Animal Bro – That’s Fishing (Official Music Video)

Random Noises Bass, Crappie, Catfish catch em every day don’t be by me cause I will slay Catching all the big ones like I’ m gettin paid Redfish, Drum, and Trout in the bay So many fish can’t even fillet, got a big fish how much does it weigh? Cause I’m gonna catch em Said don’t be by me gonna let my fishes go free Already have a trophy gar, sad you ain’t out here, you’re sitting in your car I’m out here lookin at the stars, I can see mars, yeah What don’t you know about me, I dont cast my lures in the tree I might look like it but I’m not three Catfish on live bait, Bass on fly Slay those monsters till I die Throw my jig at that big bass, Yall know it doesn’t land in the tall grass Clouser is flying, beats not dying, what you want from me just stop your cryin. Bobbers and hooks is all I need, a fish from me is guarenteed So much water to explore I love the sights I want some more Casting the reds, jigging for the flounder Reeling in that stud ten pounder Bayou, Bay or Herman park Bring em in until it’s dark One more fish, one more cast, one things for sure, it won’t be the last I’m not gonna fail gotta get hold of at least one tail already know its gonna be a whale try to catch like me with no prevail Holding my rod and I fell that thump, set the hook and I see it jump Fight and thrash my arms are tired, the battle ends when the fish expired. Lifting that slaunch is a feat It’s a feeling you cant beat Watching her swim away to fight another day that’s fishing Thats fishing

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