Amazing Inventions For Your Pets

People love their pets, and we can all agree
that our pets deserve to be pampered. Here are 10 of the best inventions for your
pet ever!! #10 iFetch
Here’s the thing. Dogs love to run and fetch…but humans get
a little tired…The solution? A robot that plays fetch with your dog!
iFetch was launched in 2013. Can you guess where? Kickstarter! The monetary goal to launch this ball-throwing
contraption was $20,000! So many people liked this idea that backers
pledged over $88,000! It was invented with the idea of a never-ending
game of fetch available for your dog. It can be battery powered or plug into the
wall. Dogs can even use it themselves. They drop the ball in and iFetch will throw
it for them. You can buy specially-made balls for it or
use standard tennis balls. It has three settings, so you can adjust it
for the size of your room (and dog)! There are also different sizes of iFetch so
it will be perfect for any dog. It’s pretty amazing how one kid started
all this back in 2010 when he built the first prototype. He never knew at the time what a hit it would
be! #9 Drinking Fountain
We all love drinking fountains. They’re cool, they’re convenient, and
they are great for hot summer days. There are tons of doggie water fountain options,
but by far the coolest ones are the step-on fountains that attach to a hose. This Dog Water Fountain or doggie fountain
“ensures that a dog has access to fresh, cool drinking water at all times”. It makes it easy for your pet to water itself
at any time. All it has to do is step on the pedal and
out comes the water. You don’t have to train your dog to do it,
as after you show it once, it’s pretty much instinct from there. Since it attaches to a hose, you can guarantee
the water is cool and fresh. Just remember that there’s a good chance
your dog will get addicted to using it and will most likely enjoy playing with the drinking
fountain and pedal. #8 Seatbelt
If you travel much with your dog, chances are you’ve worried about their safety. Well, there are many options as far as car
safety goes for your pets, but one of the best is your classic seatbelt. It works like a leash with a harness and protects
your dog just like your seatbelt protects you. The seatbelts attach to almost any seatbelt
latch and will keep your dog safe and secure. You can adjust it so that they can sit, stand,
or lie down. Plus, it is tight enough so they won’t get
tangled up in it. The Center for Pet Safety released the results
of its 2013 Harness Crashworthiness Study a little while ago and it reinforced the idea
that pets should wear seatbelts. However, most seatbelts made for pets just
weren’t suitable. Some even were loose enough that dogs were
launched out of vehicles during tests! The “dummy dog” that is. Vets still recommend that dogs use a safety
harness when in cars. But they also recommend asking them which
brand is the best for your particular dog. #7 Treat Dispenser
Treat dispensers are also plentiful, but recently, we’ve had some new, improved versions released
that really bring them to the 21st century. Some use remotes, some are voice activated,
and some even use mobile apps. Most can be mounted on the wall and run on
batteries. A lot of them work with a variety of treats
too! Treat dispensers are usually used by busy
dog owners who want to reward their pet on a regular basis with treats when they are
away. But sometimes it’s used to train the dog
to obey even when the owners aren’t there. Or maybe you’re just sitting on the couch
or at the dinner table and it’s treat time. With the click of a button or the sound of
your voice, you can give your dog their treat. Little kids can use the treat dispenser too
to gain control over the dog. Bigger dogs tend to knock the treats out of
kids hands, but with a treat dispenser they have to treat the kids with respect and restraint
if they want to get their treat. The kid gets to feed the dog and the dog gets
to have the treat. No one gets hurt or mistreated! So it’s a win-win for everyone! #6 Backpack Carrier
This may not work for large dogs, but sometimes, it’s easier to take small dogs with you
when you can carry them. That’s where the backpack carrier comes
in handy. Most of the time, these carriers are designed
so that the dogs are carried on the front where it’s easier to watch over them. But, they can also be carried on the back
when biking or you’re busy up front. It is safe, secure, yet isn’t uncomfortable
for your pet. The backpack carrier is ideal for biking,
traveling, shopping, hiking, and going on walks. They even come with little pouches for treats
and accessories! Plus, the pack is really comfortable for the
human to wear as it doesn’t put too much weight on your shoulders. You don’t have to use it all the time since
obviously exercise is good for your pets. But often, we forget that we’re a lot bigger
than they are and their short legs will get tired a lot faster than ours. So the backpack carrier brings balance to
outdoor activities allowing you and your little doggie to meet in the middle. #5 Raincoat
Not everyone realizes that not all dogs like to, or should, get rained on. If you’re wearing a raincoat, then maybe
your dog should too. The waterproof doggie raincoats come in all
different sizes, from extra small to extra, extra large. As well as all sorts of colors, from pink
to classic yellow to plaid. They are made to keep your pet dry and comfortable
in the rain. Most of them even come with an adjustable
hood to cover the face, the head, or just lay back for the more adventurous dogs. We all know that cats don’t like rain and
shouldn’t be taken out in it, but since dogs usually don’t’ mind it, protecting
them is put by the wayside. That’s why whoever invented doggie raincoats
knew what they were doing. Plus, how adorable does a dog look in a raincoat! If they don’t enjoy it, then you can just
get a doggie umbrella. It’s a leash attached to the top of an umbrella. This way, they aren’t annoyed by wearing
anything, but are still protected from the rain. #4 Cat Trees and Dog Houses
This may be pretty basic, but just wait till you see these “playhouses” for pets! Every cat needs a cat tree! The classic cat tree is a few stories and
usually has two to three enclosed areas. Along with that, there are multiple docks
for them to nap or play on. There are ramps and scratching posts to help
them sharpen or dull their claws and save your furniture. That’s for the average cat. Luxury cats get luxury trees. Here are trees that would please any human! With hammocks, unique designs, realistic foliage
and cat bowls! Why not a built in litter box? However, dogs should have some fun too. Luxury dog houses are one of the very best
inventions on the world. Not everyone can afford such luxuries though. So a simple wooden condo for daytime activities
should suffice. Just make sure they pay rent. No one’s living free in my house! #3 PetSafe Bolt
By far one of the best cat toys of the decade is the PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Toy. Cats and dogs love lasers. So developers decided to cater to that passion
with the PetSafe Bolt. For less than $20 you can make your pet’s
day with an automatic toy they will never stop playing with. They toy generates laser patterns that will
keep them busy for hours. If you want to get involved, it also works
as a manual toy to save battery life. The Bolt is sure to immediately attract most
cats, and many dogs. But if not, then they’ll probably just get
tired. So, the optimum time to play with it varies. The Bolt is especially good for intelligent
cats, though those with a harder time grasping things will struggle with the concept. So, it is recommended for smarter cats that
need something interactive to keep them interested. Though…if they don’t like The Bolt…chances
are your kid will, so you can be sure it won’t be wasted. #2 GPS Tracker
The pet GPS tracker is probably the biggest answer to pet owner’s prayers. Everyone’s worst nightmare is losing your
pet which can happen at the drop of a hat. Thankfully, a few companies have created trackers
that will make that impossible. One great tracker is the Whistle 3 that uses
cell and GPS technology to track your dog for up to 3000 miles away! It’s super easy to set up too, as it uses
an app you can download on your smartphone that connects to your dog’s tracker. You can even set places like “home” or
“the vet” or “the park”. Set boundaries for where they can go and you’ll
get a text when they leave the area. Lose them and the GPS will show you their
exact location. On top of that, you can check how much sleep
and exercise they got that day, plus how much you need to feed them based on their weight
and breed. Yes, this invention does have it all and sure
does make life as a dog owner a whole lot easier. #1 Pet Chatz
Ever wanted to facetime your pet? Well, that’s exactly what Pet Chatz lets
you do. It isn’t easy to be away from your pet. You’re always missing them or worrying what
they might be getting into while you’re gone. That’s why Pet Chatz was invented. The camera has a low-light so as not to affect
your pet’s eyes negatively while retaining HD quality. It has a motion detector so you will know
when your pet wants to talk, or you can turn it on yourself to check in with them. Like a security camera, it detects unusual
things, such as noises and movements and alerts you. It can always pick up “dog sounds” so
when your dog is trying to get your attention or is nearby it will let you know. The sound is designed so that your pet can
hear everything you say in an understandable tone for them. It even has a built-in treat dispenser for
you to control and a built-in scent releaser so they will feel like you are there with
them. Bonus! It streams DOGTV! So maybe this one IS the perfect pet invention. Thanks for watching? Do any of you own these inventions? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to subscribe and see you next time!

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