ANIMAL ABUSE: A third abandoned dog found in Oakland trash heap

WEEKEND.. IN AN OAKLAND TRASH HEAP. NOW A BAY AREA RESCUE GROUP SAYS: IT’S A CASE OF ANIMAL TORTURE. NIGHTBEATS KATIE NIELSEN IS IN SAN LEANDRO WITH THE LATEST. KATIE LOOK LIVE INTRO “The dog found last night is now here at the Oakland Animal Service emergency vet clinic. Rescuers say the cases are too similar – all involve shepherd puppies about 4 months old, two suffering from severely broken jaws, all found in the same place.” ã TAKE PKG “Hey buddy. nats-kisses nose” THIS IS ONE OF TWO PUPPIES FOUND AT 89TH AND G STREETS IN OAKLAND ON SATURDAY. JUST HOURS AGO, ANOTHER HORRIFYING DISCOVERY…. A THIRD 4 MONTH OLD GERMAN SHEPHERD, POSSIBLY TORTURED AND DUMPED IN THE SAME PILE OF GARBAGE. (Pali Boucher/Rocket Dog Rescue) “We searched everywhere when the puppies were picked up and we were out there again yesterday searching, and he wasn’t out there, so this is a new puppy that has a new broken jaw.” THREE PUPPIES FOUND OVER THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND – TWO WITH BROKEN JAWS, AND THIS ONE MISSING A PAW ON ONE OF HER HIND LEGS. “It’s incomprehensible to me that someone would intentionally just grab an animal and break its bones.” PALI SAYS THIS COULD BE A SERIAL ANIMAL TORTURE CASE. “It’s a similar break. It’s exactly the same break where the other puppy’s jaw had been broken on both sides.” REPRESENTATIVES WITH OAKLAND ANIMAL SERVICES SAY THEY AREN’T SURE THE CASES ARE CONNECTED BUT SAY THEY’RE DEEPLY DISTURBED AND CONCERNED. OAKLAND POLICE ARE NOW GETTING INVOVLED IN THE INVESTIGATION. “To see these animals smashed and to not know how many more animals are going to be hurt before this person is found is just terrifying.” ã KATIE LOOK LIVE TAG “Bay Area based Pet Food Express is now offering a 5-thousand dollar reward for information about the cases. sig out” NEW DETAILS TONIGHT – IN A DEADLY PLANE CRASH IN PETALUMA.

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