Amy Schumer Talks Kate Hudson, Lesbian Bars and Stuffed Animals

I saw you’re doing
a movie with Goldie Hawn.>>Yes!
>>And she plays your mom, is that right?>>Yeah, well, she’s my younger sister. No, yes, she plays my mom. I have been the biggest
Goldie fan forever.>>She’s fantastic.
>>I mean in your book and her book, yeah, she’s been such a huge idol for
me forever. And so I just begged her,
we fought to do this movie together and we had the best time. I got to hang with Kate Hudson,
right guys?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Kate Hudson, very nice. Fun, so fun and they were do you wanna go
swim with the dolphins and I was okay, again trash,
we didn’t grow up doing things like that.>>[LAUGH]
>>And so we went and on my bucket list it was high up on the list to be photographed
in a bathing suit next to Kate Hudson.>>[LAUGH]
>>That was really cool. And Goldie, Goldie is 70. She’s in her 70s and
I’m the friend who they’re like ugh. Amy’ll take the pictures.>>[LAUGH]
>>They’re like, is Amy the one with the kids? No, actually I haven’t had kids. It’s just like-
>>[LAUGH]>>That’s just, what’s up? That’s what happened.>>[LAUGH] My God.>>That’s me,
that’s not a guy on the front of the boat.>>[LAUGH]
>>That’s me, that’s not a weird dude.>>We’re back with the best-selling author,
Amy Schumer. And in the book, you talk about-
>>[LAUGH]>>You worked in a lesbian bar. That was one of your jobs.>>Yeah.>>And tell that story.>>Well, okay [LAUGH],
thanks for teeing me up perfect. I did, I was hired to work
at his lesbian bar and->>As what?>>A bartender.>>Yes.>>As a lesbian.>>[LAUGH]
>>And I thought, first I thought great, no men. But I forgot it was going to be women,
all women. What should I get to drink? I’m like I don’t know what do you drink? Get rubbing alcohol. That’s what I do.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>But, and then I really thought,
they’re all gonna hit on me. How am I gonna break it to
them that I’m straight and no one ever hit on me, even once.>>[LAUGH]
>>I was let go.>>That’s very sad.>>Yes, it is sad.>>It’s very sad.>>And you were let go. It was let go.>>Yeah.>>They said, we’re letting you go. I mean,
it’s like I didn’t ask to go, how is it->>[LAUGH]
>>I have a story and pictures of stuffed animals,
weird stuffed animals.>>These are so cute. I’m sorry, what are some things?>>They are very strange and
your boyfriend is freaked out also.>>He does not care for
these stuffed animals. That’s the gang.>>[LAUGH]
>>Yeah, and he gets really mad at me. He’s get them out of our bed. They look disease ridden.>>[LAUGH]
>>And it’s not cute. And I’m just like, don’t make me-
>>Yeah.>>Choose them or you, cuz you know.>>[LAUGH]
>>You know which way it’ll go.>>Well, I got so he’s gonna be mad at
me cuz I got something to add to this. We found this online.>>Yes.>>And, we all debated whether to just
keep it cuz we really wanted to keep it ourselves but, I mean-
>>[LAUGH]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Ben,>>[APPLAUSE]>>Babe, I’m bringing her home.>>[APPLAUSE]

100 thoughts on “Amy Schumer Talks Kate Hudson, Lesbian Bars and Stuffed Animals

  1. a dying child is funnier. if this is the comedic feminist rolemodel, then i fear for all feminsts. no seriously there are so many talented female comedians, hilarious that i could cry from laughter. how can anyone think this is funny? I know, different tastes… blablabla. you are fucking brain dead if you think she is funny

  2. I feel like Amy is funny but she shouldn’t do comedy in movies, maybe she could get her own late night show or something.

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  4. I've never felt such an awkward tension from the audience while watching a stand up special… everyone just kept looking around like "are we supposed to laugh?"

  5. I hope your having a great day. ? I personally think you deserve it. I just love your videos. ? Check out mine. Id love to know your thoughts

  6. So… when and what made you disable the comments??? Every video I've watched I can't comment on how funny it was…. and somehow this one I can!! So, for the other 100 videos of yours I watched, thanks 🙂 Maybe if you get bored enough you can record a video with me for my channel of us playing a video game and maybe make me famous hehe.

  7. I get the stuffed animals. The more scruffy, the more they have soul.

    That bunny thing is disturbing, though…

  8. Amy is totally contagious!
    The vibe of laughter and having fun just pours out of her effortlessly.
    Her husband is the luckiest man alive.

  9. Thank so to and for you what do what to get up and my mother what now all this from what do this what now

  10. The idea of this "funny" woman having found a sucker who actually married this man hating piece of trash baffles me. Also, the idea of this woman and her genes reproducing herself makes me want to puke.

  11. I’m watching this in 2019 and YouTube has this new thing where they play two ads in one ad break. Making double the money and taking your time away.

  12. May be I don't understand a lot of things or may be not classy enough…but always found her funny despite what people say

  13. I dont care what anyone else thinks so dont get all up in my box . I find Amy Schumer to be so sexy and beautiful. She is definitely my type of woman.

  14. Maybe Amy got fired from the lesbian bar because she wasn't popular enough to get hit on, which may have been a requisite for keeping that job.

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