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hi there doggy Dan here from the online dog trainer video website this video how to raise the perfect puppy starring my eight-week old little puppy there moses and my older dog peanut is all about raising awareness of some of the absolutely crucial stuff that dog owners puppy owners should be learning when they first pick up their puppies so i decided to make a video diary of it here i am picking up little moses at 8 weeks old from the SPCA and i video'd everything you see puppy puppy schools are great here's a puppy class this is my puppy class they're very good but generally speaking people are not taught the really important stuff which is going to keep that dog safe later on in life you know we learn stuff like the sit down stay but no dog was ever euthanized because they didn't do a very good sit or a very or they did a sloppy stay it's it's it's the other stuff which is so important and that's what's all included in the site so you know in no particular order understanding how to make sure your dog is good with other dogs all dogs and remains that way whether they're small dogs big dogs you know once your dog starts becoming aggressive at the park or growling or or biting or barking you know you certainly can't exercise them you certainly can't let them go it everything becomes tricky and it doesn't have to be that way the great news is just with some simple tricks and understanding such as how to be the pack leader your dog will just remain a far more relaxed animal just wanting to play rather than this chest-beating sort of monster who turns up trying to dominate everything or they could go the other way and become fearful so inside the side I show you all of that and it's not just with dogs you know you can I'll show you how to make sure your dog is good with all animals horses chickens here is Moses meeting our cats and as you can see he's very relaxed around the cat as he is with all animals now the second thing and no particular order but having a dog who's amazing with people of all ethnicity sizes shapes it doesn't matter whether they're old or young it's so important that your dog doesn't become aggressive bark bite all that sort of stuff that's the serious stuff that we have to understand can really get our dogs into trouble thirdly knowing how to have a dog who is simply relaxed and happy and contented at home its it's not a trick it's very easy when you know how look I mean here's Moses he's half-asleep and we got two young children my children you know swinging on ropes above his head he's a relaxed dog fourthly one of the most important commands is the recall you need to have a brilliant recall whether you're inside the house but especially outside the house at the park at the beach here's Moses he's allowed to go and wander because he doesn't go too far and when we call him he will come absolutely every single time and if you've got that going for you then that's a fantastic command to have and fifthly to have dogs who are calm on the leash so you can walk them outside without feeling they're gonna pull your arm off without feeling that they're gonna lunge at a person or another dog these are the really important things which if you get those right you're probably going to have a wonderful relationship with your puppy with your dog for their entire life and that's why you know I've put this all together inside a video website project Moses is basically the video diary of Moses from eight weeks old it's just one component of the entire website there you can see eight nine ten all the way through and he's nearly he's a year old now and those videos are all going into that website so there you have it for a fantastic relationship with your dog you need to do more than just puppy socialization it's understanding some of the core stuff and and and that will avoid these real big issues from ever occurring take a look at the site the online dog trainer I'm doggy Dan thanks for watching

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