing New Horizons and if you’re a HUGE Animal Crossing
fan we know even more small tidbits that I didn’t mention here pertaining to returning
villagers, item types, and things like that but those things aren’t really a big enough
deal to include here. As far as unanswered questions I’d like
to see addressed in the coming weeks, I want to know how sharing islands with other players
will work online and with wireless local play. If they nail that feature you can bet I’ll
be getting a lot of mileage out of that but other than that I think we know plenty to
be excited for this game as Animal Crossing fans. I think the excitement of newer players will
likely hinge on the answer to that multiplayer question. The biggest draw to Animal Crossing is its
communal nature so if that pans out well it should be easy for existing fans to win their
friends over. & that’s everything we know about Animal
Crossing New Horizons. What do you think of the game so far? Did this video teach you anything you didn’t
know? Maybe even make you more excited for its quickly
approaching release? Let me know that and more in the comments
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