ANCIENT PETS! Bringing Home BIG GULPER! My Newest Aquarium Pet

let's catch them all with catch them all fishing with Zack ketchup this is this on hello guys how you doing it's been so No first of all we have to get the tank destroying fish that's what we're doing today okay second we have to mean your army third we have to go this is not regular man tank this is Ketchum our tank every fish that goes in here has to be pond ready so of course I had to use pond water to acclimate them before they even ready for the pond because the thing that's going in here is going to be a mighty beast and of course we have fish tank destroying monster here we go goodbye dirty house oh yeah don't forget mystery tackle box Pro there's a new box today the link is in the description I always leave the light on for my women so she thinks I'm home when I'm leaving wake up are we the only ones here oh look at him muscles on a rod yeah I bet you didn't know predatory fish got 99 problems but I've been to this is my friend rod predatory fins extraordinaire I'll he's in here with us because he's weak and he does not Bend scre echt he cannot bench you must bend what are you looking I hate you guys I don't hate Turtles I do hate Turtles but look he loves turtles and he's a swole this man in the world but this turtle this turtle does not eat just anything this turtle eats fruits but it also eats men look what's what oh oh my god oh he's gonna shut you gonna show off the water flow so we can actually see this stuff guys I'm getting kind of excited yes yes yes we've been Tigers are we feeding them what's up oh my God look how golden your air primer is oh yeah and that's our power – I didn't even look I was so paying attention to the gold in there oh my god boy so cool to visit these old Ted tied with come back to poppy come on used to slap the water for her ha yeah you're not tigress just beat everybody so even the air primer come on oh sorry that's good the living crap out of me thank you sir thank you sir huh yeah yeah I dropped it like just in time oh dude oh here's Tigers Tigers come here baby love me okay okay here you go ready oh that thing is ridiculous oh whoa whoa whoa whoa too big for you the stingrays oh my God look at the data noise that's what's called right oh here comes they're buying my game oh this is so sick that pop you guys our pockets looking nice and healthy mysterious how actively our dude and I love to see this healthy tank bro the other man though a lot of work so we're gonna have the grand opening guys you're all gonna be able to come here we're gonna have against this giant wall a giant pond over there right it's a really I can tell them brothers at all that's the first time we're talking about a dude the first time that's gonna be crazy we're gonna have like food trucks outside so we're gonna sell some fish we're gonna feed these fish everyone is gonna be allowed to feed these fish and stuff like that it's gonna be such a crazy event I can't even imagine how it's gonna be I don't know who's gonna be the host but I know the king of DIY is gonna be there obviously rods gonna be there I'm gonna be the host okay I'm gonna be the host guide they're always swimming together look at this look at this guy's hey baby oh nice and gentle look egan fizzle obviously I don't want to remove the slime quote too much dude guys I was freaking out about this but I forgot that I figured out about this and I was freaking out about everything else including tigress which is my absolute favorite baby dude look how big this play Cole is that's insane that's insane it since it that's so big dude this thing I can't even it's like a it's like a bike helmet I can't even explain how big this thing is love you huh okay I'm coming coming we're all coming not just me us together oh my god dude okay we're focused in Oh guys I don't know how to do this justice can you get closer get closer yeah your head looks good you make some look small look at the size of this thing look at the size of this thing guys look at my hand I have a man hand here lifting weights and bunchy think this is a huge fish this is a pleco my voice is Oh daddy those lips are bigger than yours well I do that very full lips I've never witnessed this yeah yeah I was like Oh pleco who cares it's a big girl bro this is these are absolutely insane look like bike helmets that's the best way to describe them right they look exactly like bike helmets are so massive oh my god oh my god what what's up with the hair follicles on them what is that is it rough at least a hair for this oh that's hard it's all hard like scale type what the heck guys please explain to me what with the whiskers on this thing oh my gosh guys I can't even explain to you how big it actually is like it's so big I mean that's the only fish that actually will be comfortable with completely taking up just go ahead if you can oh my god what do they call Titans Titans play codes we like to call them oh my god look at the eyes on this thing Oh oh my god it's so big it's so big dude it's so big that's what women say just kidding perspective perspective one oh my god oh my god lord have mercy I can't believe you own this thing oh my god the whiskers on this thing oh my god so it's all like really hard it's stuck off the net is stuck on it in ep phone home Oh Oh guys this thing is huge dude that is insane you got to hold that thing I pull the toilets camera so I can really take a look at it in size comparison dude that is ridiculous this is insane Mike yeah just like that oh my god it is it does have like a tiger stripe to it that is insane that is absolutely insane is it stuck yeah they're not so docile when you pick them up huh that is that is insane my god you are so much cooler than I thought I thought those things were so blown bro forget the bucket you said something the secret oh yes Oh silver dollars whatever that is we going down to oh my god what are those tirado dude are those Dorado are those golden nerado guys we have golden Dorados for sale online oh man those are gorgeous we just saw them at the pet textbook they weren't this cool though down all right cool okay take me take me there's too many cool things there's too many cool things I'm so distracted too many cool what take the Kaka whoa look at the chunks whoa whoa look how hungry these guys are what are those the Chinese birds are like a fair maybe they're Moony bear 1d well they're really aggressive looking – oh that's right guys I've listened to your comments predatory fins rod listen to your comments I'll leave it to haole show you oh he's not here too bad probably look at the Gophers dude look how many he has guys you want a golfer you could pick them up online so predatory fins I'll put the link in the description just one click you can get whatever you want guys I'm getting one of these damn bro that one I think that's the one he's like looking at us – yeah that's the one dude best I want look at that chart look how cool the jugs are I want to chart how big do these sharks get five feet long damn let me get some dark soon I have the bubblers yeah I always got bub those guys you know I am kitchen mom yeah I want to pick one I want to pick guys oh oh I get to I get to scoop yeah now you do it I don't want to scoop it is cool sometimes it's good to be behind the can yes scoop it up okay okay we want the leader of the pack that one right there keeps good for the Susan oh yeah that one that's the one that's the one dude oh that's the one oh that's the one baby look at him look at him squirming just hungry for blood that's right soon you shall join many more and destroy everything on earth that thing is ready that things on the hunt look at this look how active he is that's the one dude bro give me some what about to make some fire biz we got the gulper on deck we have the guns holding the gulper bro I'm excited I'm excited let's walk the long way just so we can take a look at Oh red-tailed catfish we got cheap red-tailed catfish we have the lungfish we get are those uh they look super aggressive they're cool fights yeah it look like snake it's a spike over here huh promise me and then these are the I'm trying to try to pronounce the name cuz ever [Laughter] they're beautiful though they look weak yeah I like stuff like a speak that's what my Wang said oh my god the vulture catfish they look like vultures swarming around – is that why they named him that yeah oh yeah did anything man look at the babies I can focus in for you guys we can actually look oh my God look at the egg sex guys this how fresh these erawan are Wow talk about the arowana that you can pay you raise them from that young like I had a couple red tails guys I raised them till they were like 24 inches just pitting them to come up and let you do whatever you want fish you're surprisingly friendly guys everybody okay you just want to see you okay okay hello okay nevermind I guess we're never gonna see you we don't need you we saw you on Animal Planet anyway goodbye fahza it's nice knowing you thank you for blinking and acknowledging me goodbye oh ho not hungry today he's too fat he already ate look a stinger is just chewing on it it's sucking on that thing oh here he comes the golden cleaner pick her up tigress what's up tigress oh look at this look at this beast that's right that's my girl I love you thanks for coming to say goodbye look at that girl man oh-oh here comes tigress hey that's my girl that's my girl Ethan girl be good soon you shall rule this place like a mini me rule the world think about this turtle is that I'm not afraid to lose my hand look at this you could push her and she'll come right back hey the push the turtle game and she's not slimy and disgusting like most rebels and humans I don't like I don't know lungfish photo like loose turd either are you doing buddy got to make sure he's not drive it I don't know if I want to do this I don't know if I want to grab these swimming nice cookies happy I grabbed him why are you why I touched I Greg I don't want to be that it does not look like a happy boy look at him well guys thank you for tuning into this episode I'm gonna take this guy back home and you can get all these fish that we saw today in the description below guys predatory finish things for having this rod give me some love tygris I love you see you later arapaima and popular swims with them all the time and now everything is turning gold because a beautiful place especially for tigress not for you please know Mikey guys I love you subscribe click that bell below do whatever you got to do but guys I hope you're doing one thing and that's catch them all get him up

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