94 thoughts on “Amy Sedaris Has Rabbit Stories

  1. Love Amy. Here's a smart,witty & very funny lady not unafraid to roll with the praises & the punches. I think she's beautiful too !!

  2. Her contacts joke "it's like being a prey animal" hit so close to home, glasses for over 10 years then tried contacts… I forgot how great peripheral is!
    Also her dress is amazing.

  3. This show is one of the nastiest show's on TV .I see her previews on TV and I'm shocked that these dam cable companies would actually put this garbage on the air .these shows needs to be removed.

  4. I thought Stephen's intro, hug and conversation with Amy would be a lot more chummy! Jeez, she's only a giant segment of your career! And how the fuck do you not think to get Paul Dinello out there!?

  5. I think this is the first time I've ever seen Amy not doing a character. 1:47 & 1:53 – Amazing how much she sounds like her brother David there. 6:07 – LOL, "You're like a prey animal!"

    Anyone catch her "At Home" show? How was it?

  6. Sad that she and her wealthy brother ignored their troubled sister TIFFANY…they abandoned basically, and she was found dead in he flat after a week, suicide,,took drugs and placed a plastic bag over her head…in dire need of care and love…so verey sad…BUT>>…these people had a great life with their fame and fortune….David didn't speak to Tiffany for 8 yrs!!! Imagine that!!…sad,,, scapegoating a family member is so very sad……

  7. they have the weirdest most awkward chemistry; they shouldn't be allowed to be in the same room without Paul to act as a buffer

  8. I don't know the complete history behind their comaradie but I feel only she has the authority to pull Stephen's leg like a pro.

  9. It would be such a hoot to hang out with Amy Sedaris. It's cute to see Stephen Colbert in the role of little brother.

  10. Thank you Amy!!! People have forgotten how to be unique and how to showcase that in their home. When I watch "design" shows on TV I am usually hugely disappointed at the end result. Most of the time the design aspect is missing and what you get is only what is on trend. Most times everything is new and has no personality, and is "Stalin-istically" devoid of quirk.
    Just to be clear, I would cry if someone made me live in a trendy design magazine cover house, and my soul would divorce me.
    Being you in your own home and surrounding yourself with things that you love, that bring you laughter and joy and memories – ahhhhhhh, heaven.

  11. stephen Colbert is multitalented who knows the timing and wit who was the gentlemen with ears and glasses who had 2.6K likes and 277,981 views, who does not need to get back at anyone cause he's already won the debate by the fact he has the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

  12. Whether Stephen is really embarrassed or faking it at the end, it's adorable either way ?
    Also, I don't know how people have such trouble with contact lenses… It took me about 45 minutes to learn how to put them in the first time, and I've never had any trouble since, despite the fact I don't wear them very often

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