An Island made from plastic bottles by Richart Sowa

I just like to confirm that the power of love the power of faith is the most beautiful and most powerful power in the universe and the more we enter into the goodness of the universe the less we think about all the other things and the more beautiful life becomes and so everything has a purpose in a use and everything has a reason there's always a reason and a lesson to learn and we're on a big everlasting learning curve and right now we know we have all this pollution and stuff and more people on the planet but the solution is here and there the solution really it's amazing is all the stuff that we don't want it's all that trash that we don't really know what to do with can actually solve the problems of the world hello is it fifty pesos for a talk I mean it's very nice to have all the water around and everything but it's very hard to get the plants to start growing you know and is that what holds everything together yeah like old fruit and vegetable service yeah and then lay that with plywood that I find from all over the place and what happens is the plywood and the pallets that I used to put on the top that rot away as well so I have to keep putting new pieces on until the root so it depends if the trees are growing fast then actually I don't need to change the wood and it just turns into a natural piece of land so this is starting to be more more natural I never need to change anything the sand is all locked in with roots you feel the river yeah absolutely so it just becomes like a piece of land but it's totally floating you can see the movement there look yep and how long is this spin this is six years took me about five months just to get enough done to put the tree on you know what I mean when it like this all of this area doesn't need any maintenance just it's got natural I don't need to do anything I use all types of trash so I use the trash that floats for the underneath you know to lift the younger cartons plastic bags glass bottles tin cans everything goes inside the same bag and what I do is I lay it you see one through here I lay it over the top and I lift so I make it thicker on the top and then I put more earth on the top right and and it gets to level it's like a like a lasagna you have trash and then you have earth and then you have trash and Earth again so the top earth here all of these this this is no salt in here so this is going to this this I can grow anything you see this is rooting through the whole of the floor here it is very very strong in the I put I put some earth on the top and then we have this all this concrete is on the top as well right but it's rich it's fine yeah very strong in the morning you wake up on you as for your coffee or whatever give me my granola just strangers leave his friend Oh little kitchen here fridge and everything for the solar panels but vizla more Harrah's yes now this is probably the most amazing island on the planet and I'll tell you why first of all it's the only island on the planet called woman put on the very Knorr here there's a temple it's a fertility temple oh really yeah so in the Mayan times thousands of years ago women young women who wanted to have a baby would come here on a boat with a Mayan shaman woman and they go in the temple there and this point here is the most Eastern point of the whole of Middle America woman who's in that temple would see the Sun first out of everybody it's on the third eye of the fish a temple that is our temple as well so it's got a mouth and they've built an all-inclusive restaurant on there where you eat as much as you want yeah he sees that yeah yeah and so all the people live in the body and all the parties are on the tail where the tail moves and everybody's dancing so it's pretty crazy this is the belly look you can see a normal fish is like that right a pregnant fish is like that so what's this this is the this is the womb of the fish and that's where we are as rats where the captain told me the captain of the water the port captain said do it in the lagoon and so I'm right here that's where we are now how are you going to power it to to move it around it's got to be powered with sales and and flippers that work on the tail underneath the water so every time the wave passes it pushes it forward like this it's gonna be like a double flipper underneath so we've powered flipper okay so you would you be able to steer it yeah and they'll be rudders well you could steer it with the sails yeah but to get out of the lagoon it'll have to be pulled with boards this is the biodegradable toilet it's always with leaves on the top right so if you know if we do something in there few more leaves on the top and then when it comes to high I have this thing here with the wood on the bottom right outside there's a cloth and I can take it out and it's soil for the garden so fantastic huh yeah and here for washing your hands you know just lovely oh it's just it's just beautiful yeah it's kind of nice I mean even a little air-conditioned but eventually I'm going to make air conditioner from the waves one of those holes outside when the wave passes the water goes up and down I've seen it because of the weight of the island presses on the water and the wave comes under and it pushes up so if you put a platform over one of those holes every time the wave comes up you can push air cooled by the water through tubes and the tubes are look I've already started making them see they're all rice it's made out of plastic bottles with cloth around just put a cloth in there to stop it when you take the cloth out that wave pushes the air out ah scour there that's a lovely shower thank you this many years ago I was very concerned about just the whole world of or and and then the overpopulation you know more people and I was just thinking what is the future detect and nature you know I'll try and let everything live give everything respect you know as much as possible you can make an electric charge out of trust you know that this is very good to put in the documentary but what you do is take aluminum cans any type and you just punch a hole in the bottom and put a copper pipe through it and squash it onto the copper pipe so you're now making like a chain with on a copper pipe and a copper wire yeah uh-huh you have these cans squashed on it right you drop that in saltwater right off the island here and then you have any copper any type of copper the same thing just you can have just a thick copper wire in the water and just join the two together and you get you get a voltage from that a direct current it's like a 1 volt or something like that but if you have 12 of those you can just put them straight in and power things from 12 volt direct current or you could store it in a battery and then you can use an inverter and take it up to 220 volts or 124 so when you have a floating island you create your own microclimate yes and I've noticed that on this island as well even but it needs to be further away from the land and bigger and what happens is over a piece of land the air is warmer over the ocean is cooler because the sunlight goes into the ward and doesn't and some of it reflects away but the when it's got nature over an island the Sun is trapped and the forearms are all and the leaves are asking for the Sun give me soon and the song goes in the leave and the air gets warm and the air is trapped around and so it doesn't move the windows and moves much so what happens is the air gets warming it lifts up and it expands and it goes higher but it goes higher because of the spin of the planet it goes like a spy rope so if you have an Allen big enough floating on the ocean and you get the sunlight and you put in the middle of the island a big satellite dish with mirrors in it yes you you can focus the Sun to make a hot spot in the middle of the island and create your own tornado then you could create your own cloud over the island if you wanted to you can work with that but you can definitely create your own tornado and you'll stay in the middle because the air will come around like this and go in the middle and then suck up on the hot spot and you could even fly the island like that yeah because it's like a big prison well you have to be careful I mean you know you want to be able to get down again maybe you know but I'm but if you have the sails that you're using the movie your island and you just put it over the mirrors on your satellite dish you stop you break up the hotspot it's like the center of a hurricane is broken then the wind slows down so you can slow it down you can so you go up and down uh islands all over the planet in different levels like this flying yeah with with plants on them and everything it's all possible how would this island do without well I've been through one on this one actually that's how I lost my last island to a hurricane hurricane yeah that's the worst thing of course but well not necessarily I mean a tsunami a meteorite come straight is are these commodity ups about one year you know they come and kill you take a island off you it would need to be bigger and the roots have to be going and going in and I want to get a point on it so it's gonna be in the shape of a fish right and it will always face the waves so the point the waves separate I'm not like I'm a boat as well yeah like a port so let's say you're not moving you know and you just got an anchor you have an anchor so that you always spin so you spin towards the tail is back here right and the front is there and and the anchors are here so if the wing comes this way the whole thing goes like that and then the front is going to have a lot of rocks on yeah you know so it smashes the wave can smash over a bit but it rises up on the way yeah so it's actually a flexible thing like if it breaks apart they're still floating both you can pull it back together again and tie it up and then it joins again it's repaired self-repairing about um the bottles breaking up like you notice that when plastic is floating on a good point when it's in darkness it's okay it's the UV rays that breaks the plastic when it's underneath and especially with roots around it each bottle is separated by a root so the bottles don't even touch each other there's no friction even so they're totally preserved could be thousands of years old or salami or give your trash to me but my floating island to sail the sea oh please give your trash to candy for my floating island to sail the sea

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  1. “He wants to fly the island” He has a mental illness please bring him away from the disaster. Look at his toilet it’s weird enough.

  2. That's why we throw trash for him but he didn't thanks to us?
    if you had not land go there free? world refugees go go

  3. Brilliant! This is just an initial start, He still have many crazy crazy ideas that would work for sure in near future of his living there… Wanted to join you ?

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