Angry Birds Craft – Origami Angry Birds – Red Bird

Hello my crafty friends! Welcome to Origami Tree. My name is Jenny and today I’m going to show you how to make Origami Andy Birds! So this is a three-part
series. I have three separate tutorials on them, so make sure you check them all
out. The first one is origami Angry Bird Red. The other one is origami bird Chuck, and the third one
is the origami bird pig. This video is only for Origami Angry Bird Red. Before we begin, be sure to leave a
comment below letting me know what type of tutorial you’d like to see next. And let’s jump right in! To make the origami Red, you’re going to need a square sheet of paper. This is a three inch square. You’re also going to need a writing utensil to draw in the features of the bird the first thing you want to do is you want a full discretion
in half diagonally so that forms a triangle shape after that you want a
line this 222 top tips so full that I can only increase that in repeat the
same thing on the left side but it can only increase it and they’re going to
take this bottom tip and you’re going to feel that upwards as much or as little
as you want I tend to like to fill it up around in imaginary after that you want
to take this top layer and you going to make the eyebrows are you going to flip
it over and fold it back diagonally sort of forms this little
triangle shape makes you want to repeat the same thing on the left side and
analyse today creates this triangle and then next you want to take these two
tips and you’re going to round it beautiful that back repeat the same
thing on the left side back I feel that you want to take this stuff too and you
wanna feel the back as well it creates more of an overall circular
shape and texture going to turn to decide at the top is facing us and
basically just want to take these flaps and took it down into the middle so I’m
gonna take this one in the back versus it and took it and this just gives it a
cleaner finish and after that you’re ready to decorate and you’re done watching you should
check out the other end hebard tutorials as well I have three of them like I said
before and it’s going to be in the video description and also link here here and
here so check it out I hope you guys enjoy let me know what you like to see
next and I’ll see you soon

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