Ana – Tails of a Shelter Vet

They say cats have nine lives. That very well may be true for Ana. When Ana was brought to the San Jose Animal Care Center it was glaringly obvious that her right hind leg had been severely injured. Yet what had happened
to this poor kitten remained a mystery. What we did know,
was that Ana’s leg had nearly been severed off, with just a single blood vessel connecting
the lower part of her leg to the rest of her body. Unfortunately, Ana’s leg had shriveled up and she no longer had
feeling in the lower part of her leg. There was no way to save her leg. Her leg needed to be amputated. As our veterinary team placed
an IV catheter in her front leg, Ana melted our hearts as she
calmly kneaded the blanket and gazed about the room, completely unfazed by her surroundings. It was as if she knew we were there to help. Our team anesthetized Ana and prepared
her for surgery to spay her as well as remove her injured leg. The surgery went smoothly and she woke up afterwards on a warm bed, yet still disoriented from anesthesia. That evening I took Ana home with me to monitor her and continue her IV pain medications overnight. She did well throughout the night, but in the morning Ana wasn’t acting
as I expected she would. I’ve taken many kittens home
after amputation surgeries and have never seen a kitten so
lethargic the next morning. I took her straight back to the shelter
and our team started treating her. Initially, she perked up
and became more animated, but as the day progressed her condition declined to being almost completely
unresponsive. We made the decision to have our
Animal Services Officers rush her to a specialty veterinary hospital that was better equipped to handle
such a critical patient. It was a sleepless night for me, as I worried whether or not Ana would make it. My hopes were kept alive
knowing that she was a fighter, she’d already survived such unimaginable trauma. We were so relieved when
Ana returned to us back at the shelter a happy, bouncy kitten. She was so bouncy that she had
opened up her amputation site. Given what Ana had been through, we
were all very nervous about anesthetizing her again to repair her incision. However, we suspected that her poor
condition might have been caused by a rare adverse reaction to
one of the pain medications. Since Ana had been doing much better
after we changed her pain meds, we decided to anesthetize her to repair her incision. Fortunately, everything went smoothly, and she recovered from anesthesia without any issues. Nevertheless, days later, Ana still
managed to get around her e-collar and open her incision once again. So we, once again, anesthetized her
to repair the wound, this time placing staples along
the incision to help it stay closed. Again, she recovered from anesthesia,
and her incision was healing very, very well. However, as if Ana needed another bump
in her pathway to recovery, over the following week she developed
a hernia at her spay incision site, which we repaired with yet another surgery, but she also developed an upper respiratory infection. While none of these were
life-threatening illnesses, we needed to wait for her to recover
before putting her up for adoption. Staff members, myself included,
took her home for periods of time to get her out of the shelter and help socialize her. Ultimately a rescue organization fell in
love with Ana and took her from the shelter. Ana surely had a rough start in life. She narrowly escaped death on multiple occasions. And while it’s unclear how many
of her nine lives she still has left, we know she’s a fighter! She won our hearts from day one, and we couldn’t be happier for her
to find a forever home where she can be safe, and
healthy, for many years to come.

29 thoughts on “Ana – Tails of a Shelter Vet

  1. I absolutely adore these videos. Thank you for taking the time to make them. I work with rescue dogs, and try to show people that each life is valuable, and every struggle is different. Thank you so much for doing the same. ♡

  2. I love your channel so much!! I want Ana!!?❤ I have three cats and I do take in dome strays for a night feed them, clean them, and give them water, but what you do is way more important!! I can't wait to see the next animal God gives you❤~ Love Selena❤

  3. An awesome cat and video. These videos can be heart breaking. The poor kitten had A rought start. I truly hope she will find a good home and have a happy life.

  4. Im studying veterinary right now, sometimes tests can be so f*cking hard! So I watch videos like these to get me motivated!
    Thanks for that, Ana is lucky to have you guys!

  5. This video really warmed my heart upon seeing the persistence of the caregiver(s) and the outcome for Ana. Thank you for the video.

  6. Chudáček kotě 🙁 Strašně moc děkuji za pomoc. Kočičky lidé podceňují a nezajímají je tolik jako pejsci. Moc díky . Jsem Vám vděčná :-))))

  7. When you are doing amputations, do you ever consider using skeletal implant prosthetics? I have seen some truly marvelous results with these. Failing that, any consideration to leaving a more substantial stump to allow use of removable prosthetics?

  8. Little angel cat. Just a few minutes of watching and her eyes, little cries, and playful way have melted my heart. Thanks very much for helping her.

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