48 thoughts on “Angry Eric the cockatoo curses at his dog friend || ViralHog

  1. This video is the property of Sharon Curle so is Eric whoever say they now own this is a liar and a thief. This page has been stolen from Sharon and Eric. ?

  2. funny you should say that stuff eric, if I ever meet donald trump I plan to say that sequence of words too

  3. THIEF. Sharon Curle and family work very hard on Eric's videos. Please create your own content of your own instead of stealing others'.

  4. Ummm, can someone get this person some help with her lousy attitude? Shes a witch. Good God I hadda stop watching

  5. I'd just like to point out the fact that she has a fucking Vegemite blanket. It doesn't get any more Ozzie than that.

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