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now that she's finished her mama wants her to come back and a 10-blade all over with just some copper ears and low-crown so we're gonna take this opportunity to show you a couple of different things that you can do on your pet cockers in your salon even if you're not cutting them down from show coat I just want to give you guys some options and before anybody asks this is a snood it's it's it's just material with elastic on each and keep their little ears out of the way it so she doesn't get them in her mouth and we put it on her when she eats or when we're trying to keep her it usually so one of the really cool ones that I like to do on these guys if your customer wants a little bit of hair and they want it to really still look like a cocker spaniel I take one of my larger combs this is an a comb and I'm just gonna skim off and what I do is I skim off the legs and then I leave the skirt another option before I do this if you wanted to do depending upon your client if you wanted to do more like kind of an Asian fusion kind of thing you could take your short blade and take the whole skirt off and then just leave your legs longer so that would be really cute too but I can't do that if I if I start cutting so I just want to show it to you because it's not I don't want to take off the skirt for this particular thing because I want to show you how to make the skirt shorter and still make it look like a cocker and then also this back is still stripped but you could do you know you could do the back with a 5 or a 4 or a 2 comb to make it look more natural but not stripped or you can strip the back and then clip or the legs so those are several different options you can do depending upon what your client wants but what I do is because this is the stuff that always mats wear move what I do is I take my a comb and I just skimmed so now you're still getting this kind of a cocker spaniel look but it's shorter and you can skim this as short as you want and if you're interested in how to bevel the feet we did that in the last video and I can't redo it but you can see that you can get more of a cocker look with this big fluffy leg just skimming the hair off turning this into more of an actual modified Cocker trim and then I don't take too much off a year because it would take too much off of here that takes away from the conquer look this part right here and then what I do is I sorta not up from the bottom so we're just gonna do one side of the dog because if you're a groomer and you want to check out how to do this one side is plenty and then we take this and we modify it and we make this skirt sure as we want okay so you can pull it up like that you can pull it all the way up here and make it straight so now your customer still has a cocker cut does that make sense customer still has a cocker cut but your leg is blended down and this is really fun feet does that make sense to everybody that make sense to you cuz you don't know how to groom does that make sense to you so we've got a conquer cut with a modified look if you have a client that's able to keep up with that that's a lot here probably down towards the bottom you're still looking at anywhere from two to two and a half inches a hair that'll man that's not brushed right if we have had some clients that do you keep their dogs extremely long and they brush them night right so we do own them night right they throw them in the drive oh right they comb them in brush them but you know those are those are your unicorn clients this is for this is for your unicorn client that doesn't want all that hair hanging on the ground but they still want it to look like a conker I'm holding this hair from the other side out of the way and then we take and modify the front of this leg down here and just trim that in and then shorten this up around the back of the hock skim it with your clippers and then trim it if you want to there's lots of different ways to do this and still keep kind of a copyist look and then if you have those people that want a shorter skirt take the whole skirt off instead of leaving it all long you can make it more layered with your comb oh yeah we could try that yeah that's a good idea is that back inside a beautiful hair for something good okay so now I'm gonna skim this front leg down a little further into a full line suburban trim take it all the way down to the foot or you can press harder and make it shorter again this is all about like making this better for your customer but still making it look like a cocker and we actually called and she's not used to having this done she's not eighteen month old and never been cut down before so you can imagine she's gonna be a little fussy but again you know you can you can trim all of this down all the way around the other hand and you can actually take the whole leg off you don't want all this stuff to matte and when I'm not using my clipper vac I always end up cleaning everything up so please don't don't judge the rough cut this is this is simply an instructional thing to help you guys think of maybe some different things you can do for your clients dogs in your pet store or your pet salon or main salon whatever okay and that's still that's still a hand stripped back so it looks really cute & Conquer ish and of course we'll trim all this up and fix it but I want you guys to just see that idea and then we'll probably tighten the feet a little bit too so that way she does that because it does look a little bit big from being underneath all of that furry Cocker hair but as you can see I'm really not taking a whole lot off of the foot off of the feet because underneath there that foot is really tight underneath all that fuzz okay so that just kind of gives you guys ideas I know that kind of looks wonky but I'm hoping you can see our idea of how to do that and how much scissor time do you think it would be to clean that up for somebody that's been doing it a lot in the whole dog maybe 15 20 minutes okay because their hair is very thick so okay so asian-fusion really this is actually going to be super easy because all of this is already really long so when you're doing the Asian fusion yeah actually normally you do the body really SuperDuper tight since her mom wants or shave down with a ten anyway that one that funky one again it's just different and now it's just different Clippers there we go this is a new 10 blade that just came on my new and is so all right so for Asian fusion the the biggest thing is contrast you know obviously your head is a her head because you'd have to change that up or leave it the way it is but for an Asian fusion body you would actually be making this really SuperDuper short and stop super short and stop for short and stop and then all right so the idea is we're gonna make all of the whole body really short and the legs really long so this is perfect for trying to do that now granted you're not gonna always have clients that want this but if you do have one there's an option this is super fun this is really short the whole body [Applause] she's been in season so being careful of her little swollen nipples over there that's all right that's what's taking me a second cuz I don't want to nip her so asian-fusion is all about contrasts that hair out of the way let's see it on the other side okay now you could leave the chest if you wanted to it wouldn't be my preference because again that's where they mat is underneath here so my choice would be ramen I'll lift her leg gun my choice would be grab all of this leg hair and take the whole chest and everything out and even into the armpits if you think they're gonna have trouble take the armpit out nobody can see the armpit from outside right baby okay so now you've saved all of that hair on the leg – taking the whole chest out okay so ignore this just look at this okay big long legs really short tight body mine but that's the whole Asian fusion craze and then obviously like I used to have a client that wanted all this thrown really long and it just looked like this huge toupee on top of the dog's head so if you're doing Asian fusion you could do that you could grow all this out and leave it like this huge tiptoe pay on to pay on top of their head and put a bow in it or something crazy you could let the ears grow and get really fluffy and then you'd have like an Asian fusion Cocker Spaniel so that would be kind of fun that might even be something fun to do for a grooming competition if you've got one if you happen to be lucky enough to have one of these guys could borrow one for that that potpourri class or I'm not sure what they call it anymore cuz it's been a while since I competed but that would be kind of fun to do Asian fusion let the feet grow out really big so you have to trim them a lot and then let all this stuff get really furry and Buzz it with a ten I think that might be really cute but anyway so there's my kind of there's another option especially if they get matted up in here like if the owner does really good on the legs and then they get mad at underneath and then their armpits and whatnot you could you could do this that could be an option for you very many okay we decided in the midst of all another option would be to leave them like a Clydesdale egg we decided that that might be a possibility as well yeah so you could do that or we could I'm gonna bring it down a little bit further I've got the Clipper back on so the reason that so I'm gonna do it like this so don't suck up all this hair from the bottom right pull it right up in so that's how you lower stuff when you're using the Clipper back as you grab the hair underneath so it doesn't suck it up now we're getting some aesthetic the idea would be to do this and this one like you would on a plane it'll do it from here and just leave all that lay down that could be another thing you can do you would be my preference but it might be kind of fun it might be a cool option you

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