26 thoughts on “Amber Reads Donald Trump's Black History Month Speech with Commentary

  1. Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman & Rosa Parks get mentioned once each in passing, while "Paris" merits 3 mentions in Trump's BHM Speech. That's three more than Phillis Wheatley, Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. DuBois & Malcolm X put together. smh

  2. The "Paris" Trump was referring to is Paris Dennard, the black guy who was a pro-Trump commentator on CNN but who apparently no longer works there, who sucks Donald's nutsack every chance he gets.

  3. That didn't happen, right? He did not just started ranting crap at the media during black history Month speech, right? Because, good God, this apparently happened. Huh?

  4. Lordy, was just thinking and writing about that yesterday or the day before. Such a tool. Saw this video and knew I had to watch it.

  5. Donald has done more for you people than all the other presidents besides Abraham Lincoln who by the way was a Republican.

  6. Has anyone noticed that all the civil Rights leaders that are mentioned are in the past. Maybe there needs to be someone to take that mantel now?

  7. This makes me feel bad because Donald's speech sounds like the essay I wrote for an exam in under 30 minutes because I ran out of time.

  8. That wasn't a speech that was just some ??? he said off the top of his head! Ain't no way he actually sat down and write that stupid ??? down if he did you dumber then I thought?

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