Amino B-Plex product overview – Rx Vitamins for Pets

Amino B-Plex, interestingly enough, is
one of our most popular products and it’s a liquid formula that I originally
designed it to use for those chronic kidney disease patients, particularly the
cats, that had poor appetite. This because it contains aqueous liver
fractions and B complex, both of which are very helpful as far as helping to
improve appetite. It also has low levels of essential amino acids. It’s in a fructose-based solution that uses our most popular flavoring, which is a bacon
liver flavor. It’s actually so popular that by veterinary request,
we started with a 2 ounce bottle. We now also offer a 4 ounce and an 8 ounce of
bulk dispensing. Many veterinarians are finding the solution to be a good
vehicle to use if you wanted to add or open a capsule let’s say, and sprinkle
the powder into it and mix it up and then you can draw it up into the plastic
graduated dropper that we use with that bottle or a syringe, and use that to
syringe it into your patient, so it makes it a little more easy, it’s a more
palatable solution and so it helps to solve some problems that we have with
those difficult to medicate patients. you

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