American Pit Bully Puppies 8 Weeks Old – A Little Surprise

drogon go lay down girl nine I'll explain what's going on here and check if you guys you're a nice girl mother Kelly show your mouth yeah yeah yeah that's alright guys so Oh another victim basically what's going on got a call from person who got Oreo yesterday um he brought her back to us he say how they have another dog that is very submissive and you know just very passive and submissive and Oreo is very dominant as you can see she's very sure of herself dominant little girl and she was just given them too hard you know I guess too too much of a hard time he basically couldn't she needs a little bit of special attention she can't just be able to walk all over someone she needs to be put in her place and discipline and from what he said he couldn't give her the time yeah and after that she needs so she's right here with us also we find that horror and what you see going on right now was my mariya putting her in her place and that's what she needed you know she's not going to come here and just be able to do whatever she wants and walk all over anyone there's a way things go around here and she's going to learn that really quick but you know this is pretty much what's going on right now she just came back out her about 20-30 minutes ago so they're all kind of getting back used to her and I'm areas doing a really good job is impressing me you know she put her on her back a couple times and forced her to submit to her you know she's a good girl just um Oh Dominic Opie's gaming and this was braids and if you can't handle this breathe now you shouldn't have it that's what they end up just you know Oh doing things they're not supposed to be gone it's a lot of control in the bullying behavior okay remember his camera you remember it yeah you remember that huh she got me dizzy so you know it's uh I'm happy she's back here because here is the best place for her we'll be able to find her a good home you know but it just sucks when things don't work out I had good faith in them and you know just kind of sucks but happy that she um I'm happy that she's back with us instead of with someone else so we'll never be able to see her again or brought to the pound or something like that you know he did keep his word and if things didn't work out he promised me that he would let us know as did everyone else who got a puppy for months we've asked them please the things don't work out call us and we will always take the puppy back and we meant it she's back here yeah and she's crazy said you can watch all the videos from when she was born and started walking around until now and I've always said this I always knew that she was very dominant she was very gamey and and between her and Cally's we're definitely the two most alpha puppies out of all of them and I continuously said this in every video you know so I just wish whatever I'm not going to get too far into it but it is what it is and no matter what you don't learn a couple things here before she goes to our new home mine is just awesome she go on my mind trove on please I was brewed she's gorgeous everything about her is she's perfect look at that where's can we enroll her sing her laying down you okay Annie sure grew after long hurt you okay what what what hey she was jumper she's gonna love spring pool work tell you that much what's got my knee was gone we're done she's I love her markings at it I couldn't get the words out she's just she's beautiful she's beautiful more I look at her she's gorgeous remember this camera I was always taking pictures of you huh bonding go on yeah but yeah guys that's what's going on so I'm gonna make a little video but you guys know that you're gonna be seeing her I don't know for how long I don't know how long we're going to keep her for or what's going on yet but this is what it is for right now so yeah if you like this video go ahead and like it guys leave us a comment if you have any questions and don't forget to subscribe to our Channel we love you bye good boy I heard she just admitted to Cali doesn't like to all he's not that goes a big animal no no this is what you mean yeah exactly what you needed in school just beautiful freakin song guys jerky me scary and everyone keeps flowing her name see a li its k8a l i her name is from Game of Thrones is Khaleesi but we call her Kali oh yeah that's that's how it felt bad kh8 Am I hi herky hi honey boom Oreo good you guys would cut it out your daddy ain't gonna be hot in that little boy

40 thoughts on “American Pit Bully Puppies 8 Weeks Old – A Little Surprise

  1. Oreo looks just like my male Gotti with the socks, bib, and face markings. Just gorgeous???I'd take her off your hands in a heartbeat if I was closer?

  2. 'pit' is not the correct term for an American Bully… Nd added to the comment of "there is a lot of pit in this breed" negative. If you find the CORRECT american bully bloodlines, the temperaments of this breed is docile and sweet. Not gamey at all. But that brindle definitely has apbt in her. Her lankiness tells that.

  3. Love your videos very beautiful and educational. My Pitt ( diamond) is having her first litter it's her first and mines lol if you have any advice I would love to hear it she should be giving birth in 2 to 3 weeks

  4. Damn. I wish I would have seen this video a year ago. I would have swooped her up in heartbeat and let her come to my house and be the alpha. How is she doing now? Is she with you?

  5. Howcome you gies always yell at dro and tell him no when he interacts with the puppies but you encourage ni

  6. She is beautiful, my female was exactly the same at this age now she has grown to be a beautiful bold girl who knows life is special with love and family around #lovemypitbull

  7. you should keep that beautiful little girl yourself atlest you know she will be with someone who will care for her and train her the right way our family has had pit bull and pit mixes for years and i know how the brred is there great dogs keep up the good workon your dogs.:)

  8. When you use high pitch voices this causes excitement. Imo, Id leave her away from the pack and more with her parents. Your kinda rewarding her by letting her take her high neg energy onto the other pups.

    Let the parents do their job, they know she is not behaving..again that high tinenwhen shes jumping is not good atm she needs to out her energy into walking with parents, extra.
    Beautiful is great, she needs to be sumbitted and fast b4 she becomes a major issue.

  9. our breeder picked our puppy best suited for us based on our energies matching. its odd u let them take her home with such an imbalanced energy.

  10. Dro is the leanest bully I've ever seen. I love that handsome boy❤️I hope you find a good home for Oreo.

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