34 thoughts on “AMGERY daddo – the return Ep10 / Shiba Inu puppies (with captions)

  1. These vids have no creative quality and I know they’re just pandering to a general audience but they’re my guilty pleasure

  2. Considering the potats always attempt to nom Shiro's sheath one way or another his growls may in fact be entirely justified

  3. "Am I a joke to you?" Lol! Your captions are the second-best reason to watch these squishy-fluff-balls.

  4. I'm no dog expert, but I'm pretty sure petting him anytime he's like that is only encouraging him to act like that around the puppies.

  5. Ok people, could anyone get their brains out of cute mode for a sec and tell me why does a dog act agressive towards his pups? Dont you think it is dangerous to let your dog interact with them? Is there a way to get the dog to accept the puppies?

  6. Just curious.. why is shiro always mad at the puppies? What would he have done if u didn't intervene?

  7. Thanks fren.
    I needed my daily dose of potats.
    I was having a very stressful day.
    But then, potats showed up and with the power of those kyuut fluffy bois I felt better.
    Much lob for potats and engine Daddo.

  8. It really is a shame tho…I love to see videos of daddy dogs playing with their puppies…99% do, just sayin, it is so heartwarming to see both dog parents, playing wirh their pups ?

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