hello and welcome to animal watch and this week we're talking Blue Bay shepherds I'm truly stoked as today I have been invited to the birthplace of the blue Bay Shepherd this dog breed has been one of my most requested films on animal watch and today I finally get to meet them in person and also their founder the lovely Vicki Spencer of southern breeze kennels you want to see some of the blue base I would love to think we got a got a couple over here in the yard there are only a couple weeks apart got ten months all of course this is a male the larger one yeah and let me male this is a sure this is a sure tiffany is Asher's owner hello and that's promise that's a little female actually she's pretty big for a female but unfortunately Asher is so large he Dwarfs her in come here vision come see mama vision did you get to come visit did you get to come visit she says yes I love to visit I love to visit everybody and vision is actually a second-generation blue bay finally we're bringing you the blue Bay Shepherd which is my most requested video so we flown out to Florida haven't we to meet you Vicki yes and your dogs in the flesh the name Blue Bay Shepherd is that because the dogs are blue talking to a good friend of mine he said well since you live in Palm Bay why don't you just call him Blue Bay shepherds and and it was it was perfect so it was you know just you know the color the type and where I was living when I heard they're developing a shepherd hasn't been around for long so this next march in 2019 will be what seven seven years now these here are foundation animals these are German Shepherds these are not blue bass shepherds these were the first two that produced the first litter so blue box so you've got your foundation Shepherds yes and then on the other side of the breeding you have wolf dogs yes and and as these are brother and sister German Shepherds from the same litter my first two breedings were brother and sister wolf dogs so I paired her with the brother wolf dog Dillon a lot of people know Dylan and I paired him with slate Dylan's sister and they produced the first two litters of course those two litters were double first cousins it's just why I never chose to breed a puppy from this litter to a puppy from this litter then I incorporated a few more of my of my blue coat wolf dogs and you know tried to incorporate some some new lines of Shepherds I wanted to stay with I wanted to stay with the blue-coated Shepherds I did want the shorter areas I wanted the old-world style which is why they came from Europe because they should've read them well then they breed them with that with that angle and I wanted the straight backs I meant of coast guard backing the German Shepherds history we know at some point they were all stationed wolf dogs yes the original wolf dog CEOs with these two yeah they would color the eastern timber is so far that I know of with what research I've done and all my friends it's the only subspecies of wolf that's ever had a blue coat thing that's quite fascinating is some of the blue wolf dogs will actually end up going pretty much completely white but they face they face like a like a black wolf would face they get lighter and lighter and they get the silvers and the whites and stuff in them and you you can tell can't you when when wolf dogs are quite a higher content because they'll be phasing out yeah they'll be phasing out the idea with the blue based shepherds is that they look like a wall great they've got this incredible blue color but they can be in your house and there be amazing companion rate trainable confident one of my most important things that has been temperament I want to keep the wolf look as much as I can but I'll sacrifice some of the some of the look with you know more of the shepherd look for you know for that that trainability because when you hear about people getting rid of their animals they don't get rid of their animals because oh my dog's ears were just too big I just couldn't take that I had to get rid of that dog because they couldn't my dog was aggressive I couldn't handle my dog my dog was escaping all the time you know those are the reasons people get rid of hands so temperament personality character is definitely the most important but these guys are German Shepherds when I picked the shepherds there again I I didn't want ones that that had the predisposition to to want to be Guardi these guys are nine years old they've never barked at a human what sort of person would be the ideal person to have a blue base Shepherd because it's such a new breed every litter is a little different there's a point where they get a little too intense that I'm not really comfortable calling a blue base but what I really try to do is I try to match what the people are looking for with the individual pup they're going to do much better if they're with a family that does spend a lot of time with them and doesn't leave them alone a lot they do enjoy an active lifestyle even though they have you know they have a side of them that they're quite content to you know lay around and watch TV with you but they they need that outside activity the females I would say typically typically go between 70 to maybe 85 pounds some of them do get up to hundred I have a hundred pound one here and the males I would say average 85 to maybe 105 we do have a couple that's gotten up 230 after which we met earlier he's he's really big I mean he's quite tough to control on the lead you need to be strong what would be your ideal percentage we've had quite a few of the second Jen's that have embarked at 12 to 16 percent that looked very wolfy my friend couple blocks away has a litter the content should be 6 percent wolf they're not looking too young they're not looking too different from the other blue base so we're gonna see like 7 3 so we're gonna yeah we're gonna keep very close very close tabs on these pups to see just how German Shepherd E or wolfy yeah talk to me about Cogan because Kagan has his own channel yes yes he does that and that guy yeah that guy does wonders with him I mean he you know he's got a great life gherkins got a great life vision is from the same litter that Kurgan is and now kurgans got his own YouTube channel and I featured him before in one of my previous videos and I'm meeting Kai and sister look so I never realized that if you want to check out kurgans channel you can click on the information box at the top of the screen and that will take you there Kogan's got an amazing channel and you can see what it's like to actually live with the blue Bay Shepherd he goes hiking with his owner every single day and you get a wonderful insight into his life after speaking with Vicki about the origins of the breed I was delighted to be invited to meet some of the dogs who have gone into the foundation of the Blue Bay Shepherd line including submit and higher content wolf dogs Anika we're gonna go in now to visions enclosure you get to meet her mate this will be an example of breeding the blue Bay now back to a wolf dog they do have a tendency to to show some timidness but when we've crossed them with the with the shepherds that that seems to go away because there even though they have a timid it's more of a shy timid nature they're not terrified of people but they're very you know once once they earn your trust they're very affectionate and actually very gentle they're not even like to see how exuberant she is and you know she's a little rough with her loving and he's very very gentle so she's she's wolf doll she's a wolf dog yes and this is a tracker he's an AKC German Shepherd this is the original way that I did that I started with the first blue base was the wolf dog from the southern breeze blue lines to a pure German Shepherd okay Oakley is my ideal dog I've decided a wolfdog I should say she is beautiful I love her a lot of personality look how cute Slade is a wolf dog she's 63 percent she was the color of this when she was born completely solid blue and of course as she's gotten older she's 13 now as she's gotten older she phases out every year she gets lighter and lighter she's got the kind of green yellow eyes and it's been wonderful meeting you today I also love them and if you enjoyed this episode please give me a big thumbs up and subscribe to the channel by clicking that button in the bottom corner and remember to tune in every week well be bringing you some exciting episodes on wolves wolf dogs animal rescue wildlife and conservation bye for now if you would like to find out more about the blue Bay Shepherd the official website is

41 thoughts on “AMERICAN BLUE BAY SHEPHERD DOG – Are they really Blue?

  1. Wow! I am a huge shepherd fan and have owned many in the past. But I have never heard of this breed! I will definitely keep them in mind for the next time I am adopting!

  2. She is breeding with no close related inbreeding
    (Though inbreeding isnt horrible with the right conditions)
    She is taking dogs from different areas where they haven't been sullied.
    and taking the time to do it right

    This is amazing.

  3. Uh oh it's Tight Pants Tina again. Or how bout Bare Breasted Betty. Or Big Boobed Bonny. Clickbait ya think?

  4. So basically she created another breed of Labradors who look like wolfs but who just like Labradors have zero protective or defensive instincts…

  5. I would like to adopt one of these beautiful dog, but I cannot afford the price of adoption. Help please.

  6. I only subscribe to see her make out with the animals. This gal is loopy…. I can’t believe she was macking out with a wolf. It was soooooooo weird and a bit just a bit inappropriate….huh? Hahaha

  7. Thumbs up for breeding appropriate square conformation and gentle disposition . I have zero tolerance for idiots that purposely inbreed to generate conformation issues, and continue to breed these unhealthy dogs. And worst of all are the brainless judges that encourage these practices, by allowing the "Franken-dogs" to win in shows.

  8. Beautiful dogs. I feel bad for them living in that heat! My Swissy would not stand for it I can't imagine these fury guys.

  9. Anneka, thank you so much for your YouTube channel! They are extremely informative and fun to watch! I’ve learned so much about the different breeds, especially the wolf breeds. (My favorite animal) Please keep up your amazing work! Always look forward to new episodes…. Thank you!

  10. She’s got too much going on. She has to “set” the breed first. There are rules for producing a new breed. She’s still having litters that are all over the map. Except for color, she has to have an identical male and female, and they’ve got to have litters of identical puppies, over and over with the same parents, and then generation after generation of identical dogs. She doesn’t know what she’s doing. She has to stop cross breeding. Each and every cross breeding takes several generations to set PER UNIQUE TRAIT! If she stopped cross breeding now, I don’t believe she will live long enough to ever see this breed recognize, let alone registered. One concept she clearly doesn’t understand is that all of the traits that she cross breeds for, which WRECKS all the work she’s put towards setting her breed, all of the traits are already all somewhere in her dogs DNA. Instead of cross breeding, she should breed towards the traits she wants. The second concept she needs to get her head around is the difference in dominant and recessive genes, and what that means to the traits she’s looking for. If a trait is recessive, a breeding dog may have a trait, but it not be apparent visibly. She would have to breed that dog to one that visibly has that trait, and look at the puppies. This woman does not know what she’s doing, and she will never get this breed recognized. If she really wants to create this breed, she needs to supply “founder” dogs to someone who knows how to do it, for a stake in the breed once recognized.

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