Angora Rabbit Farming in Pakistan | NARC_Part 1 by Klicks Multimedia

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the most Merciful My name is Javed Iqbal Scientific officer Angora Rabbitry, Livestock Research station National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC), Islamabad. Today our topic is Angora Rabbit Its history dates back to 18th century when people visited Turkey for recreation Today its a famous city “ANKARA” People observed that women had worn shawls which were extremely soft light weight and warm Intrigued tourists asked locals about this were told that there they had rabbits that have wool on their skins and these shawls were made from that wool Upon knowing this, the tourists brought few pairs of those rabbits along with them to their respective countries such as French Angora German Angora English Angora etc it is mainly associated with Turkey and due to city of Ankara it is called as Angora. this is a historical background of Angora Rabbit For the production of wool Angora rabbit is the oldest breeds in the world The specialty about its wool is that it is 7 times warmer than the normal sheep wool Secondly it is light weight and you can make more items with less quantity and it is also soft wool , Thirdly it has absolutely no allergic effect on human body. NARC imported Angora Rabbits for the very first time in Pakistan from Nepal in year 2010 As its worldwide demand of wool is very high and in Pakistan its breeding wasn’t initiated yet so PARC initiated this project in 2010 After importing from Nepal for the first 3 years this project run in developmental stage Our purpose was to give opportunity to marginalized community to expand their livelihoods with meager expense and also to flourish the wool industry We then introduced it to communities in Azad Kashmir , KPK Gilgit Baltistan and Murree gave them trainings and also distributed them Angora Rabbit free of cost at that time It was a federal level project and provinces had to adopt it and KPK government has now adopted it and ongoing in Livestock Experiment Station, JABA, Mansehra there sheep wool work was ongoing and there they made Angora Rabbit farm and there is a wool center as well It is pertinent to mention that in NARC now Angora rabbit project development phase has been completed and now only for research purpose and experimentation it is used such as animal nutrition e.g. what effects on growth occur when we add soyabeen or groundnut in its nutrition.

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