Animal Behaviour with Raoul Mulder and Mark Elgar 1

You know, Mark, it doesn’t matter how many
times I watch this clip it always makes me laugh. But also makes me wonder why it is that a
little Manakin in a remote rainforest in Costa Rica moonwalks like Michael Jackson. It does, Raoul, it’s fascinating but the other
side of the story is just how on earth these researchers have come up with these kinds
of insights. What sort of things do they need to make these
discoveries? What kind of experiments do they do? To me that’s also a really interesting part
of the whole story. Hello, my name’s Raoul Mulder and this is
my colleague Mark Elgar and as you can probably tell we’re pretty passionate about animal
behavior both in terms of research and in our teaching and we’re really looking forward
to teaching a course through Coursera on animal behavior. That’s right and the things that we’ve been
chatting about just now form the main themes of what this subject is all about discussing
the fascinating aspects of animal behavior and also including in that the kinds of ways
in which research has gone about making those sorts of discoveries. You’ll see from the topic list that we’re
going to be covering quite a diverse range of topics. Everything from how genetic environmental
influence has shaped animal behavior to how we can sometime use surprising areas of theory
like economic theory to try and understand why animals make the decisions they do. That’s right and of course one of the main
things about animal behavior is it’s about animals interacting with each other and so
a lot of what we’ll be talking about is just how animals do interact, how they resolve
conflicts, how they cooperate, both animals of the same species and animals of different
species. Well, if this sounds like sort of subject
you’d like to learn a little bit more about, then please do join us for our animal behavior
course and we look forward to seeing you in class. More popcorn? Mmm-hmm. Thanks.

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