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you can give them team all right this one is uh two Brown pops kept woke to a small piece of standing fence and open back their ropes are entangled one pup has rope tied around waist dogs are lying on pie would have been in the same spot for months pups appear to be in good weight and you can see for the back and look like you could get the alley on take a peek that cat doesn't want to be doing good way y'all better find I hope the who did it to her because they bringing it on week a namely our dog named little dog neighbors right here that's one part of play that on me cuz they know they've been doing anything to do with that yep I knew she was going branded only cuz I stay next door to her and having to look out he and I called and told her that the dog looked like he was dead that was it a lot of people could see it a lot of people get you don't blame it on me good morning it's home no it's on it's under those steps I think it's somewhere no Humane Society we got a call about dogs yeah um you got your album yeah yeah okay okay all right uh then you have another dog underneath here right the thing is is this okay so what what I'm going to need you to do is to surrender this up is that us mom so we need to get this other one up wondering if I take a look at you know if he does he doesn't have adequate shelter work we can't say like this if you just live up under the pork very necessary but they're just doing a dog house we don't have any ha ha ha I know but they're there they're state laws of all how you got to keep you take a bowl all right let's get some information all right what is the name of the dog that died looks like he died pretty recently maybe yeah last night yesterday I'll he's still pretty fresh hey dogs can siliceous okay right now we got a dog just died out here this is very good they normally don't be legit guys oh oh you know you got to tied up to a piece of plywood tangle up to a fence the dog died for that they can't they can't see like this your you could say long mom's house she says the dog should go hey good come out she's scared me all right ladies pretty scared right now I think these are brothers sisters yeah they're all angels eyes doing huh Ultra Sailor six months six months a sweet Bell come we pick up dogs all the time that are underweight that have embedded collars that have died of exposure and we just follow the steps for each one so it's going to be up to our veterinarian you know we initially looked at that dog at all you know we got tangled up and you probably choke themselves oh honey I'm so our veterinarian support the dog that we just brought in the live deceased it said that it may have died of exposure so what we're going to do at this point is post a dog for knee Cropsey and if it looks like we have enough then we'll present at the prosecutor's office it go from there see if I want to be issued we read a genetic South Street you know it sounds like the neighbors have been feeding the dogs especially during the holiday season you start you find people they want a towel you know somebody was coming by at night feeding the dogs and the neighbors didn't know it you know you get down there and people have come back for vacation you know or they just up and left so you don't know we just wait and see what we find when we get there abandoned dogs or something that we've always had to deal with people sometimes leave their dogs in the home it's the last thing they move out and people they are they moved out a lot for dogs and all they just haven't taken everything out of their house yet and their dogs are still there and a lot of times they just up and leave and you know the house is trashed and the dog has changed in the backyard and they have no intention to ever coming back they tossed the dog out the backyard with everything else from the house they don't want that's it it's a unnoticed as we prepared for these dogs are abandoned and it's part of the process that we're going to go through determination about the steps of the dogs here we want to see if anybody's going in and out of this location you know one of the ways to show that an animal has been abandoned is to show that nobody's coming and going I mean if the tape is broken does nobody somebody's been in here and done something it's not you know automatically abandon a couple things I separated it's her son thug but she's careful he is in a wheelchair she's going to go in and have a conversation about whether or not they're gonna keep the dog or bring the dog in I kind of want through what she needs to do hang on per minute yeah dogs can't stay how it is oh really a lot of dogs can do okay average dog food pit bulls and short-haired dogs they need a higher fat content in winter time and a lot of people buy certain types of dog food even name brands like pedigree have low fat content some dogs would do okay on them other dogs what it all comes down to calories you know them you got to be able to have enough to burn to stay warm and and thrive and if you don't have enough that's when you start burning your your fat stores and you end up losing weight and become very skinny in this kind of weather really quickly so I mean we always trust people to buy the highest quality food the ticket of force and first look at the fat content and make sure it's as high as you can get [Applause] Oh [Applause] [Applause] hi I'm Tom McPhee with the world animal Awareness Society I'm currently on the city streets of Detroit counting stray dogs we want to solve the mystery of how many let's take a look at some of the stories that we've been discovering this urban spy Oh I would kill will tell me so my face burns on the vibe

48 thoughts on “Animal Cops Detroit Rescue Dogs From Neglect The Dirty Side of Dog Rescue Hope For Dogs | My DoDo

  1. It would be so helpful if everybody would share the video on their Facebook pages, on Twitter and all other social media networks. Thanks 🙂

  2. I can’t believe what I’ve just watched. That poor dog that died and the so called owner just left it there. You really care about your dogs! Any decent owner wouldn’t neglect their pets and would have berried it in their garden. I hope the owners were prosecuted in both cases as they don’t deserve to have animals ????

  3. Eventually people who make a certain amount of income will be the only people able to have any pets. Keep the abusing them and see what happens. Its a culture thing too, Dogs are not meant to be thrown in the backyard if you must then you have NO business owning a pet.

  4. Wheres the damn toughness on these people that are cruel! Screw the stupid notices! I hate people who abuse dogs!

  5. Poor babies!! I want to take all of them home. Shame on those heartless owners.Wonder how they treat their kids???

  6. Thank You Ms Debby and the gentleman for rescuing that sweet dog!
    People are cruel and they should be thrown in jail for leaving their pets behind. Thank You Tom McPhee

  7. Detroit: become (in)human …if you let a pup die of exposure, you might let a human die too, either way, you failed big time.

  8. Honteux de la part des maitres comment on peu faire cela j'espère que vous les avez mis en procès qu'il paye pauvre petite bêtes.

  9. I wouldn’t have been that calm to that demon of a woman who in my eyes committed murder. I probably would of beat her stupid ass.

  10. America is so different to England you wouldn't be keeping any dogs if you treated as dog like that and probably go to jail!!

  11. me refiero al perrito que estaba tirado en el suelo y atado con una cabuya, que le pasó, si se murió o fue que lo mataron? pobre animalito, gracias por su respuesta. saludos de Barranquilla

  12. how about ever one who has a dog gets the dogs desexed or you dont own a dog at all less unwonted dogs on the streets become a pain for othere people to feed

  13. The comment about feeding short haired dog's and muscular breeds good quality high fat content food , is wonderful advice i think more people need to know this . Be a teacher not a preacher , rehabilitate animals educate humans ?

  14. Im so sorrry for the other dog arrest that family what you waiting for dont let them get away with it please.

  15. Dogs deserve such more
    Then this, all they need is Love.
    Think, how would you feel if you got treated so badly, many people ask the question but the people who need to answer never think.
    These poor little souls, they deserve MORE THEN THIS!

  16. Wow. I couldn't live around people like this. I'd be in jail for tying them to the fence on a short leash to starve and freeze to death.

  17. People take it upon themselves to keep an animal when they can barely take care of themselves. Why the hell would you think it’s ok to keep a dog outside in freezing temperatures, you ugly cow? Would you like to live outside under the porch in the dead of winter?

  18. How can people go on with daily life with a dead dog outside? Ignorant people letting the dog die of exposure. Why not just give it to the Humane Society or dog pound if you can’t take care of it?

  19. The people in Detroit – the poor section should never be allowed to have dogs. The dogs are starved, mistreated badly n they don't think they did nothing wrong. Being poor is nothing wrong but mistreating animals shows what kind of people exist – they are worst than evil. A law should be created for these people where none of them can have dogs.

  20. ho finito di vedere il filmato , anche quel povero cane bianco così denutrito , che dispiacere e che rabbia !!Menomale che questi filmati li vedono in tanti …Le persone che fanno cosi del male agli animali dovrebbero marcire in una cella !!!

  21. Povero cane in che stato l hanno fatto ridurre quei pezzi di merda dei padroni!!!Menomale ci sono queste squadre di salvataggio , come da noi in Italia c è l OIPA gli angeli blu .Menomale che esistono queste persone che salvano i poveri animali .Ma quelle merde dei padroni non vengono denunciati ?

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