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Hey it’s Fuchsia here with a video of the top 10 things that I want to see in an upcoming Animal Crossing game. As a longtime fan of the series, I’ve seen it grow and change, and I look forward to its next installment, and I put a lot of thought into it. So let’s get started. Number one: Different Terrains We saw this in Happy Home Designer but as far as main series installments go, we’ve been left with the standard grass and trees town. How great would it be to have a rocky mountain village or a lush tropical resort or a desert oasis? It would add even more variety to a game that’s already about customizing your town how you want it. As an example, here’s my hacked town of Sundrop. Just adding palm trees to the town adds so much. Number two: More Environment Elements We all know the pink cherry blossoms in spring and the aurora and meteor showers in the winter, but there’s more to be explored. The occasional windy day sending leaves tumbling through the air would be a great touch, as well as falling leaves in the autumn. We’ve already got the springtime petals, all it would need is a quick texture change. And to take a cue from the Sims, what about being able to make piles of leaves to jump into? It would be a great unique feature for the fall. Number three: Plot Picking For the first time, New Leaf introduced villagers being able to put their house anywhere in town, which made for many frustrations. The Welcome Amiibo update fixed this a little, but please let us have an easier way to pick where our dreams move into! Number four: Decorating Outside I’m not asking for much, just three or four spaces around a villagers house that can optionally be used for regular furniture items. I’d be happy with this even being confined to the players’ houses. Either way, it would add more uniqueness to each town’s design and really show off each player’s personalities Number Five: Skin Tones If anything on this list is a must-have, it’s this one. The default skin tone being the palest color and having to spend time each day tanning to get a different skin tone is outdated and racist. You can pick your skin tone in both Happy Home Designer and Pocket Camp, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be included going forward. On the other hand, New Leaf has a wider and darker range of skin tones available, so I definitely want all 16 tones to be available in the new game. Number Six: Bat Villagers Deer villagers were added in New Leaf, so why not bat villagers in the next game? An added bonus would be if they were nocturnal, adding extra playability to those late night hours when usually everyone’s asleep and the shops are closed. Here are some adorable designs from a couple of artists who agree with me. Number Seven:Happy Home Academy I assume the Happy Home Academy will come back in some form, but I wonder how it’ll look without StreetPass. In New Leaf, you can get presents from people you’ve streetpassed, as well as explore their house, question their design choices, and order furniture. I love this feature, and hope it remains intact in some way. I’d also like to take a cue from my favorite game, Fantasy Life, where streetpassed players show up around the main town and say cute things about the area. I’d love to see something like this on Main Street along with our former villagers. Number Eight:Holidays There are plenty of holidays and events in the game, but they’re oddly spaced and you can go weeks without one. I’d like to incorporate some of the old holidays from Wild World such as the week-long Flower Festival in spring and Yay Day where villagers complement each other all day. It would keep the calendar flowing, although there would have to be a balance between too few and too many. Number Nine: Main Street and Public Buildings We all love Main Street in New Leaf, but it would be great if we had some public buildings to make our own on it as well. Happy Home Designer had us designing a hospital, school, concert hall, and plenty of other amenities. Perhaps these could be unlocked and upgraded as you progress in town, like many of the shops in New Leaf. Number Ten: Celeste’s Observatory In Wild World and City Folk, Celeste had her own observatory in the museum where you can look at the stars and make your own constellations. This is taken out in New Leaf, doing her the great injustice of giving her a boring gift shop instead. Please, give Celeste her observatory back! There are plenty of other things I want but this is my top ten. What do you want it in a new Animal Crossing game? Please leave a like if you enjoyed this list.

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  1. I LOVE the video! I know you put a lot of work into editing down a ton of footage and your efforts really paid off. I would love to see more videos like this and I too and dying for AC updates, ANY updates, at E3 this year.

  2. Would you ever consider adding subtitles to your videos? I find your voice a little hard to understand ?

  3. Well I hope you can be mayor again but then again that would be repeatedly but I'm just gonna get into my list 1. Restaurant I would like some little restaurants introduced new characters and the shops would be a donut,pizza,burger and sushi 2. Bigger towns, I'd like bigger towns to make more town projects and tree cause I always like my villages forest themed 3. Concert, you know how you have the town themed well you could do something like that except a song and have a open mic night it would be on town projects for 598,000
    4. 15 villagers/choosing there spot, in new leaf im always tired of villagers moving in front of my mansion and killing my blue roses and bushes it makes me so mad and I'd like to have more villagers for a little fun. Last but not least 5. The ufo is something I kinded always wanted back even though u don't get much from it.

  4. id like them to utilize a few of the features in HHD and PC. i hate how messy and random my villagers' houses look. all their furniture clashes, i really want to design their houses.

  5. YES to the bat villagers. I thought they’d be cute to have but didn’t think of the fact that they’d be up late at night in case the player is up late too! 😀

  6. Ever since the no update and we got hello kitty Zelda and spla toon villagers I would like more crossover villagers with crossover projects be useful for people desining Mario or sonic or spla toon team towns also I love some of the ideas Josh from the bit block came up in makebeleave so I'd love to see them also a swimming costume shop so we can by swimsuits from town instead of the island also we get to design them like we design cloths nun able sisters.

  7. Here are my thoughts on what could be added to AC Switch version

    1. Better storage: I personally had certain issues with the storage in AC:NL where all the storage was all connected to one another. I do a lot of shopping in AC:NL but don't have anywhere to store the items that I buy for my house. I was hoping that with the power of the Nintendo Switch we get storage similar to what can be seen in Minecraft where each new storage unit is truly blank with X number of sectors to store items in

    2. Better Housing/ villager upgrading their house: This one can be easily defined I would mind having a big mansion but I would also like to see the Animal Villagers expanding their own homes to so they can show off more items that requiring you to find them new items to decorate their houses.

    3. Easier ways to spot fake artworks: I have only one legit painting in AC:NL that is accurate since 9/10 most of the items that you can buy from Redd's Traveling Art tent seems to be fake or it's my luck. I would like to see a small guide book that you can purchase to the Nookling's shop that tells you how to spot fake artwork and allow you to easily make the reader more aware of truly what they need to know before buying any artwork from Redd.

    4. Bigger Town Maps: With the power of the Nintendo Switch we need bigger town maps since AC:NL felt a little cramped due to the hardware of the 3DS. I wouldn't mind having a big map that we can section off for a fruit farm, beautiful flower garden, housing/apartments location, and finally a open range area for anything the players wish. This could also add a much bigger expansion to the number of animal villagers you could have in a single town.

    5. Option for First person view : Imagine having the option to view your town in first person view where you can truly see the beauty through the eyes of you villager. It would make the game just that bit magical. This could also be tied to my third suggestion for Animal Crossing Switch version.

    6. Villagers living together/ the ability to have a relationship with any animal villager: This one could add that much more of a realism to the franchise imagine having a few animal villagers living together as a couple it would make the game closer to real life. Yes this would seem like a dream for a few furries, but it would make the game much more enjoyable to see if you could form much more than just a friendship with your animal villagers that seems closer to real life relationships.

    7. The option to have bigger pockets: This could be done by buying a backpack from the Nookling's store that you can store special items similar to my first suggestion but for carrying all the different items that you can purchase from the vast shops with in the game.

    8. Cooking certain meals: This one can be done by having a small market where you can buy food related items that you can buy to create new dishes for living in your town you could also do this to impress any certain animal villager you wish to start a relationship for as suggested in my sixth topic.

  8. Little did she know that it'd be announced later that year. In 2020 (it was delayed a lot), Animal Crossing Welcome Amiibo Leaf Deluxe + Plus for the Nintendo 3D Switch XL Deluxe is amazing!

  9. Oh! Another person that wants bat villagers. They are by far the most wanted new animal, and I support it as well.
    Related to animals, I think it would be cute to have some animals with seasonal fur like IRL.
    Another interesting thing could be regular animals wih a dream that can, with support, evolve and develope their own shop or activity.

  10. I strongly agree with literally every point you've made here, a lot of these were things I've wanted for years and a couple others I hadn't considered before but now I totally agree! 🙂

  11. I want cooking ? and vegetable gardens. Basically if harvest moon was animal crossing with more places to explore (huge open world like Zelda botw) underwater exploring, marriage, I want to see villagers interacting with things instead of just walking around being idle, And jobs! ? I seriously cannot wait to see what they’ll give us ? edit: and a bunch more villagers like 40-50 and able to meet new ones

  12. Basically what she just said: *Having one animal crossing game with almost everything in all animal crossing games*. Oh and i forgot, also some changes like bat villagers and stuff

  13. One thing that was pretty annoying for me in acnl was that if I wasn't playing for an amount of time, my hair would get really messy and there'd be no way for me to fix it besides shelling out 3,000 bells to get a whole new hairstyle. Which kinda sucks since I really liked my oldest hairstyle….

  14. -I would love there to be Bat villagers as well! But what would be awesome is if we had a variety of Nocturnal villagers, this would allow night talks and night activities.
    -Also if the AC Switch game was a mix of Animal Crossing (on the game cube), Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer, Animal Crossing New Leaf, aspects like the items (PLUS BACKPACKS AND CLOTHES) and cool furniture and outside items (LIKE I WANT THE POOL AND CAROUSEL IN MY BACK YARD) from the fortune cookies from (ALSO NO LEAF TICKETS) AC Pocket Camp, and AMAZING graphics, this would be a god tier game HANDS DOWN

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