Animal Crossing New Horizons – 19+ New Gameplay Details & ALREADY DOMINATING Sales Charts!

What’s another one OJ here welcome
back to another video and yo what is up with Animal Crossing new horizons at PAX
East the set where there was Tom Nook and Isabel and everything that Nintendo
built was beautiful what a great display to show off this
highly anticipated game it is really popping for Animal Crossing new horizons
on the Nintendo switch we’ve got some news when it comes to sales already with
this blockbuster game or soon to be blockbuster game on the switch and we
also got a bunch of new details so let’s go over those new details first then
we’ll talk about this crazy sales fact or thing that’s going to happen with
Animal Crossing new horizons that I really haven’t seen since last year’s
pokemon sword and shield and maybe even 2018 Super Smash Brothers ultimate but
let’s start off with these new details fresh from PAX East all of you Animal
Crossing fans gear up get your bells ready because this is going to be high
so starting off with the note and a bottle feature will return for New
Horizons and it does seem like you’ll be able to obtain items from the bottles
that wash up on shore z’ for example a DIY recipe is given to the player
through the bottle you’ll be able to purchase a custom phone case for your
nook phone that’s always awesome to see that
blathers will require 15 total items in order to open the islands museum tix
now sells bags and other accessories so some adieu Kix messenger bags a backpack
a cute cross body purse aerobics leggings and more are seen in kicks
shopped for the day got brand new fish and snapping turtle yo who can do
without that the toggle function included to change the camera view which
is very good the camera can now be changed to a more top-down view with a
click of the right analog stick litterateur how about once always was on
the gamecube with the first animal crossing that was actually my first
animal crossing game was on the gamecube that’s my favorite one so far at least
at this point now when idle Tom Nook and Isabel clean
around the office nice little details there Isabelle can be seen dusting a
shelf Tom look also dust a shelf so making sure those shelves stay dust free
now the two new colleagues are always keeping busy when you walk in rather
than just sitting there as if waiting for your arrival a new furniture item
includes doormats specifically welcome mats welcome to New Horizons peeps
welcome to your island getaway a new tab marked by a pen lets players customize
face paint on the villager they also have the option of choosing a setting
marked by a more feminine villager with a ponytail and a more male presenting
icons so nice little additions there like the whole customizing face paint
stuff I think that’s gonna be really cool gonna make some really dope looking
villagers with that this last bit of news does say that while the usually
gendered customization options are open for anyone this particular thing appears
to be mandatory so there’s that as well so this is looking really good I think
some of the best things from the new information that we found out here is
the DIY recipe I love that wash it up on Shores you get some new stuff there
maybe from other people who have visited or people that send you stuff I love
that I like the camera option in order to make it more of like a top-down look
to if you’re really trying to like make sure that your area is looking good
right when you’re outside trying to plant your trees or your garden or
whatever you’re doing I like that top-down view of it as well that’s
really good artifact that they’re kind of going in with the fashion right all
the different types of messenger bags and the backpacks and the crossbody
purses and aerobics leggings all that stuff is really good the more
customisation always the better so I’m really liking what they’re doing here
but also to make things seem more lively and make things seem more I would say I
would just say more energetic I like the fact that they don’t just sit down like
Tom Nook and Isabel they’re out there they’re dusting shells they’re cleaning
stuff they’re doing other things so the fact that there’s a little bit more
liveliness around what the NPC’s is actually really cool now let’s talk
about this next bit of news because PAX East obviously it was great to see
Animal Crossing the game looks such a clean and detailed look so that wraps it
up with bat news with the new features and everything that we learned
about the game from PAX East let’s look at awesome obviously the game looks
great from a visual perspective I think the clean look of the graphics
simplistic but clean look really does the switch and does the game justice in
terms of just visually pleasing now let’s talk about this other bit of news
because like I said I haven’t seen sales like this since pokemon sword and shield
on the Nintendo switch but this is crazy so I’ve been digging around and looking
in terms of how Animal Crossing new horizons is doing on the Nintendo switch
and I think that it’s doing extremely well based on what we’ve seen so far
here so Animal Crossing new horizons on the Amazon bestsellers you have a number
Amazon is one of the largest seller of video games in the US and I’m probably
safe for most of the part of the world they sell a ton of games so getting to
the top of Amazon’s bestsellers list honestly means that your game is usually
doing very well I haven’t seen a game that has ever reached the top of the
Amazon bestsellers that didn’t go on to sell millions or at least a very high
amount and Animal Crossing New Horizons is number one on and that is
weeks before the game is launched it’s coming out March 30th so we still got
about a month and it’s number one on but it doesn’t just stop
right there guys on the eShop in the US the game is number one with just free
loading so right now the game is already number one on the eShop and on top of
that in Japan the game is also number one on the eShop now why this is
significant is that Nintendo switches download sales consumption rate and what
they’ve done from what they did with the Wii U and also with the Wii and the
Nintendo DS three DS or dsi s and say the three DS it is up way higher than
what we’ve ever seen before for a Nintendo system by far digital
consumption rate on the Nintendo switch blows away every previous Nintendo
system that had digital sales so the fact that it’s number one already on a
system like the Nintendo switch that is Nintendo’s technically speaking in terms
of console sales wise their third best selling system
of all time and pretty much second-best when you talk about digital sales right
assistant that can download a home console at least that can download
second best selling of all time because the Wii was the other one but the Wii
digital sales just weren’t all there because a lot of games weren’t offered
digitally back then this is crazy to see it’s crazy to see that the switch has a
huge install base huge install base and a lot of people are downloading games
and especially a game like Animal Crossing you’re going to see a very high
digital consumption rate for this type of game because it’s one of those games
to where you don’t want to be like taking it in and out and doing all that
it’s one of those games might play a couple times here and there might leave
it alone for a week your town gets all jacked up or leave it alone for a month
or maybe even more than that they kind of go back to it you kind of play as a
relaxing type of thing so to see it really do this well digitally on top of
having physical sales that are this high as well with the Amazon that’s crazy I
think this game is going to blow up in terms of popularity I think people have
been getting kind of the same stuff right if you look at the Nintendo switch
everything is like traditional type of games right or racing or RPG or action
throw you’re doing some type of violent type of stuff right you’re jumping on
people’s head amaro you’re slashes people up Legend of Zelda that’s pretty
much all of the first party games that we have on the system or something like
Mario Kart where you’re still hitting people with things and then you have
this game Animal Crossing where the most violent thing that I’ve seen so far is
maybe a tombstone in the corner which is just a two stone we don’t know what that
does or some bees attacking you and you passing out due to that I mean that’s
pretty much it so it’s a change of pace it’s something different and people are
responding accordingly and animal Crossing’s a huge franchise now if you
check in Europe – I’m pretty sure European charts depending on what area
Animal Crossing is already number one in some of those areas – but in two of the
major regions for this game which is Japan and the US already number one on
both of those and of course an Amazon US which sells just so much games largest
market in the world here in the u.s. already number one on there that’s crazy
that’s just crazy to see like I said I haven’t seen this type of domination for
switch game since Pokemon sword and shield and before that it was definitely
Super Smash so there’s ultimate in terms of games
just dominating the sales a shop charts in all different types of regions
dominating it on Amazon and everything so very good to see Animal Crossing new
horizons do that well and it kind of goes to show you that doesn’t have to
just all be about violence or some type of game like that action you can have a
game that’s chill that’s a bit more mellow to where you’re just kind of
doing different things and it still sell very well but I did also want to kind of
put in a side note Super Smash Brothers is still doing very well I’m looking at
the charts here and it’s actually the fifth best selling game on Amazon that’s
pretty crazy right fifth best selling game on Amazon despite being released
going on two years now alright got it in the late 2018 and it’s still one of the
top games on which is just crazy to see but back to Animal Crossing
man this is definitely good Animal Crossing is one of those games that I
think that a lot more people that never tried to gave because of the popularity
of the switch and honestly because of the portability aspect combined with the
home aspect this game is gonna blow up and I think that Nintendo did something
with this when it comes to like the local multiplayer this is gonna get
families playing a lot more games together really it is I mean you kind of
destroy friendships with my old cart but then you can rebuild them back with
Animal Crossing new horizons and I think the multiplayer especially the local
multiplayer where you have the joy comes you can just pass them and play and
enjoy it’s going to be a big feature for so many families out there with their
daughters or their sons dads and moms and everything so I love that feature
and even having the online play to where you can have pass codes right so they
don’t have to be on your friends list pass coast where we can incorporate that
and also having the best friends option all the difference that they’ve added in
is making this game blow up more and I really think it’s gonna outsell new leaf
within the first month or so I really think that new leaf will be out sold
very quickly just like our pokemon sword and shield out sold like X&Y and those
3ds Pokemon games very quickly despite having a lower install base overall into
the 3ds I think that’s gonna happen with Animal Crossing new horizons switch game
owners not only do they buy a lot of games on day one or in the first month
but they continue the games even after that it’s evergreen
it’s big sales at the beginning so this is great to see and I’m happy that the
Nintendo team the Animal Crossing team is getting this done because remember
this game got delayed this game did have to get delayed from last year because
the team didn’t want to crunch right it’s such a relaxing and kind of calming
game to make them crunch to get it out from last year instead of just really
taking their time and their mental health for example you know as the
priority I really loved that they did that and I think the extra time probably
added in more features and new things in order to make the game even better and
we’re seeing that with the terraforming a lot of the cool stuff that they’ve
added in so I’m ready for it man I’ve got my Animal Crossing pre-order ready
to go so what do you guys think about Animal Crossing new horizons on the
Nintendo switch everything that they added so far we learned at PAX East and
just do these crazy sales numbers for the game let me know your thoughts in
the comment section below alright guys that wraps it up for this video here
check out the link in description below we’ve got Twitter go ahead and give us a
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make sure you like comment and subscribe share the video if you can and we’ll see
you guys for the next one peace

8 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Horizons – 19+ New Gameplay Details & ALREADY DOMINATING Sales Charts!

  1. What does this guy do with all these weeds and how do they have value. Or is he more just paying you for the labor of pulling them. Hmmm Animal Crossing theory needed.

  2. The sales numbers actually don’t come as a surprise to me. I knew, back from the reception of New Leaf, and its sales numbers back then; that Animal Crossing entered Nintendo’s big leagues along with Pokemon, Zelda, and Mario. At the time, I felt it would be the 4th big franchise knocking on the door of at least one of the top three.

    I knew that all they need to do is make another mainline Animal Crossing game, and they’d have a massive audience waiting to get it. It basically prints money, as long as it is true to the nature of the series, like mainline AC games do.

  3. The tremendous popularity of Animal Crossing does not surprise me in the least. AC is incredibly addicting and sheer fun. There's so much to do and discover, you can never become bored. It's exciting, yet it's chill and relaxing at the same time…and it offers something for all ages. Unless you've experienced Animal Crossing yourself, the magic is hard to explain. New Horizons looks amazing and gorgeous and…I cannot wait for March 20!! ❤

  4. I could see 20 million plus easily. Factor in portability, Switch sales, and no mainline game in 6-7 years. Tom Nook can dive into his pile of bells Scrooge Mcduck-style.

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