An Integrated Approach to Insect Control in Potatoes

In order to produce high-quality, high-yielding
potato crops, growers should consider an integrated approach to insect control in potatoes. Growers should start with a neonicotinoid
insecticide seed treatment, as neonics are among the most effective chemistries for protecting
against sucking, chewing-type insects such as beetles, aphids, leafhoppers and psyllids. The Insecticide Resistance Action Committee
strongly recommends that if you start with a neonic seed treatment or soil application,
that you should refrain from using a neonic for the rest of the season to prevent building
resistance in pests. Minecto Pro insecticide is a good option to
use after planting, because it complements a start-up neonic program. Minecto Pro is made up of two active ingredients. When you apply Minecto Pro, we highly recommend
the use of a non-phytotoxic, penetrant type surfactant so that you can get the product
into the mesophyll of the leaves. Having the active ingredients in the spongy
cells of the mesophyll allows for greater length of control. Minecto Pro can provide residual protection
for up to 3 weeks, and at that point, you may need a follow up insecticide application
to manage late-season pests. Besiege insecticide can be a good late-season
choice when you are trying to control certain lepidopteran pests, like corn borer, and you
aren’t worried about flaring up aphids. Growers should start with a strong neonic
seed treatment, come in early with Minecto Pro and finish off with Besiege for an effective
integrated potato pest management program.

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