Amazing Photos That Show Pets Are Always There For Us

34 thoughts on “Amazing Photos That Show Pets Are Always There For Us

  1. This is adorable but when the homeless people have pets it’s very emotional cuz I know that the owners just want to give them the best life.

  2. This video made me cry but I cried tears of happiness. Thank you. This showed me that no matter the animal, we have feelings. Feelings that are the same and different at the same time.

  3. Our pets are allways there even after you die but if they die then always be there for them go to there grave and sit or stand they're all day and all night and just talk tell them they were the best or a good pet never leave there side always be there for them because they we're there for you

  4. Animals really are great when it comes to comfort (mostly dogs). My anxiety caused me to have a sensitivity to noise and my little stepsister was having one of her fits. I was on the floor almost crying when my dad's dogs came to me (a minpin/winer dog mix, Chiwinie, and a Labernard). They took shifts comforting me lmao.

  5. I had a cat whose name was Thunder. I had known him since I was born. We grew up together. He was awesome. I prefered him over my friends so when they wanted to hang out i told them I was sick because I knew Thunder was hitting his last days. He was a tough cat, too. He survived being poisoned and after that he needed a special diet for the rest of his life. He had to get many cones and stitches, too.

    But when my other cat, Smokey, was hit by a car he was really sad and i didn't know what to do. Thwy were best friends.
    Thunder started getting really sick. He wasn't eating and he got a really big blister type thing on his lower lip. I started to discover he smelt really bad. It turns out it was an infection. We had him on antibiotics for a while, but it wasn't helping.

    And on Thursday, December 6th 2018, he was put down at the age of 15.
    He was my best friend. He would sit on my chest at night for hours just purring.
    But when he died I went into a state of depression. I didn't tell anyone at my school because there is nobody I can trust. They all started saying things like:
    "Jesus, be more happy for once"
    "Damn someone's grumpy today"
    I just want to say. Make the most of your pets. Because as soon as you realize it, it is most like too late.
    Pets don't live forever. So love them while you still can.
    I love you, Thunder. I'm sorry I didn't show I love you more often. I miss you so much, buddy. ❤

  6. Now i miss my cat… she helped me when I was having panic attacks or had suicide thoughts… thanks to her I’m all better.. not fully but I’m happy now. Thank you Minoush for being there for me. Now you can run again in the green lands of heaven..

  7. Let us all be thankful that God gave us pets "animal companyon." I really love my cats and dogs and nothing could ever replace it!

  8. Let me run to the the living room n give my dog a big thank you hug for always bein there for me.?❤️

  9. just remembered my cat clover whenever im crying or sad he comes to me and confort me but…
    sadly someone killed him

  10. I’m just looking in the comments and just seeing “my pet is so kind” or “My pet is like all of these I love them” and I’m here without a pet ?

  11. Woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah
    Hold up a sec
    This fucking dog likes the vet
    It's the end of the world

  12. This is soooooooo cute! I have had my dog, Jerry, for seven years. I have also been struggling with depression for the past two years, but every time I'm feeling down, Jerry comes to comfort me. Jerry is also on my profile picture because why not.

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